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    • Hi Kevin,
      Not at present, I could add something like this in future once I’ve added the further security features due next year once Strava make their new authentication service public. I need to make sure that people explicitly say that they don’t mind making their data publicly available and will be using the Strava authentication to make sure you are who you say you are.
      I’ve run a quick query on the data I’ve got and the current leader (although I’m not sure how his data got in there) is Laurens Ten Dam with 488 KOM’s. 2nd and 3rd places (333 and 302 KOM’s respectively) are both non-professional riders based here in the UK.
      You are currently in 24th place and I’m in a lowly 40th (but out of 2780 riders isn’t too bad I suppose)!

  • Kevin Connors (switched comment plugin so comment re-added) – My Strava athlete number is 68454 … I was wondering if there is a Leader of Leaders table that shows who has the most KOM overall anywhere on VeloViewer?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Not at present, I could add something like this in future once I’ve added the further security features due next year once Strava make their new authentication service public. I need to make sure that people explicitly say that they don’t mind making their data publicly available and will be using the Strava authentication to make sure you are who you say you are.

      I’ve run a quick query on the data I’ve got and the current leader (although I’m not sure how his data got in there) is Laurens Ten Dam with 488 KOM’s. 2nd and 3rd places (333 and 302 KOM’s respectively) are both non-professional riders based here in the UK.

      You are currently in 24th place and I’m in a lowly 40th (but out of 2780 riders isn’t too bad I suppose)!


  • really interesting site! I’m impressed. The athlete comparison is an obvious extension that is not feasible for reasons you’ve outlined. I suppose, following on from that, would be some way of listing segments within say 15 miles of home (or a postcode / grid ref.) – within an indication of relative position and possibly the gap to next placement?

    That would address two thoughts I would have – to highlight segments not yet done (in case new segments are added or you’ve missed any) and to identify where you might get a step up in placings with some effort..

    • Thanks Callum.

      I can think of 2 ways to search for segments that you haven’t done:

      1. Use the data held within veloviewer. Trouble with that is you’ll only get segments that other people have done in your area, not all segments, also I’m not currently storing coordinates for each segment.

      2. Using the segment searching API from Strava but this is very basic and just returns the 10 most “popular” segments in a rectangle area of a map. I’ve pondered how I could use this to provide a better segment search than they currently have but come up blank.

      When you use the “Check for new segments” button it will find any newly created segments that any of your previous rides have taken in, so any segments you’ve not ridden will be on the roads you’ve not ridden. Given the lack of roads around Elgin surely that can’t be many 😉

      So the best you can do is search in Strava for segments you’ve not done or just go ride the roads you’ve not done and see what segments you get after upload.

      Timegap to next position is actually quite doable and I’ll add it to the to-do list.

    • For finding new segments I’ve found it works well to follow many folks in your local area. I’m following most of the active local riders, about 40, and just watching their rides gives me indications of segments I didn’t know about.

      Now, this could be a bit different if you’re in an area with very few riders, or thousands of riders.

      Another thing to do… make your own segments! There’s plenty of segments in my area, but I’ve added at least another 20.

  • Great website! But as a female I would love to see my QOMs and top 10, top 50 stats etc against other women. Can’t you bump that requirement up the list? 😉

    • I’m assured by the guys at Strava that their next version of their api will provide contextual placing. If you’re female then you see the qom position. I’ve not had chance to play with it yet but will let you know when I found out.

  • Ben,

    Anyway you can add a Calorie Burned Column on the “Rides” display? Also, can you add that to the CSV Export as well?

    Love the site! Thanks for all the effort. It’s great.

    • Hi Matt
      Strava doesn’t currently expose that value in their API and I’m not sure I want to try and calculate it (I would also need your weight and your kits weight and then I only try and work out relative power on categorised climbs which would be the other value required for the whole ride). There is a chance this will be added in the V3 of their API’s, I know that heart rate is coming with that. I’m guessing the Strava value (if not using a power meter) is very finger in the air anyway so probably not something to base your diet round.

  • Climbing stats: histogram of grades frequencies over a climb (i.e. number of meters spent in each grade level )

    ..I almost started developing this on my own but then found your site!

    • Hi lukwe. Going to be interesting compromise to try and take those short steep sections without picking up too much bad elevation data. Not 100% sure that a useful result could be consistently achieved. I think I’ll let you try it out but let me know if you do, I could always add it in.

      • I might find some time for this in December (I just discovered that a public Strava API exists!).
        Aside from the bad data troubles you mention, I wonder why such an analysis is still pretty much unknown in the cycling world, it would be a much better evaluation of climbs than the generic length+grade-avg classification!!

        • Check out yesterday’s changes to the segment details page. Added a gradient histogram and more. Is that what you were thinking of? I’m thinking it can be used for spotting bad elevation data as well as for your climb comparison. Maybe I should fix the min/max gradients so they can be more easily compared?

          • yes this is what I had in mind! (thanks)

            maybe the bad elevation data can be smoothed out by just averaging the grades over a sample of the other riders on the segment?!

            it’s now easy to compute a ‘toughness score’ for the climb as a wheighted sum ( grade(i)*meters(i) ); that would be a great sorting option for the segments table!


          • IMHO Strava should do that sampling of elevation data (if processing time permits) when any new segment is created. Too much effort to do that on my page as it would kill the page loading time and don’t want to get into caching this data.

            I’ve added the “Toughness Score” to the bottom of Segment Stats section on the Segment Details page. I can’t work that value out in bulk so won’t be able to display on Segment List. Also, I’m not convinced it is actually a very useful value: Compare (a really steady 177m climb) and (a pretty steep 176m climb). The scores come in at 17540 and 17565 respectively. The elevation gain and average gradient are a much better indicator. Maybe elevation * ave gradient would be better?

          • I agree with you once a user creates a segment Strava can get very precise altimetric data from many public databases instead of relying on the actual GPS sampling from iphones and Garmins!

            The toughness score build by following the grade meter by meter would be a real measurement of the work done (Force*distance), we can consider m=1 to and factor out g to build our scale, then:

            ToughnessScore= totalWork = SUM(sin(arctan(h2-h1/d)))

            BTW are you computing grade as just elevation_difference/odometer_distance or correcting for the horizontal distance as in the definition ( ?

  • Great site! Wish list: I’d like to get an email notification whenever someone knocks me down a notch on a segment. Strava only notifies you if someone takes your KOM. I’d like an email if I’m 5th and get knocked down to 6th.

    • You should have been around in the beginning! In the StravaViewer days (before the name changed to veloviewer) this is what my site did. Automated summary emails every day of all your placing changes. I only had a couple of hundred users then though and it was a complete killer on the server (and the API’s) which is why I changed it to be the user’s responsibility to update their own stats.
      I’m not saying never though for this. If Strava pull the rabbit out the hat with my new API request then this might become a possibility again.
      For the time being though, Jon O’Keeffe has a service on his site for top 10’s that might be worth trying:

    • Hi Paul. Sorry to hear that. Nothing changed in the code around that for a good few weeks. What button had you pressed that caused it to happen? Did you get any error messages popup during the update process before it completed and deleted your rides?

      I see you’ve got over 800 rides on Strava so were you in the process of uploading them? Certainly worth uploading all your rides before pressing any of the other buttons. Might be a bit unpredictable otherwise.
      I’ve just run through the upload process (just via the website, I have no special way to do it) and it seems to be working fine. All your rides are now uploaded.

      • Thanks, I really appreciate it. All that I pressed was the “upload the next 5 rides”, and when it finished, it said, “uploaded 5 rides, blah blah new segments, 350 rides deleted”. Not sure what happened, using Chrome.

  • Ben,
    This is a great website. Thanks for putting so much time into it.
    It’s really good to see you making an effort responding to everyone. Strava should take note – this is how it should be done!

    Thanks again for the great site!

  • Hi Veloviewer Staff!!!!

    Recently I made Public some segments created by me under Strava and I would like to see published in the Segments section here in your website. Thanks a lot. Roberto. ID 1312374

    • Staff? You’re joking right? You should be able to pick them up by pressing the “Check for new segments” button. I’ve never tested this scenario before though so let me know if that doesn’t work and give me one of the segment ids as well.

