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VeloViewer (formally StravaViewer) is the result of many, many late nights of Ben Lowe (right) fitting around the day job, hectic family life and the occasional bike ride.  It started life as a Windows Phone application to allow me to view my Strava data on my not quite so popular model of phone and to try and plug some of the holes in Strava’s own website. This soon turned into a website where I now get to explore the possibilities in data visualisation in modern browsers and hopefully give people new ways to view their past endeavours and provide extra motivation for future rides/runs. Apart from using the Strava API this site is not linked to Strava at all and is all built by my own fair hands in Sheffield, UK.

The site is currently made up of ten main pages for an athlete: Summary, Activity List, Activity Details, Segment List, Segment Details, Activity Wheel, Rivals, Challenges, Signature Image and Update along with Ride Details and Segment Details pages. Also there is the Map Flipper, 3D Routes and Road Orientation Distribution tools.


An at-a-glance view of everything you’ve ever done with a GPS!  Top cycling, running, skiing… stats, awards along with easy year on year comparison along with your VeloViewer Score. Filter your summaries to your heart’s content to see things like your MTB elevation gain over the years:

VeloViewer Summary Page

Activity List

A fully sortable and filterable list of all your activities with a list, map and chart view available.

Activity List

Activity Details

Loads going on on this page. Large map (with Ordnance Survey option for you UK users out there), 3D view, segments list, many ways to view all your GPS data along with the ability to create your best splits on any of your data streams.

Activity Details

Segment List

Similar to the Activity List, a fully sortable and filterable list of all your Strava segments with a list, map and chart view available. All the stats you would ever want and probably more!

Segment List


Segment Details

Pretty self explanatory. Doesn’t it make you want to head to The Alpe?

Segment Details

Activity Wheel

A great way to view your activities. Read much more about this one on the blog.

Activity Wheel


Find your closest Strava rivals and compare your segment achievements with your friend’s.


See how you did on the Strava Challenges along with your current progress.

Signature Image

A dynamic image showing the stats of your choice for your forum signatures.


The place to go to get your data into VeloViewer and keep your placings up-to-date.

Map Flipper

Tool to flip Google maps on any site (including Strava) to Open Street Map or Ordnance Survey.

3D Routes

3D Strava/Garmin Connect/Ride With GPS Courses, Activities, Routes and Segments

Road Orientation Distribution

Data visualisation to show the distribution of road orientation for anywhere in the world.

San Francisco Road Orientation

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