VeloViewer Renewal Information

If you’re reading this then most likely you’ve already been a VeloViewer PRO user so thanks so much for your (hopefully ongoing) support.

Renewal date

At the top of your Update page you’ll see the date that your PRO membership will run until which is 12 months from your previous payment.  Your membership will expire at the end of that day at midnight GMT.

Note: The original payment date times are recorded in GMT so your timezone doesn’t make a difference to the length of your membership.

Automatic Renewal

If you set up a recurring payment using the “Subscribe” button then PayPal will take the next payment automatically on the renewal date (at 10:30 GMT by the looks of it) and your use of VeloViewer PRO will be uninterrupted.  At least that is the plan!  Head to your recurring payments page on PayPal and look for an entry for “VeloViewer Ltd” to check if you have one set up.

Note: I’ve had one user get in touch when PayPal took the recurring payment 5 days late after he had updated thier expired credit card’s details.  If you see the payment buttons on your Update page but expect it to have automatically renewed then check out your current payment options in PayPal to make sure they are valid.

Cancelling Automatic Renewal

Should you wish to cancel the automatic renewal then once again, head to your recurring payments page on PayPal, select the entry for “VeloViewer Ltd” and hit the cancel option.  You can do this at anytime of your membership and it won’t affect the length of your current PRO membership.  When the renewal date passes then you’ll be prompted to renew using the standard PayPal buttons on your Update page.

Non-Automatic Renewals

If you don’t have an automatic renewal set up then you will be prompted to renew when your current membership expires on your Update page.  No data will be lost if you don’t renew immediately.

Note: the PayPal buttons will only be shown once you’re current membership has expired and not before so just wait until they are shown.

Switch Between PRO and PRO+

If you want to move from a PRO membership to a PRO+ (or vice versa) then just cancel you current automatic renewal as described above and select the other option when prompted to renew on your Update page.

Bank Transfers

If you previously paid via bank transfer (to the Starling Bank account) then the details are the same as when you last paid but do email me providing your Strava number (the number in your Update page’s URL) when you make the payment so I can check my account and manually sort out the renewal.  I don’t get any notification from the bank when a payment is made so I do rely on you notifying me.  If the bank details you used for your last payment were for RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) then please get in touch for the Starling bank account details.


Thanks once again for supporting VeloViewer.  Ben

0 thoughts on “VeloViewer Renewal Information

  • Hi Ben,
    I have just renewed my Pro membership and I wanted to say how much I enjoy Veloviewer – although I probably only use a few % of the functionality, I absolutely love it.
    Many thanks and keep up the good work,
    ‘Grumpy Andy’

  • Hello Ben, I did find the Veloviewer inin my PayPal account, bbut the date for the £10 was 23 of februar. Hope you still love to take care of my data’s…..
    regards Oernulf

    • Hi. I’m not sure what you mean. If you can email me with a link to your Summary page (so I can get your unique Strava number) then I can take a look at your payment history.

  • nº 1 fan and ok £20 is tad hefty but no complaints, really enjoy veloviewer. Only thing is I would have liked a warning before renewal deduction: email / site notice .
    Thank you for your attention & keep up good work.

    • At the top of your Update page it shows the date when the next payment will be taken. Because I don’t know if you’ve cancelled your recurring payment within PayPal (or if you just made a one-off payment) I don’t know for sure if a payment will be taken automatically or not until it has already been taken. On top of that when I used to send out automated emails (many moons ago for something a bit different) they always ended up getting auto-spammed so many people didn’t get to see them either. It would be nice if PayPal provided the option to notify ahead of time but I don’t think that is available.

  • Thank you very much Ben, I use velowiever constantly, you have planned some update later, surprise me, thank you very much, regards

  • Graham Davidson says:

    Still loving it even if only for the end of year stats and reminder that I need to do more next year. Happy to continue to support your activities for 2018.

  • Alan Leslie McWilliams says:

    Hi Ben

    I love VeloViewer, I use it all the time, I especially like the 3D and the information in the segments.