  • Any chance you could import the ‘notes’ data from Strava? I record temperature, wind speed/direction and the kit I wore against each ride and it would be great to glance down my rides list and identify things such as the ideal conditions to attempt a PB on a certain route.

  • thank you, this is a fantastic site!

    I have a suggestion as an improvement; could you add a feature where we can compare ourselves with someone else?

    There could be the segments that we both have rode, and we could see who is better in which segment and how much as percentage.

  • Good work on your site! Any chance of a weekly/monthly/yearly/all time average speed on rides and also maybe an average elevation? cheers

  • B en, thanks fo rthis site I am really enjoying it. As a challenged person I may have missed this but I’d like to know if I can get the race shape of my best ride and compare it to mother rides. I know how to compare it to the kom and all the other riders, but how can I compare my rides to each other. That would give a better idea of strategy and progress. Is it possible? How do I do it? thanks

    • Good point! You can now!
      Go to any Segment Details page and click the “History” tab. There are now direct links from each segment straight to both RaceShape (comparing each effort to your PR or to the KOM for your best effort) and also straight to the Velo Flow page passing the date and ride details for each time you rode that segment.
      Let me know if that is what you meant.

  • great site, thanks for the work. Is there any way I can monitor my weekly climbing totals? Entered my first Etape and want to set weekly climbing targets.

  • Hi Ben, Great site, many thanks. I’d love to see a map overview of segments ridden cumulatively across multiple rides. As a mountain-biker who explores with every new ride it would be great to see where the gaps are on the map and it would help plan rides too.
    Is that one of the priority items on your to-do list, or is that a slightly different goal?
    No idea how challenging that proposal is, but I know mountain bikers would really appreciate it!

  • Moving the race shape to history makes it unworkable. For me. Tried to look at bazinga embreeville and it grinds away for no return. 2/18/2012

    • It was because not all your rides were loaded causing an unhandled exception. I’ve added some code to catch that now. I’ve just updated your rides to double check and 3 new rides have been added (that were causing the problem).

    • To be honest with you Mr Man, I don’t know… but I’m guessing if you are asking then they are not showing up?
      This is the API I’m using: Just replace the athleteId with your number and see if your private rides are showing up (last 50 rides returned). I guess that the V3 API will allow access to your private rides as we’ll be authenticating each of you using your strava login details but that is a while off yet.

  • Great site, love it. Today I updated my data and veloviewer seem to have muddled up ride dates. The segment placing is correct, it’s just using the last ride date for all the updated segments. Not a big deal but thought you might want to know.

    • Hi ZeFrency. Thanks for letting me know. Can you email me with your strava id so I can look into it for you? I can’t see what you mean looking at my own data.

  • Hi Ben! …this site is awesome! – I’ll tell all my Strava buddies about it!

    One question/suggestion… is it possible to view the maps full-screen? – Browsing the Open Cycle Maps would be a great way to find new rides/trails.

    • the VeloFlow page is almost full screen but not the others. I’ll add it to the to do list though.
      Im working on the early stages of a route planning tool which has the discovery of new/great bits of road/trail at its heart. I’ll post on here when there is something to try out.

  • Great Site… But how about having a QOM as well as a KOM filter? I’m sure all the other ‘girls’ would like to see this also.

  • I failed to check my yearly stats on December 31st and I’m not finding any way to get those numbers now. I was hoping you’d have some data scraping routine that could get those for me.

    Thanks man, great site. I use your signature and link-backs.

  • hi ben – is av power calculated differently for road & off road? been using mtb lately & figures increasing so wondered if there was a connection?? great site by the way.

    • Hi Blob. Thanks. The av power (for each ride) is the value provided by Strava’s API so I’m not sure how it is created or whether it takes into account mtb conditions. I doubt it does. My relative power values certainly don’t attempt to and I can’t see how they could to be honest.

  • Hi Ben

    Is there any chance you can add the Strava Sufferscore and/or “points in the red” to the rides list? These could be useful as a metric for training load if used in conjunction with your csv export to work out cumulative values per week/month etc.

    • That is a Premium feature on Strava so I won’t be adding it to VeloViewer. In the (hopefully near) future I’ll have you all authorising VeloViewer using your Strava accounts so then I’ll know if you are premium or not. If you are then I should be able to show those fields in the list. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

      • That’s fine Ben. It’s actually not too much of a chore to add the suffer scores to a spread sheet manually from the Strava activities list. Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated!

    • Hi Celia, would love for QOM’s to be there (as would my wife) but the current data available from Strava isn’t enough for me to work that out. It’s on the to-do list.

  • Hi Ben, Got a strange bug(?) According to the segments page I have 6 second places, but on the graph in summary page there are 8 listed. Seems to be correct for 1st, 3rd, 4th, etc but when I checked a bit more 10th, 11th, and 18th are also out. Have done an update (check places). Will check again in a day or so.

    • Can you remind me of your strava id and I’ll take a quick look. The counts for the summary charts are calculated during the update process (new rides, placings, new segments), not when displaying the page so there is always a chance of a bug in one of the update processes not quite setting them right.

  • Hi Ben. Is it possible to ‘hide’ segments so that ones i’m not interested in don’t show on my segment list?

    • Once I’ve got you all logging in (once I’ve hooked into the Strava authentication) then I’ll be able to do this kind of thing. I’ll add to me to-do list.

  • Douglas Kubler says:

    Hi Ben, Can you provide KOM’s for the rider’s age group? I have Strava Premium and can see all in my age group premium or not.

  • Aimee English says:

    Hi Ben. Just an idea.. Would be great if strava generated a route for you that goes through selected segments you want to do.

  • Have you considered to implement _all_ privacy settings of Strava?

    Example: “Your name will be anonymized (e.g. Adrian P.) to all logged out athletes.”

    • Once I’ve moved over to V3 of API (if it is capable of supporting VeloViewer) then I’ll be much better able to deal with the whole security side of things. Currently all data on VeloViewer is publicly available via Strava’s API. V3 will, I’m sure, tighten up all of that so 3rd party apps like mine will be much more able to support those privacy settings.

      • Thank you, Ben.

        I saw already that the “hidden locations” (500m around home, for instance) are taken into account on the maps but this anonymized name thing is kind of annoying, not to say unsecure. You cannot see names on Strava without being logged in but you can see them in a third party web site only with the athlete id …

        • Indeed. I hide the names in VeloFlow, alternative leaderboard (RaceShape shows full names of all riders without having to know their ids). Unfortunately the current API’s don’t provide me with this short name. I could just hide all but the first letter of every surname on the site but it wouldn’t take much to look at the API responses from Strava to see the unedited names. Probably a question for Strava more than anything to make sure their API’s respect their privacy policy.

          • Wow, they send full names without respect on their own privacy policy!
            Indeed, it is rather an API bug than veloviewer’s.

            Anyway, great site!

          • ok, check that out. I’ve changed all the places I was displaying the full name and now do my best to replicate Strava’s own truncated name. Let me know if you still see your full name appearing anywhere on the site. If anyone complains I’m going to point them at you 😉

  • Amazing site! I only discovered it recently but I now use it after every ride.

    My suggestion is probably a bit crazy/impossible/unrealistic, but would it be possible to add a button that overlays all of your recorded rides on one map? It would be really interesting to see the extent of my exploration…not easy when looking at many different maps of individual rides. Should be good at spotting areas that have been overlooked, too. Thanks.

  • Love the site and have accessed previously. i know get an invalid rider ID when trying to load, any suggestions appreciated.

  • Having a problem.. click “Rides”, then change units to “miles”… goes to a different page and on clicking “Rides” again we are back to “km” units. Hope you can fix soon 🙂

    • on which page (give me the url) are you seeing this 8ft Rob? On you summary page your “Max elevation” (for a ride) for 2013 is showing as 1,074ft, 2012 it was 721ft.

  • cedric acarpentier says:

    Bonjour ,
    Pourriez vous mettre votre site aussi en Français ,s’il vous plait ?
    merci ,pour nous les accros .

  • Ok, I know this is called “velo” viewer, but as a bike racer and trail runner I have to ask, how much of a donation would it take to get comparable features for runs, like a signature showing my running CRs and mileage. I’m serious. I’d happily donate for something like that and I assume it would be pretty easy to code since you’ve already done it for rides? Thanks — John

    • That is the most requested “feature”. I’ll certainly be looking into it at some point but currently that data isn’t available to me. Fingers crossed it soon will be then I’ll have to don my Innov8’s and log a few runs myself just to get my hands on some data.

