Update Ride Dates

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After being pointed out that the Velo Flow link from segments for some rides in Australia weren’t always returning results as expected I discovered I’ve not consistently using the right date from the Strava API. The majority of dates I use have been Greenwich Mean Time which is causing an issue when your ride happened to not be the same day as it was at the time in London.


VeloViewer Mapping Options

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Seeing your rides and segments on maps is a complete no-brainer in terms of functionality for VeloViewer and the recent additions of Velo Flow and the Ride Details page along with the existing Segment Details page you now have many ways of viewing your rides. But what is the best map to display beneath your rides? Take your pick.


Optimistic Placings Bug Fixed

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Great news! Strava have fixed the bug with their API that resulted in segments with people tied on time returning placings that were better than reality. Go update all your placings to get all your correct placings.


Velo Flow Your Club Runs

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Velo Flow is a great way to visualise your rides but it really comes into its own when used to view group rides, be they club runs, sportives or races. Whichever the type of ride, the steps to go through to get the best Velo Flow of your ride are the same and very easy.


Ride Details, the Missing Link

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For a long time the main missing element on VeloViewer has been a ride details page. Well, not any more. View each of your rides’ stats, interactive map, elevation charts (including the gradient histogram – distance travelled at each gradient) and lists of all segments covered.