Introducing VeloViewer PRO

Since VeloViewer began a couple of years ago the hosting costs have just about been funded by your very kind donations.  As time has passed however, the costs have risen and for the security of my family’s budgeting the time has come to introduce some more structured charging for using the site.  From next weekend (8th/9th Nov) a single £9.99 (approx €12.77, US$15.96, AUS$18.34, I’ll soak up any fees) payment will provide you full and continued use of all the VeloViewer goodness for 12 months.  A free version will also be available to let people try out the site which will be almost fully functional but only allow you to perform a one-off upload of a limited set of your activities and segments. Hopefully enough to whet the appetite. Anyone who’s donated any amount in the last 12 months will be able to get 12 months PRO access from their donation date.

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