  • Love your work. Ben, would there be a way for mi to get the signature image as my cover image on Facebook? I think that would really be cool. (And it wouldn’t be a bad promotor for your hard work)

    • Facebook makes a copy of the image and stores it whereas the signature image needs to displayed using html in order to show a “live” image. So you could use a static signature image if you wanted but not one that shows up-to-date data.

        • If you just right click and save the image then you’ll have a png which you should be able to use anywhere on the web. If you really do need a jpg then open it up in any image editing software and do a “save as” and save your jpg.

  • hi Ben, VeloViewer rocks!
    I have a question about csv export: I have noticed you do not take into account in rides the private one. is because also STRAVA does not report them in public profile?
    it is a pity indeed, as i use the private rides to log my stationary trainer activities. would that be any way to get also the private workout in the list of rides?

    • With the current, open API Starva don’t provide the private rides, as you would hope! I’m now working on moving all my code to use the new version of Strava’s API’s that will require each user to authenticate themselves with their Strava login. Then I should have access to take into account your private rides too.

  • At Interbike, I recommended to the Wahoo guys that for hill profiles the defining Strava data for a segment may be poor quality. Indeed, I just got bitten by using data for the Chanteloup climb near France, and the defining data seem inconsistent not only with other references, but with Street View. Data which is derived from iPhone data, for example, may be using a map lookup with data of poor position accuracy, yielding substantial excursions up and down transverse slopes. A better approach, perhaps, is to use data from the top of leaderboards (assuming leaderboard is sufficiently deep) taking only data which was from barometric altimetry. I say top of the leaderboard because lower down riders may have doubled back, taken wrong turns, paused, etc. Additionally a weight might be put on more recent data, since they are likely from newer units, which tend to have better GPS integrity. The principal problem is on some segments the top of the board may be populated with activities which failed to complete the actual segment, a particular problem on out-and-back segments and multi-lap segments. So it’s a problem on which one could invest a substantial effort. But Strava is an incredible reservoir of data to be mined, and the best data for altitude is often found in activities other than the one which was used to define a segment. One option would be for the GUI to support user selection of which to use.

    • I think that is a wonderful suggestion and should be put to Strava as sorting out the elevation data at the source is by far the best solution. I played around with doing something similar when putting together the Segment Details page as I know how important having the most realistic elevation data is (for my TDF2014 blog posts I’ve had to create a few duplicate segments in order to get ones with more realistic elevation profiles basically doing what you say above). The tricky thing to implement this in VeloViewer would be the amount of data I’d need to download and the amount of processing required for each rider on the leaderboard who’s elevation data you wanted to see. The elevation data for the segment itself is provided very neatly for a segment, but of course is based on the rider that created it. For other riders on the leaderboard I’d have to get their elevation (and distance and potentially long/lat) data for the whole ride and work out where the segment would be along its length. Even with that it is just a sticky plaster solution and I’d rather Strava allowed for this kind of correction to be applied to their core data.

      • Hi Ben, I was going to ask the same thing about average HR in the segment graph/CSV – obviously if not in the API then put it on your to do list 🙂

  • Henrik Næss says:

    Great site Ben. I have been using it for more than 9 months now. Would be great to have even more filtering functionality, e.g. filtering on bike name and dates in the Segments list.

    More advanced: Cool if it was a filter (range) on position as well, e.g. meters from Greenwich or some other place (so you don’t have to maintain position) – both on start and end position.
    If that is not possible, then adding start- and end position in the CSV file would be positive

    My reason for this “advanced” request, is that I want to filter out only segments in my region – and not see segments in e.g. other countries that I visited several years ago.

    • Cheers Henrik. Glad you’re still enjoying it. Looking at the new V3 API in what little spare time I’ve got and will be at least recording all the info needed to do what you ask. My evenings will be filled with just swapping over to the new API’s for the time being but filtering segments (and rides) is very high up my to-do list once that’s sorted. Currently some gaps in the V3 API’s that might mean some loss of data/functionality but I’m chasing up Strava on that.

    • THE Henrik Næss that wrote the Matrix plugin for Sport Tracks? It figures that you’d be an early adopter of Strava/Veloviewer! Good to see you on here.

  • Hi, great site. My position in the Velobici leader board has not changed and says last ride 6 days ago despite me uploading a ride to Strava one day ago and updating my rides on Veloviewer. Any ideas?


    • is that you currently in 62nd place? Looks like your data is up to date, saying 1 day ago. Have you refreshed (just F5 the browser) the leaderboard?

  • Ben, Callum here again – some other features ideas to throw into the mix. I know that comparisons against other athletes are grey area for privacy reasons; I wonder however if it’s feasible to get a graphical map of local area segment coverage – so e.g. either start or end marker point is colour coded to indicate KOM, top 5% / 15% whatever, or grey if not covered..? cheers Callum

  • Hi Ben, Love the site – but am getting an error (err-1b) when trying to upload new rides. 207140 is my Strava ID. Thanks.

      • I think there seems to be some kind of caching problem going on. Press ctrl+f5 when viewing each page and it’ll make sure you’re running the latest code.

        Are you using IE by any chance? I’ve had a few people get in touch with the same symptoms using IE. They tried switching to Google Chrome and now it works fine for them.

        Adam, I uploaded you rides no problem using Chrome.

        • Hi Ben, I am having the same problem. After the Error 1b popup I get another alert telling me that 39 of my rides have been deleted in Strava, which is incorrect as none the ones listed have been removed (in fact, I’ve never deleted an activity). It said to press “Update ride details” for each of these rides so I started doing that. After about 5 or 6 ride updates I tried getting my new rides again but it still told me there were 39 deleted activities. Any clues?

          • HI David, what’s your Strava ID? If the Strava API doesn’t return your rides correctly then it assumes that they have been deleted (that is the only way I can tell). It’s hard for me to tell the difference between the API not working correctly and the rides actually having been deleted so I just prompt you to make sure.
            Do you get the same messages using Chrome?

          • Hi again Ben, my ID is 1735852. I’ve tried it with several browsers – Chrome and Exploder actually block the second popup so I didn’t even realise it thought my rides were deleted until I tried Firefox!
            Cheers :o)

          • hmmm, just uploaded the last 25 of your rides with no errors at all (using Chrome). Is your internet speed particularly slow?

          • Hmmm, so I see. How strange. I just tried again but got the same error, but I’m not on a slow connection. I also tried using my phone over both the mobile network and the same wireless and it seemed to succeed for both (although there was nothing new to add). There must be some other thing in my computer blocking it? Possibly Fiddler. Oh well, the mobile works and you can’t argue with results so I’ll just continue using that. Thanks for your help :o)

    • hi Leon, you’ve still got 70 rides to upload. only once all your rides are loaded will your most recent data be included on the leaderboard.

  • Hello, I’m trying to find a way of pulling ‘year to date’ data only on to my website. Have you found a way to do this?

    • It’s not currently provided by the API (or in the new version). I’ve requested for it to be added so we’ll see. It’ll only be available for Strava Premium users though if they do include it. As soon as they add it I’ll add it to the activities page (in the new site)

  • Hi Ben,
    on “stats” I can only click on the actual year “2013”, but not “12”, “11” … Any idea? Thanks!

  • Callum Sword says:

    Another quick thought (OK, two). Any idea how to find out who created a segment? (some of the ones I see are either banal or distinctly un-PC)?

    Secondly – follow on from that – could it be possible to rename a segment, privately ? some are named for roads (so you get several options of same name). Thanks!

    • Unfortunately you can’t see who created segments. It would be great to be able to update segments in various ways like tweak their start/end positions and like you say, rename them. There used to be a comments section at the bottom of the Strava segment page but that disappeared a while back. I think I’ll add my own one of those as it might be good to have some segment specific banter going on.

      I’ll add the ability to rename the segment (and record who renamed it) in V3 so at least that will help tidy things up a bit.

      • Being able to tweak a segment would open up a can of worms for abuse. For instance, in a closely contested segment you could very easily change who has the KOM.

  • Hi,

    Great site!

