Terms and Conditions of use of Interactive and Static Image 3D Profiles

I’ve had my interactive 3D profiles since 2013 and they have become a core feature of VeloViewer allowing you to view segments and your own rides in a really engaging way. I encourage the sharing and use of these profiles as long as you abide by the terms and conditions below.

Allowed Usage

Embedding these profiles is free for all sites (commercial as well as non-commercial), you get a neat, interactive graphic for your site and I hopefully get some exposure and click-through traffic in return, as long as…

  • Nothing is hidden from view (i.e. the links and logos). They must be used “as is” so your viewers can follow the link back to VeloViewer.
  • Use the embed script rather than just using images of the profiles where possible.

You can also use static images when sharing on social media or where use of the embed isn’t possible (but please let me know why to see if I can help resolve any issues), as long as…

  • Rather than doing screen grabs, use the “Create image” and the image buttons (I will looking to make this more intuitive) to get static images of the profiles.
  • Images can be edited but MUST still include the “VeloViewer  powered by Strava” logo/text to the existing scale.
  • Please mention @VeloViewer (and @Strava if possible) on Twitter and Facebook when sharing an image just so people can easily click-through to my pages.
  • If using a static image on a website/blog then you MUST provide a link from or along with the image back to veloviewer.com but please do try to use the interactive embed if possible.

Not Allowed Without Permission From Me

Images of profiles are not to be used in any printed media without first getting permission from me.  Permission will most likely be allowed (as long as the logos are still in place) but I will want to proof any profiles you are using to make sure they are as good as they can be.  Please email me if you are wanting to use them for any printed media.

Also please get int touch if you are wanting to use them in any videos.

How to get and use the interactive profiles

I’ll be following this post up with a more detailed explanation along with some improvements to the Segment Details pages but for the time being try out the new Climbs of the Major Professional Races page which provides you with the embed scripts for those climbs when you click on the climb names.

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