VeloViewer Score – How Do You Measure Up?

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The VeloViewer Score is a composite measure providing a single value that represents your best Strava achievements. This value can then be used to benchmark yourself against any other VeloViewer user around the world. In this post I’ll explain how it is calculated and where your Score fits in against other VeloViewer users.


Understanding Strava’s Enhanced Privacy Mode

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Over the last year I’ve had a number of people getting in touch (along with a couple of my own club mates) saying things along the lines of not needing to set up a Privacy Zone to hide where they live because they are using the Enhanced Privacy Mode in their Strava settings. This is not the case. The only ways to hide you home’s location on an activity will be by using a Privacy Zone, marking you activity as private or not uploading them to Strava at all!


VeloViewer V3 is Alive and Kicking

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The blog has taken a bit of a back seat of late as I’ve attempted to get as many of the pages migrated across to the new Strava APIs as possible. The previous version of VeloViewer was around a year old and had grown slowly over that period and the replacement version will follow a similar path. Currently only the VeloFlow screen isn’t able to be migrated due to a few missing options in the new API but the majority of the rest of the site (and more) will be coming back on-line over the next few months. Where possible I will be improving those pages as I migrate them and also adding some interesting new features. As it stands I’m rather thankful that I have managed to get access to the new API as it seems a large number of people in a similar position to myself haven’t and it looks like that is how it will be for the foreseeable future.