    If you edit a ride on Strava can you force an update on Veloviewer so that changes get transferred. I tried to update some old rides to show the correct bike I’d used but none of the update options seem to force the update. Do I have to wait until I create a new ride in Strava to be able to update this info.

  • Just saw on the main page that next week you are switching to the new V3 API. I am a bit concerned by this.

    First of all, it says I need to authorize it to connect to Strava on my behalf – but I am using this site to see not only my data, but other people’s data as well. For instance, it is useful to see if someone who requires authorization to follow them has been trying to take any of my KOMs. If they don’t use this site, this seems to imply that I am not longer going to be able to follow them, and I’m not okay with that.

    Second, it says existing data will not be transferred. Is this just for now, or permanently? That is, am I going to have to go through the time consuming process of re-loading all my rides if I want to use the site at all starting next week?

    Third, is the timing of this switch-over indicative of deprecation on the part of Strava of the v2 APIs? I am concerned about this because I log my rides using my own app which logs to a database and it is rather redundant to run two logging apps at once, so I wrote a quick little Python program to pull the ride from my database and upload it to Strava. I would rather not have to re-write for v3 because it seems a lot more complicated (I haven’t even wrapped my head around OAuth yet, or figured out why it should even be necessary, passing a user name and password and getting a token back seems plenty sufficient for me.)

    Once the switch-over is complete, is the current data and interface going away? Or to put it another way, am I no longer going to be able to use this wonderful site?

    • Hi Michael,

      1st off have a read of this post from Strava about the eprication of their V1&V2 API:

      Part of the T’s & C’s of using the new V3 API is not to share people’s data without their permission. So if you want to see someone else’s data in VeloViewer then they need to be uses of the site and set their permissions so that others can view their data.

      The V3 API has a bunch more data available so in order to collate this data the update process needs to go through all of your rides. Seeing as that is the case then it makes sense (and best use of my very limited time to work on VeloViewer) to just require people to load their data again. This is especially the case regarding the T’s & C’s mentioned above, I have no idea who loaded whose data into the current version of VeloViewer.

      Yes, you will have to re-upload all your data although the update process has been hugely improved and is only a single button press for yourself. Hopefully not too taxing. It’s been taking about a minute for people with 150 ish activities, about 10 minutes for people with 4000 activities.

      Yep, the timing is down to the switching off of the V1 & V2 Strava API’s. See post linked above.

      Yep, the new site will be moved over to the domain and the old version of the site and all its data will no longer be available. Lots of the pages won’t load once the V1 & V2 API’s are no longer available.

      Just go to the beta site and start using it. Not everything there yet but as I find time between looking after my kids and my full time employment I will build it back up again, hopefully better than it was before.

      • Thanks Ben. As I’m not an “official” developer (I just wrote a quick one-off for my personal use) I wasn’t up to date on things. However, I am surprised that they plan to turn off v1 and v2 “by” June 1st. Just by looking through the v3 APIs it doesn’t appear that they are anywhere near complete – that, and the consideration that v2 seemed to be much simpler to write for was why I didn’t just go with the v3 – and it’s only been a couple weeks since I looked it, but maybe they have done a lot of work since then.

      • Ok, I’ve started looking at the v3 API. This was one thing that stopped me last time. Before I can even start I am supposed to “register [my] application” to receive “be assigned a Client ID and Client SECRET”. First of all, this isn’t really an application, it’s just a Python script I am writing to upload my own data. But I suppose I still have to register somehow, but I’m not finding any documentation on the page ( ) how to do this.

        I assume you already had to do this, so I am hoping you can tell me how it is done. I sure hope I don’t have to “Apply to Join the V3 API Early Access Program” since they aren’t accepting just any old application, presumably such as people like myself who are writing to the API for personal use, and it certainly wouldn’t be fair to wait until they turn off the old API, leaving me literally ZERO time to develop the new solution before I have to magically use the new API somehow. So I’m assuming they aren’t doing that!

        edit: just found the strava zendesk post of April 23 where you replied to Joe Emenake, saying ” I think you’ll need to submit a request to Strava for that. I’m not sure what the process would be to be honest.” Did you implement the v3 stuff after that? I would assume you would *have* to know in order to do so…

        arg, if i have to submit a request then i suppose that blow another day, i was going to try to just whip something out quick tonight… 🙁
        and btw, the last time I submitted an API query I never heard anything back, I’m assuming maybe I submitted it to the wrong place???

        • You require a client id and a secret key in order to request a token that is then passed with each api call. If you manage to hack it then you’ll deserve a job at MI5 as this is standard oAuth security and is widely used. You’d need to register with Strava in order to get a key but it sounds like they are opening it up fairly slowly. Some people have been making money from apps/sites that use the old Strava apis which goes against the T’s & C’s which i think will be one of the reasons they are being careful about who gets access this time.

      • Alright, in the absence of an official client id I faked it. Problem is, now Strava replies back with a redirect to the Strava login page. But I’m not a web page, I’m a Python app! So what am I supposed to do, reverse engineer the Strava login page to figure out what I’m supposed to send in order to get authorized to access my own data?

    • can you give me your athlete id and example segment id? Is this on the new site or the existing (soon to be replaced) site?

  • i would like to known whats my best cadence, whats the best wattage depending of my cadence zones

    • cadence and watts for a ride are available with the new API so this is something I can certainly look into doing. Same goes for heart rate. Are you using a power meter? The calculated wattage can be a little bit off so might give some misleading results. Will be a while before I get round to adding it though but I’ll add it to my list.

  • Ben

    you say starting this week V3 shoudl eb on.
    what is the link for V3? to me looks like i am still using the old version?

  • Hi,

    “Switch off of old Strava APIs has been put back until 31st June”

    Don’t wish to pick nits or anything but there’s only 30 days in June 🙂

  • Hi Ben. Well done on the site. I’ve just made a small donation so feel slightly less bad about posting this tiny nit given the enormous work you must put in to this great site.

    Anyway here goes… I just noticed the VeloViewer score on the Summary tab (this is the v3 version, at least). It gives me a score of 70.15 for 2013 and 36.25 for 2012 (yes I’m a terribly slow cyclist :)) However I think possibly that the 2012 score is calculated only from segments for which my best ride of all time was in 2012. All my popular/fast segments I’ve gone faster still in 2013, so they end up not contributing to 2012. Instead only my relatively off-piste segments that I’ve not repeated, count. So my 2012 score ends up even lower than it might be.

    This is probably too small a nit to bother with, however it does open up the question of whether VeloViewer could/should do more with _all_ a user’s rides for segment rather than largely sticking with their fastest one. I notice that Jonathon O’Keefe seems to have moved in this direction recently – offering stats like the average for all rides of a segment.

    Thanks for listening,

    • A donation always helps 😉

      You are correct in your findings there and I had a couple of Twitter conversations yesterday on this subject. Basically the Score is only of real value when looking at “All” years and also for the current year. As you say, for years prior to that the scores will keep dropping each time you beat a PR from that year.
      There is nothing that I can think of to do anything about that I’m afraid. The position scores are purely made up from your position and the number of athletes to have completed the segment, neither of which values I have for historical data without going down the route Jonathon does of processing every single attempt anyone has had on each segment. A good thing to do for a single segment but just not realistic to do on the many 100’s and 1000’s of segments people have.
      What I am doing now is storing the VeloViewer Scores (for all years but broken down into all activity types and each activity type which is equally valid) so at least from this point forward there will be a track of the progress of your score in either direction. I’ll be adding charts to the summary screen to reflect that progression in the coming weeks.
      If anyone has any ideas on how I can calculate historical scores then I’m all ears!

      • Tracking the VeloViewer Score going forward sounds like a splendid idea!

        suppose getting historical scores is possible, but would use a hell of a
        lot of bandwidth as (at least with V2 of the API) as I think you’d have
        to the full segment history for all segments done by a user in order to
        achieve this.

        Another discussion point – the score is presumably
        dependent on how ofter you update your placings. People that don’t
        regularly update placings will have a higher VeloViewer Score than they
        should. I wonder whether an auto update should occur every week or s?

        • Yep, dependent on people updating their placings as well. Tricky thing to force though. Maybe I just show a date somewhere that says when the last time the placings were updated?

        • Thanks for explain all the issues Ben. I agree, it is sounds very difficult to do to solve the “historical scores” problem – it would a massive increase in the amount of data that you consume/process.

