Introducing the Explorer Cluster (and configurable explorer visuals)

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Since the introduction of the Explorer Score and Explorer Max Square there have been requests for some sort of metric to represent the maximum number of connected Explorer tiles. The recent improvement in the calculation of completed Explorer tiles sparked a very active discussion which resulted in the refinement of the concept and the creation of the Explorer Cluster. The Explorer Max Square provides a hard-core challenge but can be tricky for people who live in geographically challenging areas or have key tiles which are completely inaccessible.  This is where the Explorer Cluster looks to provided a more level playing field.


Meet the Explorers

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The Explorer Max Square leaderboard has brought together a small but remarkably dedicated international community of riders taking in new roads and trails at every opportunity in order to increase their Explorer Max Square. What drives them to ride across frozen lakes, attempt to access military bases and buy opera tickets to tick off map squares? Let’s ask them!


Add 3D/2D profile pictures to your Strava activity at the push of a button

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Strava has long had the ability for you to add photos to your activities to provide a much more engaging account of your day for your friends as well as for you. On the mobile apps the “Highlight Photo” is shown in place of the map in the activity feeds making your ride/run stand out form the list. Previously the process of getting a VeloViewer 3D or 2D profile picture onto your activity was fairly laborious but now you can click a button and it will magically appear.


VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square

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The VeloViewer Explorer Score and more specifically the Explorer Max Square has acquired a bit of a cult following since its introduction to the site back in March 2015 despite me not having fully explaining what it is all about until now! The Explorer Score rewards those people who explore new roads/trails rather doing the same old loops. Providing non-performance based motivations has always been one of the main goals of VeloViewer and this one really looks to tick that box.


Managing your Strava Starred Segments for Garmin Live Segments

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In summer 2015 Garmin introduced Live Strava Segments and since then both Mio and Wahoo Fitness have also introduced the feature to their recent devices. Currently the Garmin devices are limited to bringing in just 100 of your starred Strava segments. This resulted in a number of VeloViewer users asking for a quicker way to manage their starred segments when planning trips away as they were going beyond that 100 segment limit. Strava kindly opened up their API for starring segments so I’ve added in the ability to star and unstar segments in every possible location in VeloViewer to make life a bit easier for you.


Fly Through Your Strava Activities, Routes and Segments With Cesium “Earth” View

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For a long time VeloViewer has had the option to export your activities as a KML file to then view in Google Earth but I always wanted to get the equivalent features embedded within the site. A recent discovery of the Cesium JavaScript library has made this possible and has opened the door to all kinds of interesting possibilities. Piloted recently on the Route Details page I’ve now rolled out this new “Earth” view to your activities and segments.


Mapped Gradient Colours and Google Street View for your Strava Activities, Routes & Segments

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Although we’d all love to be out riding/running much more often, sometimes we’re stuck, looking at a computer, pretending to work. So to make that time as engaging as possible you can now reccy new routes, swot up on all the details of a segment or relive a ride/run from the past using the new/revised Google Street View integration on VeloViewer. Combine that with the new colour gradients shown on the maps and you get a fantastic way to explore the twists, turns, ups and downs.


Activity/Route/Segment Direction/Gradient Breakdown

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A while ago I built a visualisation to display the orientation of roads in a defined area and had requests to have a similar view for activities. Well, two years on (I know!) and here it is, with the added breakdown by the gradient of the roads/trails. Just head to the “Breakdown” tab on any Activity, Route or Segment Details page. Filtering the selection in the top profile (Activity & Routes) updates the visualisation appropriately.


Getting and Sharing 3D Profile Images

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Hopefully lots of you will have seen the 3D profile images being showcased on Eurosport throughout the Tour de France coverage this year. I have now massively improved the way you can get hold of your own 3D profile images of rides, runs or segments to make it much easier for you (as well as me) to attach to your Strava activities or share on social media from your phone, tablet or PC/Mac.


Getting your Power/Heart Rate FTP and Normalised Power from your Strava data

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Finding your FTP (Functional Threshold Power/Performance) is a unavoidably painful experience but getting a number out the other end shouldn’t be, which is why I’ve tried to make that part of the process as simple and versatile as possible. Just sync your data from Strava over to VeloViewer and let VeloViewer do all the number crunching on your behalf. Instantly see your power, normalised power and heart rate based FTPs against all your segments or over any part of any of your activities including your best splits.