Getting and Sharing 3D Profile Images

Hopefully lots of you will have seen the 3D profile images being showcased on Eurosport throughout the Tour de France coverage this year. I have now massively improved the way you can get hold of your own 3D profile images of rides, runs or segments to make it much easier for you (as well as me) to attach to your Strava activities or share on social media from your phone, tablet or PC/Mac.

Important – Please don’t crop out the logos on the images and read and adhere the T’s & C’s if you want to use them for commercial purposes. If you’re wanting to use on a blog/website then see below about using the interactive embed code rather than an image.

I’ll show an example of getting an image to share on Instagram using an iPhone but the way you get the images on a PC, Mac or tablet is identical.

You can of course just share the link to one of your activities (make sure your data is public if doing this) or to a segment on Facebook or Twitter and the 3D profile image will be shown by default. However in Twitter the reader will have to expand the tweet to see the image.  So if you want to keep your data private but still post your image to Facebook or want to get the extra punch of an image immediately visible in people’s Twitter timelines then you’ll need to manually attach the image.

Step 1 – View the 3D profile

  • Navigate in VeloViewer to the activity or the segment of interest (I’m working on adding the Wheel to this list).
  • Perfect the profile:
    • Choose between 3D and 2D.
    • Spin it to get the best angle.
    • Set any markers (e.g. distance or gradient).
    • Stretch the elevation as required (but don’t go crazy, Box Hill is never going to be the Angliru!) (not available on phone).
    • Set how simplified you want the profile (greater the simplification the less detail you will see in fluctuations in gradient)(not available on phone).

Step 2 – Get and Save Your Image

  • Click the “Get Image” button.
  • Pick the desired image size/shape from the drop down (square available for Instagram).
  • Click “Generate Image” button if changing the sizes/shapes.
  • Long touch or right click image and save to your device.

Step 3 – Share on Strava and Social Media

Whichever social media is your preference the steps should be fairly familiar to you – just find the image that has been saved and attach it to you your post/tweet. Or if you are wanting to attach the profile to your activity in Strava then open up the Strava phone App and attach it from there.

Please do tag your Posts/Tweets with @VeloViewer

If you’re wanting to attach your profile to your Strava activity then just open the Strava App on your phone (I don’t think you can do this on the website), view your activity and press the edit button. Here you will find the options to add your newly saved 3D profile.

Embedding Interactive Profiles

If you want to show profiles on your own blog/website then please use the “Embed” button to grab the code for the interactive 3D profile. Very easy to do and it is responsive to cope with any type of usage and the best thing for me is it includes all of the links back to my site.

If you are wanting to do this for an event like a race or sportive then get in touch and I can make sure your profiles are as good as they can be.

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