          But I agree with James, a rolling VeloViewer score would be pretty cool – and a source of motivation beyond PRs for those who are not going to be getting many Top10s. If you have this you could even drop the current “year scores”.

          Another little idea for a feature – you could have special categories like “climbers score”, “descenders score”, “long segment score”, “short segment score” etc where only segments of a particular type (e.g. >5% steep) contribute.

  • John Bytheway says:

    Really interested in the veloviewer score but without a framework to get an idea where you stack up against others (now you cant look up other people) even when you can presumably look up clubmates or people you are following it still only gives you a limited outlook, i would like to see some form of graph against the whole of veloviewers membership and/or your position against the whole membership at least this gives your score some perspective i.e. my 2013 score is 96.47 i have absolutely no idea if that is good, bad, diabolical or just average at least if it said 8000 of 16222 i’d have an idea.

    I would also like it to link to a page showing the segments that are included in the calculation, even after reading the info on how its calculated i look at my stats and cant make out which segments it uses as i have a number that i am 1st out of 2-10 where the score should bring the average way down if it is literally worked on your top scores, i am assuming it discounts results with a “less than ?” number of riders results.

  • Loving the new version – well done on this brilliant project.

    Now if you could just include avg cadence and strava suffer score on the table of activities, and bring back the csv export I’d be happy to make a donation 😉

  • Great site, really helps to motivate me to try a bit harder each time I go out. My suggestion would be to show (if possible) a trend/graph for the veloviewer score to see how one is progressing over time. It kinda gives a feel for whether one is getting better/worse over time. Anyway – keep it up, makes Strava more fun even I still suck on most climbs.

    Now… must go and make another donation!

    • Thanks Peter. I can’t properly work out historical VeloViewer Scores but I’m recording them since I 1st started working them out so I will be showing a trend graph next to the score soon.

  • Activities and Segments don’t show in Mozilla Firefox. I had to switch to IE to see these lists.

      • No errors were reported. It just was stuck at: Loading data, please wait. After 30 minutes I gave up and switched to IE.

        • Still strange. Just viewed your data fine on Firefox (V21 & 22). It takes a little bit of time to load up activities and segments due to the high number you have got but still less than 10 seconds per page. Not much I can help you with that but glad you can use a different browser to get it to work for you.

  • Hello again. Another suggestion, on the segment board, I think it would be more intuitive if the position changes were green and positive for a move *up* the leader board, red and negative to show dropping down the board. I find the current green, negative a bit odd. I would still see a sea of red tho’…. 🙁

  • Awesome site. One suggestion, is it possible when updating the position on segments to show the change in total riders/runners? or change in the position score? I don’t mind if 3 people better me in a segment, if there are another 50 new people on the total.

  • Great site, however I have one question. On one segment my max VAM is way out because of bad elevation data. Strava have now fixed the the segment data but VAM data on summary page is still showing incorrectly. How do I reload the segment to get the correct VAM figs ?

    • You should see an “Update segment details” link at the bottom right of the segment details page. Click this and that (fingers crossed) will sort it all out for you. I haven’t only been able to test it on a couple of segments so let me know if it does or doesn’t work for you.

      • Ben, works a treat. Knew there was an update segment link somewhere but couldn” find it. Thanks again

  • David Watt says:

    Great site, just been mailed a link to it today. Definitely worth a donation and looking forward to V3.

  • Thanks for creating such a great site.
    Another possible suggestion. …. I was reading this blog the other day and noted the formula for pVAM (Predicted VAM) which gives a VAM estimate for a top rider on any given climb, which allows you to then calculate a reference for any given perfromance. I calculated these on a couple of my frequently use climbs and its very interesting. The record for these common segments is almost exactly that predicted by the formula. I thought it may be a worthwhile addition to the segment page with a percentage comparison for each rider.

  • I’m following recent updates of you, and they’re all great, thank you!

    I just have a suggestion: There are so many columns on activities and segments details pages, that they don’t fit to my chrome page. And I don’t use some of them. Will there be a way for us to filter those columns in the near future?

    • If you are referring to the link from my site to RaceShape it looks like Paul (Mr RaceShape) has changed the parameters I need to pass to load up the context so currently it does load correctly. I’ll try and sot it out.

  • Jamie Mills - Nottingham says:

    All I get on the initial pages is loading data please wait……… Can you help?

    • Hi Jamie. All your pages load up fine for me. Can you tell me what browser you are using and it’s version? Also what type of device you are on? Maybe it is some unsupported Javascript. Have a go on Chrome or Safari if you’ve got it and see if that helps.

      • Jamie mills says:

        Hi Ben- well I just checked again and on either the summary or activities tabs it is saying” loading data….please wait” or ” gathering data…….please wait.
        I am using an iPad – with I think the most reent update on it. I will go and try from the iMac tho.
        Interestingly- it will load my updates on the last tab- cant remember name- so I can see my re,active placings- and even a kind of v small summary in the ” options ” (can’t quite remember name of it) tab- but I can’t get any further.

        That is using safari on iPad. Will wonder upstairs and check the the main Mac now.

        Thanks for prompt reply


    • Unfortunately, as it stands the new Strava API doesn’t let me know that a segment has been deleted. I can still query it for the segment details and leaderboard and it happily returns the details. I’ve mentioned this to Strava a while ago but I’ll chase them up on it. Note that I can detect flagged segments and automatically remove those, just not deleted segments!

      • Matt Hawkesworth says:

        Thanks! I had this one deleted because the segment was just so screwed up. In the future I guess I’ll just flag them.

  • Brilliant site – I could spend hours here when I should be on my bike!
    Sometime ago, I used the site to make a Word Cloud – I’d like to update it, but I’m darned if I can find the link on the site now. Is it still there?

  • Very Great site! I always wished Strava had this capability! However: ….Is there anything that can be done about the giant Google Chrome Frame advert that takes over your entire site? There are no options to close it and I can’t install Google Chrome Frame on my work PC.
    I have also had the same issue as mentioned below where the data never loads on both the iphone and home PC which are not pestered by Google Chrome Frame?

    • The JavaScript libraries I use are not supported in IE8 or below so the only way you can use VV in that version of IE is to install the Chrome Frame (will your work permissions allow this?)
      Should load fine on iPhone and other browsers so let me know your strava ID and I’ll look into it.

  • Hey Ben, this is an amazing site. My hat goes off to you. For some strange reason I really like the 3D elevation graphic on the segment detail page. It’s just eye candy – but it’s cooool!! Why Strava does not implement some (all) of this stuff on their site is beyond me – maybe there are valid reasons – I don’t know.

    Anyway, I have a QUESTION: How do I know which segments are included in my VeloViewer Score? I know it’s the top 25% with grade greater than -0.25%. Can you flag the segments or apply a filter to show the top 25? In my case, when I filter for the year 2013, it says my score is calculated from 24 of 95 segments. How do I find them. I hope I am not missing something obvious.

    Again, Great site!!!

    • Hi Tony, Then I recommend to you. I use an extended version of Marc’s original segment profile code on my site but he has changed it so it can work within the Strava site now. Very neat.
      ANSWER: Go to your segments and look for the “Config” drop down just above the filters. Pick the “Score” option. This will then limit your data to just that can make up your score. They will be ordered accordingly so the top 100 will probably make up your score. In order to get the segments for a year then you’ll need to add the “When” filter and try and get it to restrict to just this year’s data. A bit imprecise at present but I’m nearly at the stage where you can type in your min/max values which will make life easier.
      Worth bearing in mind though that the Score only really gives a proper answer when looking at All years. If you just do this year then it will probably give you a lower value than what it could be as it only includes PR’s from this year. You may well have just got a personal 2nd place on a very high scoring segment that won’t then be included in your 2013 score but would be worth far more than your 95th scoring PR, if you get what I mean. But seeing as it is not a PR then I can’t get a KOM placing and hence no score.

  • Veloviewer score most interesting, suggest you provide decile or quartile classification for the score v other riders in db to give it some context
    Keep up the great work

  • Great stuff – love the site!

    One thing (or am I being daft?) …. how do you log out (so I can switch to the wife’s stats)? I don’t think it is obvious??!!

