60 Days of The Sufferfest for Free with VeloViewer PRO

Yep, you read that right, new and existing VeloViewer PRO (or PRO+) users get 60 days full access to The Sufferfest! A great opportunity for you to thoroughly try out their new 4DP workouts and training plans. As well as being able to use The Sufferfest workout videos, optionally controlling the ERG of your smart trainer, you also get to treat your body and mind to the integrated yoga and mental training programmes.  With The Sufferfest’s usual price of $10 per month, this is a great offer for just a £10 VeloViewer PRO (or £20 PRO+) membership! Not to mention having a year of access to VeloViewer of course.

Update (1st Feb 2018) – This offer has now finished.

More about The Sufferfest

Rather than attempting to tell you more about the details of The Sufferfest myself, here is a link to DC RAINMAKER’s recent article: Hands-on with The Sufferfest’s new 4DP Platform

Better still, just try it out for yourself and see what you think!

More about VeloViewer

VeloViewer connects to your Strava account to provide you with loads of great, extra stats and visualisations of all of your Strava activity including up-to-date placings on all of your segments.  The site is also used by Team Sky, Orica-Scott, BMC and FDJ for their race recon needs for their full seasons allowing them to refine their tactics for winning races like the Tour de France and La Vuelta.  Just head to veloviewer.com to get started with your own data.

How to get your unique promo code

Note: The promo code can only be used when creating a new Sufferfest account. It can’t be applied to an existing account.

The codes will be available and usable for a limited time only (until end of January 2018), are unique to your VeloViewer user and can only be used once. You get 60 days free access to all things The Sufferfest from the date you create your Sufferfest account.


A huge THANKS to the guys at The Sufferfest for allowing me to provide this offer to all you lovely VeloViewer PRO users.

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