VéloBici Spring Classics Challenge 2013

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For the next 50 days I’ve teamed up with VéloBici to provide a leaderboard for their Spring Classics Challenge – ride the distance of as many of the Spring Classics as you can to get a chance to win some great UK designed and manufactured prizes. The more of the 7 classics you complete the better the prizes on offer become. This challenge is open to anyone around the world so sign yourself up and get riding.


Velo Flow: How-To and Secret Features Videos

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Velo Flow allows you to view and interact with animated Strava rides. Getting started with Velo Flow can be a little confusing but the video below walks you through how to do it step by step. The second video shows you some of the hidden features in Velo Flow explaining how to highlight multiple riders and more.


VeloViewer Update Page

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If you are new to VeloViewer or just want a reminder of what the Update page is all about then this is the page for you. Basically you can’t go far wrong following your nose but read on for more detailed instructions.


VeloViewer Mapping Options

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Seeing your rides and segments on maps is a complete no-brainer in terms of functionality for VeloViewer and the recent additions of Velo Flow and the Ride Details page along with the existing Segment Details page you now have many ways of viewing your rides. But what is the best map to display beneath your rides? Take your pick.


Velo Flow Your Club Runs

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Velo Flow is a great way to visualise your rides but it really comes into its own when used to view group rides, be they club runs, sportives or races. Whichever the type of ride, the steps to go through to get the best Velo Flow of your ride are the same and very easy.


Ride Details, the Missing Link

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For a long time the main missing element on VeloViewer has been a ride details page. Well, not any more. View each of your rides’ stats, interactive map, elevation charts (including the gradient histogram – distance travelled at each gradient) and lists of all segments covered.


Position Score – the Column Formerly Known as Position Percentile

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Your leaderboard positions on Strava segments can be a bit of a badge of honour but the significance of each of those positions can vary wildly. If you are 6th placed out of 3000 riders then that is pretty good going but 1st place out of just 2 riders is less so. In steps an suggestion from a forum to include a position percentile column and corresponding graphs, a few minutes later and the first incarnation of the position percentile appeared.