    • It logs you in based on who you are logged into Strava as. You’ll need to log out of Strava and log in as the wife. Then come to VeloViewer and it should now bring you in as her. If you’ve just been logged into VeloViewer under your own Strava account then there is a chance that VeloViewer will still be caching your session details so you may need to shut down your browser and open it again or just give it a bit of time to clear its cache.
      The easiest way though is just to use 2 different browsers. This is what my wife and I do on her netbook, She uses IE and I use Chrome and we’re both always logged into Strava and so into VeloViewer without any problems switching between.

  • On my activities page, is it possible to sort by bike? I’d like to filter out and only look at MTB ot road rides.


  • Is the ability to add/remove columns from the activities/segments pages on the way? I rarely find I need to see them all at once.

    What happened to the old activity pages too?

  • Hi Ben, Maximum possible VV score is a great addition, however I’m not sure how it works – does it look at all possible segments (ie >-0.25% gradient) or the top 100?

    I just unhid a bunch of hidden segments on strava and after I updated VV my max possible score dropped from 98.75 to 98.59 (from 100 of 578 to 100 of 592). I did lose some positions in the update, although my actual score didn’t change – not sure how the max possible score could decrease though unless some of the new segments crept into the top 100 but their potential is lower than what was there.

    • It is looking at the same top 100 segments that are used for your score so should those change then that could result in your max score increasing or decreasing. If you update your places there is a good chance that your top 100 segments will change around a bit as would finding more segments.
      When deciding on how to calculate the max score I considered using the top 100 possible scoring segments (independent of your own scores) from your list which would have kept your max score much more static. the trouble with that is if you happened to make a trip to an area with a lot more Strava users and take in a leisurely ride with no intention of ever returning to the area then you’ll never be able to get anywhere near your max score and the comparison between your actual score and max score wouldn’t be very representative of your riding.

  • usability suggestion for the segments page:

    when adding filters and playing around with their values the segments’ table and the charts get updated, but the total number of (filtered) segments only appears at the bottom of the page, very far away (below the fold actually for me) from the filters the user is playing with. Would be far easier to see the tot number of segments, in the header of the filters section!


  • I converted some itm files (from a Holux datalogger) to gpx so that I could upload past routes into strava. However some appear to have been corrupted (showing as >25k kms – and some really high speeds.looks like it was satellite speeds/distances as opposed to my bike data..). I went through Strava summary data and deleted as much of the corrupt route data that I could find..However, now my Veloviewer stats are showing data for the years ‘4059’, ‘3653’, ‘3239’..any way to delete this erroneous data?

    • Sorted. You might need to press the little refresh button next to your Summary page title and to clear your data. IF you still see it ater that then go update some of your data and come back to the Summary.

  • Hi Ben
    On the segment and activity pages, can you freeze the heading row so when you scroll down you can still see what each column is.

    • Hi Mitch. I tried to do that when I 1st started putting together V3 of VeloViewer and wasted a week or so and didn’t manage to get something that worked across multiple browsers. A real pain in the rear to try and get working on a web page where the column widths want to be sized automatically to their content.

  • Hello Ben! Great work. I have a minor bug.

    Regards the feature in the graph area of the summary page with the “circle” highlighting distance on a given date. This only works for the first graph generated, and if type is changed to time/count/distance. Use Firefox on Mac. Hopefully you can fix this, as it is a fantastic feature.

    Best regards,

    Jørgen, Oslo

    • Hi Jørgen, Do you still get the tooltip displaying? The little circle seems to disappear on all browsers when the chart changes. Not sure why. I’m using some 3rd party charting tool so looks like I’ll have to dive into their code to try and find a fix.

      You don’t happen to be the CGI Jørgen do you? Probably lots of Jørgens in Oslo!

  • Wesley Van den Berg says:

    Hi Ben, I tried to make this suggestion through Facebook some time ago, but I’m not sure it got through (I have no idea how website facebook pages interact with normal people :)… A feature I really like in the Strava activity Calander is the “PR count”, which lets you see where the weight of your performance is… and in my case that I’m still progressing… I don’t know what the API supplies, but it would be great (IMHO) to have a “PR” button on the Summary page so the graph will show you where your PRs are… an idea?

    • I’m looking at that exact chart on the Dev site right now! Give me another couple of evenings and I’ll publish the charts to the live site.

      • Wesley Van den Berg says:

        In activities the “Segment PR” (I guess thats the one I need for this. Won’t add to the filters… maybe a typo in the code? 🙂

        Other than that 😉 charts look great…. so much data to wrap my head around, thx!!!

          • Wesley Van den Berg says:

            The “No of PRs” on the segments page works fine… it’s just the “Segment PR” filter that won’t add to the filters on the activities page. Not quite sure what it would filter, but was keen to find out 🙂 Sorry if I’m not making any sense…

          • I get you. That field needs editing out of the list as it is the visual list of PR’s in the table and has no actual value.
            That athlete, although has logged into VeloViewer, hasn’t uploaded their data which is why no matching segments are being returned for you.

          • Wesley Van den Berg says:

            On the “Activities” page… is it just me (I often miss the obvious 🙂 or would you expect a “When” filter there which isn’t there?

          • missing the obvious then? 😉 By default it is an already active filter which means it doesn’t appear in the list. If a filter is hidden then it reappears in the list.

  • H Ben,
    Love the rivals idea – trying to get my rivals that I know to join me here so I can see which segments are the ones we are close on.

    I think within 2 places is a bit restricted – my one rival who is also on VV and I have only 4 segments within 2 places, but 161 segments in common, 56 where we are within 10 places. I’m not sure how intensive the calculations are, but for many of my segments with hundreds (and thousands) of riders, being within 10 places is pretty close, so perhaps use that instead of 2? Even better would be a relative scale depending on the number of riders but that would make things a bit complex.

    I also love the segment leaders table, it is very gratifying to see that while Thomas De Gendt has 25 KOMs on my segments, I have 50.

    • The 2 places either side is just what is easily available via the Strava API in a single call. Trying to go beyond that would require me to go through the entire leaderboard until you were found which may require many Api calls depending on your position, for each segment. So I’m afraid 2 is the limit.

      • Fair enough then!

        One further request: Is it possible to manually enter and save my location rather than have using location aware browsing . 1. It doesn’t work about half the time and 2 it gives a location many km from where I actually am. I like the idea of being able to search for nearby segments to conquer, but at the moment it doesn’t work that well.

        • Wesley Van den Berg says:

          I would second that! Safari keeps asking me to allow sharing of my location, can only save it for a day (haven’t googled if other settings can extend that 🙂 which is annoying. But, more importantly, it will allow you to set a filter in a specific grid. Making it easier (for me) to target segments.

          • I’ll have a look into it. I’ve noticed that on my iPhone. No idea why it doesn’t remember your preference some of the time..

  • Martin Cashman says:

    This is a great site for getting that extra useful data and insight where Strava itself is thin on the ground. In those terms, something that comes to mind as a possible useful feature, would be a way to look at cumulative Suffer Score, Calories and Energy Output say Weekly or Monthly. As shorter high intensities of Summer give way to the longer base miles of Winter, it would be useful to see how that change impacts overall training efforts.

    • HI Martin,
      I’m planning on adding options to sum up values in column charts by day/week/month/year on both the segment and activity pages. Should tick that box.
      I should also be adding the Suffer Score to the update script.

  • Hi, Just to say I LOVE the charts. This site is getting better and better.
    One suggestion. Would it be possible to draw a box around a group of dots on the chart and use that as the filter? I know I can do that by looking at the axis and then using the appropriate filter selections but this would be easier.
    Thanks and great job

  • Chris Carpenter says:

    Great site but your CSV export is wonky, well in my experience it is. The distance is in meters, not KM and times are in seconds. It’s a simple enough correction to do in Excel but I figure it would be better to get data correctly. Plus, if I could be so bold as to suggest if the user could control what gets exported. I’m only interested in distance, speed, average speed and perhaps pace.

    Thanks anyway for what you have in place at the moment.