    Regards Alan

  • I live in Texas but don’t use credit or debit cards and pay for almost everything with cash and money orders.
    If I decided I wanted to subscribe to Pro or Pro+ what would be the easiest option for me to use ?

    Thank you for your help and VeloViewer !
    Guy Morris

  • Milan Barčák says:

    Hi Ben.
    April 14, 2019 VeloViewer expires.
    I want to pay by bank transfer.
    Can you send me the data for payment?
    How much should I pay per year?

    Milan Barčák

  • Hi Ben!

    Just renewed my veloviewer. Veloviewer is SUPERB! Love the tiles and clusters. Due to Veloviewer
    I bike many strange, new, unusual places:-)
    Is there a possibility to put my city Poperinge (Belgium) in my settings? So far
    this doesn’t work.
    Thanks a lot for Veloviewer and succes with it!

    Jan – Belgium

    • Adding your city into the list for the Infographic? I can’t think where else I store towns/cities. When you click the “Get your local town/city” then that uses a 3rd party API to return a list of towns based on your devices location. I don’t have any control over the towns listed though.

  • scott // says:

    hey ben! longtime user here. in fact you inspired me to make my own cycling app (

    want to upgrade to pro + to support you for your hard work, and have canceled my pro subscription. been waiting a few weeks for the upgrade/renew button to show but nothing yet. my old subscription ends tomorrow.

  • Sebastian says:

    Hi Ben
    is it possible to upgrade from pro to pro+ when pro is still running some months? Or must I wait for pro has been expired?

    • Hi Sebastian. Best to email about that as there is no built-in way to upgrade from PRO to PRO+ midway through a year’s membership but I can sort it out manually.
      Of course if you can wait until renewal then make sure you cancel your existing PayPal recurring payment for VeloViewer on the PayPal site and then set up a new recurring payment for PRO+ on renewal.

  • Mu subscription is not due until January but when i try to update my stats I get redirected to a page talking about my subscription. very annoying

    • (Apologies for the very late response!) This usually happens if you’ve logged into Strava using different credentials. There are a number of ways to sign in (email/password, Google, Facebook, Apple) and if you use a different method to normal then Strava will create a new account that isn’t linked at all to your original one.
      I’m not ruling out a bug at my end but I run about 3 separate checks when logging in and loading the Update page to see if the current authenticated Strava account is linked to a payment.

  • Hi, Is Paypal the only payment option? I’m migrating away from them because of their unacceptable business practices. Would be happy to do a bank transfer or use a credit card.

  • I’m migrating away from Paypal to avoid the risk of fraud on Paypal. Would be happy to use a credit card.

    I’m not excited about giving access to my bank account. 

    PS – I love your app/website and use is routinely, especially the “overlap” feature!

    • Hi Rafael. If you’ve got an subscription set up in PayPal for VeloViewer PRO then head to the recurring payments page in PayPal ( and cancel the current one you have set up. Then, when your renewal comes around, you will be shown the PRO and PRO+ options on your Update page. Drop me an email if you need a hand cancelling your recurring payment in PayPal.

  • Valentino De Fanti says:

    Qualche giorno fa avevo comunicato la mia disdetta per il prossimo rinnovo a Dicembre 2024,pero’ visto che quasi sicuramente continuerò a usufruire del vostro meraviglioso servizio,chiedo cortesemente se possibile di lasciarmi tutto come prima (PRO) grazie cordiali saluti Valentino

    • Hi Valentino. If you’ve cancelled your recurring payment in PayPal then I’m not able to start it again for you. Just keep using VeloViewer until December 2024 and when it expires you’ll be presented with the PayPal buttons again if you wish to continue using the site 🚴‍♂️💨

  • Michael Morgan says:

    I’m a long time user of Veloviewer and find it an excellent resource, addicting even lol
    However I have been trying to renew my Pro subscription for weeks but my PayPal account was compromised so cant do it that way.
    I’m just looking for a simple way to use my Credit Card for payment.

    • Unfortunately PayPal is the only method I currently have for card payments. I can take a bank transfer if that is any good. Email me for more details.

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