VeloViewer Free vs PRO

Compare the free, PRO and PRO memberships of VeloViewer.


The free version of VeloViewer allows a one-off sync of your most recent 25 activities along with 250 segments from those activities. You can then use virtually all the features of VeloViewer with that data to see all the awesome things that the site can do. If you upgrade to PRO then you can sync your entire Strava history along with every segment you have completed and see all your up-to-date positions.

Pages like the 100 Climbs leaderboards, Everesting and all the Segment Details will remain open to everyone.

I reserve the right to alter what is and isn’t available in this free version in the future!

PRO (£10 p/a)

For just £10 (approx €13.87, US$15.05, AUS$21.31, I’ll soak up any fees) a year you can pull in your entire Strava history and watch the main pages come alive with all of your data:

  • Great overviews of all your years of cycling, running etc.
  • Fully filterable lists, maps and charts of all of your activities.
  • Fully filterable lists, maps and charts of all of the segments you’ve ever covered.
  • View the Activity Wheel for all your past adventures.
  • And much, much more!

Check out the About page for screenshots of most of the site along with a little bit about me.

PRO (£20 p/a)

For £20 a year you can have all of the above +

  • Check all of your segment placings at any time (standard PRO users can only recheck a segment position approximately once a week).
  • Check for new segments for all of your activities at any time (standard PRO users have a similar restriction as described above).
  • Early access to new, beta functionality.
  • Get a high 5 from me down the pub for supporting the running of the site.

How to Upgrade

Just visit your Update page and click the Pay Now buttons to pay using PayPal!

In most countries you have the option to also pay via PayPal without needing to create an account. Apparently this isn’t available everywhere for some legal reasons imposed by those countries. Email me at for details for bank transfer although there may well be a charge imposed by your bank if you’re not in the UK.

If PayPal doesn’t show the guest option then you can try loading VeloViewer and head to the PayPal payments page using a browser incognito tab which often then allows the guest payment. Something to do with old PayPal cookies messing things up!


When your PRO or PRO+ membership is due for renewal you will see a message on your Update page asking you to pay again.  You will be given 2 weeks from the first showing of that message to make the payment before any of your data will be truncated down.