    • CSV is a very basic hack that exports the raw data in the format I get it from Strava (metric and m/s for speed). Too many other things to do that trump putting any more time into this. Just copying and pasting the table from the webpage works well and then you get all your data formatted as well. You can change the rows per page to 1000 to speed up the copy/paste’ing

  • Hi again,

    Could we have a segment filter for the top x scores? That way we could select 100 and see our vv score segments on the chart…

    Many thanks

  • Social Hand-Grenade says:

    Hi Ben, just stared using your site and so far it’s incredibly useful, far more so than the main Strava site. One question, I have read the blog regarding the challenges Trophy Cabinet (regarding it being in my data), but am having issues finding it. Is this available to uk users?

    Thanks again for the great site!

    • It was there a before having to migrate the site to the new Strava API a couple of months ago. Still work in progress getting all the screens across. It is on the list to re-do though.

    • It was pulling the setting direct from your Strava profile but a couple of days ago Strava changed their API. This field is no longer provided so it is currently defaulting to metric. I didn’t know the fields were going to be removed so couldn’t plan for it. I’ll have to find time to add in an option in the update page.

  • OK, Maybe I’m getting fussy but…. I know you now have to keep out imperial/metric settings but being a Brit I think of distance in miles, height in meters, temp in C…. Messed up I know…
    Would it be possible to have options for Distance, Height and temp?
    If I’m getting too fussy just tell me to shut up.

    • Hi Bob. No idea how that happened. Most of your segments were flagged up as hazardous although only about 16 of them actually should be. All sorted now.

  • Hi. Would it be possible to be able to see your segments from the activity. Currently on holiday in Italy with the family and sneaking in some rides. Obviously the segment names are in Italian and I don’t recognise them so it’s difficult to start with an activity and just see those segments. Unless I am missing something.

  • Brian Ogilvie says:

    I just discovered VeloViewer – what a great site for dataheads! Thanks!

    I did notice what seems to be a bug: the ride that I did today (18 August) appears to have been added to my summary graph yesterday (17 August). The same seems to be true for other rides: the graph is incremented on 15 August by the number of miles that I rode on 16 August. I thought it possible that the graph used GMT, but that would shift dates the other way (and most rides would still be on the same day anyway).

    I can send screenshots if it’s helpful.

    A possibly related bug (though it doesn’t seem likely): In my activities list, the When column simply had “meters” rather than a date. When I showed the filters, the starting and ending date fields had “meters” filled in. Changing my date format from the default MM/DD/YYYY format to YYYY-MM-DD fixed the problem, so it looks like a matter of how the data were represented.

  • Shawn S. Potter says:

    How do I change my default output from Metric to Statute ? used to be pretty simple now I can’t find it anymore.

    • I was pulling it across from your Strava settings but recently it disappeared from their API so I’ve added the settings to the “Options” section on the “Update” page.

  • Hi, great site but there’s one thing I have a question about. It’s the CSV button on several pages. Is it working?? For me it’s doing nothing, well I don’t see any results.

  • Hi!
    Great site and great addition to my training. Only just loaded all my data from Strava, but I see that I got a lot of segments that I`m really not interested in eith the import. Is i possible to delete segments for Veloviewer og do I have to do this in Strava?

    • The only way right now would be to go to Strava, hide the segments (from the activity pages) that you’re not interested it. Then delete your data in VeloViewer and reimport.

  • Ben – updated my segment list, to find a segment was ‘flagged’ – I created it, but no email incoming, and it’s still vsible on Strava – Search or Explore – weird —

    There is another segment – not mine – that is also flagged now, and /that/ one IS no longer visible. Wonder if the Flagged section is suffering some hiccups..


    • Hi Callum, There was a bit of weirdness going on with thinking segments were flagged when they’re not. Last week I made the update script a little more robust in this area and unset the “flagged” flag on all of the segments I store so it shoul db eok now. Just checked that segment and it isn’t flagged in my data. Do you still not see it in your list?

      • It was at the point where I went off to check placings/segments – said there were two Flagged segments, one definitely has been struck off (not mine, and is a narrow road, wouldn’t have felt good hammering that one, and it no longer appears in Velo Activities), one was one of mine which was a steep, techy ascent, albeit on a marked path. Appears in Velo list of Activities, and Strava still so I reckon it’s just had a wobble. Cheers!

  • Ben – quick query on the following segment — – basically there was duff data (someone had elevation problems initially I guess). It was showing as a monster ascent where it’s really quite flat. VAM rating in Veloviewer is still pretty high though, it needs refreshed / recalculated but not sure if that’s for me, you or Strava..

    cheers, Callum

    • Just needed to hit the “Update segment details” link (which I’ve done). As well as updating the elevation data that should also recalculate the KOM VAM and anyone else’s who has completed it.

      • Thanks Ben — I knew that was there now you mention it; had temp. forgotten. Will need to configure my Activities view to show VAM as it seems to have disappeared; may need to experiment with settings.

        Follow on query if I may — a couple of rides in the last few days have no Ave. Power against them, ones where I’ve logged on Endo and then exported GPX data to Strava and uploaded. Wonder if that’s causing a confusion? I’ll try an update of Activities..


        • If you “Check for new segments” then it will update your activity details with things like average power. Someone else raised this same thing so I wonder if Strava API had a blip that resulted in no power data being provided? It’s being provided now though so will be updated next time you check.

  • Ben, was out for a spin tonight and on way back, mused over a few things would be nice to see. They may not all be feasible or practical though, and I’m sure you’ve considered them.. here goes:

    Would be useful to see the bike used in segment history. From the fact that it doesn’t appear anywhere I imagine it doesn’t come across from Strava API. I’d be keen to see what effect the bike has on various segments.

    That way you could filter or sort history on time, date and bike, so seeing progression (or not).

    Similarly, if you could sort the segment history by date, then the bar chart would show the progression – and I’d be keen to see if placings / timings were tapering off, had reached a steady state, or had some way to improve.

    Rivals in segments — so if I see John D is ahead of me in 4 segments (out of 10) I’d be keen to have an indication of those segments – links or at least names..

    Finally – and I haven’t thought out what would be good here – there is a display of how many seconds (and %) you are behind the KOM. Usually the KOM is beyond me, but it’d be nice to know how far behind something nice – either a top 10 place, or top quartile, or even the next person above me (without going to Strava segment link).

    Apologies for a bit of a long and rambling post – but hope it’s food for thought.


    • Hi Callum, thanks for you ideas.
      I used to have access to each ride’s bike with the previous version of the Strava API but not with V3. As soon as I saw this omission back in April/May I asked if they could add it in but no joy I’m afraid. I’ve held off putting a manual entry for bike hoping that at some point it’ll appear in the API but its looking less and less likely. I might have to give up and add the manual entry but it would be a pain to know which rides were which. It would be good to have the option to have bike on there though either way.
      I’ve not yet added the charts to the segment history page but you can already sort those by date and the very basic bar that shows how long you took can be used to see your progress (or otherwise!) Must remember to add those on at some point.
      The reason I don’t show the list of segments on the Rivals page is purely down to performance and memory issues. The rivals generation all runs on the server and I try and keep its footprint as small as possible which means just keeping a simple count of segments. If I was to store the segment id’s as well in order to display them on completion that would be a huge increase in memory being used as it could be keeping track of 1000’s of potential rivals which finding out your top 10. Best thing is to encourage your rivals to get on VeloViewer and then you can use the “Compare” link to get a comparison of all your segments.
      On that last bit I think everyone would want something a bit different but if something gets enough interest from lots of users then I could implement it. Percentile’s based on time are impossible to calculate without knowing everyone’s time on each segment which I’m not going to do.
      Cheers, Ben

      • hey, Ben, thanks for the considered response. You’ve obviously thought these things through way before I have!

        Not a problem on any of that. Quite understand.

        The VeloViewer score section and how to bump it up got me thinking, as well, on how one could practically identify uncovered segments – probably /really/ hard to do easily, but it’d be nice to see what segments within a given radius one hadn’t covered.. But I’m not sure how one would go about that!


        • As my wife will attest, I spend far too much time thinking about all of this!
          That is exactly want I was wanting to achieve with my own version of the Segment Explorer (although for me it was just to see which categorised climbs I haven’t ridden yet in any area). Once again a bit of a stumbling block on this. The Strava API only returns the segments for each activity that are “popular” or “unhidden”, in other words it does not include the ones at the bottom of the Strava achievement list that you have to click “show hidden segments” to see. So when I first ran some queries as to what climbs I haven’t done around here it came back with some which I quite clearly had. Once again, the old API had the option to return ALL segments covered on any activity which means this wouldn’t be a problem but that is no longer available in V3 of the API.
          I’ve considered letting people manually ticking segments off to not be shown again in the explorer but the average user will just think that it is a bit rubbish or broken, as would I!
          I would still like to do this at some point but no idea how to best deal with this issue in a nice way.

      • Hi Ben,
        This is a great piece of software, thank you!

        As far as athlete comparisons go – would it be possible to add a section in Rivals for athletes you follow. I’m not sure if you can access that information or not but it would be really useful.
        So if I follow someone and they start to use VeloViewer then I can directly compare my segments with theirs?
        That way it doesn’t rely on them strictly being a Rival in way you have it defined , i.e. closest to me on the leaderboard and the segment leaders (most of those people I don’t know) but if they were a friend then I could recommend your software to them and track my progress toward mowing them down.

    • Would that be just an annual goal? In order to stay the right side of the API usage code I’m not to provide “Premium” features (like a weekly goal) no matter how basic they would be to implement. As far as I know Strava doesn’t let you set up an annual goal so that should be ok.

      • Hi Ben, I’m another that would like to see this feature. An annual climbing goal is what I’m specifically interested in but in terms of what Strava’s Premium features offer as far as I’m aware it’s only weekly time or distance, there’s no option to set any elevation goals or any annual or monthly goals of any type.

        As another quick question, am I right in assuming your YTD calculations are not based on the athlete’s time zone? I was wondering why mine where out until I realised the difference was my ride on the morning of the first of January when over half the world was still in 2012.



  • Hi Ben

    can you please bring back the gif image creator you had, that creates the glob image from the names of the segments or place you have ridden or run. i miss that 🙂

    thanks Ray

  • Hamish Simmers says:

    Hi Ben
    Great site, well done. Have noticed that in the two months I have been using your site, my VeloViewer score tends to drift upwards even when I’m not cycling, due to other people creating segments which I then get into the top 10% of, and also slower riders repeating my existing segments. Seems the average VV score for all users is likely to increase slowly over time as more and more people use Strava. How long ago did you do the VV score distribution chart, with the median score of 87.6 and upper quartile of 94.5? Suspect these values may be drifting upwards over time too. Was that easy enough to do, and would it be worth updating from time to time? Thanks a lot.

    • Checking your placings may well bring your score back down again. It does depend on where you tend to be on the leaderboard. if more people (proportionally) are appearing above you than below then you’re score will drift down. New segments will have the same affect.
      The score only really has a limited value when you get into the technicalities so don’t get too hung up on it. I’m still thinking about making some changes to the score (more about evening the distribution rather than changing how it is calculated) so I’ll create a new distribution chart after that.

  • Why does the Goole Chrome Frame window open on every Veloviewer page ? I have pop up blocker set to high?? Very annoying.

    • What browser (and version) are you using? It should only display if you are using IE8 or below (as the javascript libraries I use don’t support those old browsers)

  • Hi Ben – I’m loving VeloViewer! One quick suggestion – it would be great to see total time in hours rather than days…many of us track training periods or annual volume based on hours (e.g. I might hope to hit 500 hours this year). Yes, its a simple calculation to make the conversion, but it would be nice to glance at my hourly progress to date relative to goal. Adam

    • I’ll look into changing that. When I implemented it I wasn’t sure how best to display it. I’ll change it and see if anyone complains and then point them at you 😉

  • Hello Ben,
    in Starva, you can be a member of a club; it would be very nice, if you expand the veloviewer functions with Club stats!

    • Strava have recently added some club stats to their pages. On VeloViewer I only have easy access to the data of people using VeloViewer so if I tried to do a club stats page then it would only be made up from those people in the club who use VeloViewer. Not sure if that is good enough?

      • Ben, just a(nother) thought but have you considered setting up a VW club in Strava? Not to bring us additional functionality but to give you well deserved recognition and new members. You have a lot of goodwill amongst your regular users which by us joining could really help spread the message.

  • Hi Ben, I’m really enjoying Veloviewer. Here is a hopefully simple feature request. I’d like to filter by Bike. I got a new bike recently and would like to view the stats just for it.

    • Bike used to be provided in the old Strava API but unfortunately it isn’t available in the new one (they switch ed off the old API back in June I think). I’ve asked for it to be added back in but until then it isn’t available I’m afraid.

  • Hi Ben. Is there a reason why my scoring segments exceed 100 when I go to the “segments” page and choose “scoring” as a filter? I get 216 scoring segments rather than a cap of 100. Thanks a lot for the great site.

    • I don’t currently have a way to cap the number of segments listed in the lists when applying filters so you have to just view the top 100 (or less if your score is made up from under 100) when ordered by position score.

  • Neat app, but missing a key field for me: which bike I am riding. With a race bike, tandem, and a fixie it would be very helpful for me to sort out the other bikes when comparing ride stats.

    Any chance of getting this added?

    • its on the way now that data is included in the Strava API. It will be included in the next major update to the site in the next week or so.

  • HI Ben. ive just discovered the Veloviewer site.Its a brilliant concept, Much appreciated to see the analyses.
    Best wishes
    Chris jones.

  • Hello.
    On the segment details page where your show PR stats do you think it might be possible to include an Average stats section?

    I’m trying to keep track of my overall performance gains/losses over time and average speed/time on segments is my best way of showing this

    e.g. I’ve been training for sprints and losing time on climbs

  • Hello Ben, another feature request… 😉

    Do you think it would be possible to allow report results to be filterable by date or period?

    I think Strava is completely missing the mark with it’s results when training totals etc reset every week on a calendar day i.e. Monday.

    Sure – I know it’d be nice to have an all time KOM etc but personally I compare results more for the day ridden (24 hours) then I know weather and road conditions are similar. “This week” & “this month” are also of interest but frankly “this year”? – Too much can change in a year – weather, road surface, traffic volumes etc etc.

    I train and monitor my workload for how many miles etc I’ve done this week (rolling 7 days) and this month (rolling 28 days) so I can watch out for cumulative miles/effort, look out for overtraining and plan some recovery rides/time off.

    Finally (“thank God” I hear you cry), I also know my times per segment/course will also change based on time of year

    e.g. some segments I know I can’t safely ride in Autumn/Winter, others are
    always going to be harder in Spring due to headwinds/whatever so being
    able view historical data for a segment and times I’ve achieved on it
    now and in the same month/period in years past would be v interesting…

    What do you think?


    • It sounds like the the guys at Strava are looking into adding back in the ability to get a segment leaderboard for a specific date or date range so once that is in place then I should be able to provide that for you.

  • On the summary page could you add the Run filter for “Type:” Currently there are the choices for All or Ride. I can currently look at the values for All, write them down, then toggle Ride and subtract those values to get my Run data…but it would be nice to actually see it on the screen.

    • what’s your strava id (or just your veloviewer summary URL)? You should see a filter button for each of the activity types you have done so it sounds like you should have a run and ride button along with the all button.Once I’ve got your id I can take a look to see why you don’t see it.

  • Hi Ben,
    Great site, and appreciate the amount of work that goes into it. Is it possible to overlay the Veloviewer score on the summary graph/accumilator?

  • Hi Ben,

    I just started running with Strava (as a cyclist). I read that Veloviewer also works with runs, but mine aren’t showing. Am I doing something wrong? Kind regands, Joost 381555

  • On the summary view, it would be nice with an option to remove indoor trainer kilometers from distance. It would be easier to compare seasons that way.

  • Hey Ben, great work on the segment view…so much more useful than Strava’s efforts. However, in my quest to determine how much a climb is going to hurt me, I still find myself doing mental arithmetic and guessing distances based on your graphs. While the gradient view and gradient distances chart give great visual overview representations of the climb, I think what I am ultimately looking for is a simple statement, and that is: X kms greater than Y %. For example, in a given climb there might be: 5k greater than 7%, 3.5k greater than 8% and 1.5k greater than 10%. For the average climb this is usually enough for me to determine the level of hurt coming my way. (P.S. I realise this information is available by summing the area under the gradient distances chart but it would be nice to have it done for me). Cheers.

  • Just got the new update and the speeds are all way out, It is reporting speeds up to 2132 mph
    Help – can this be fixed please

  • hi ben.

    a little detail maybe:

    at segments page when we see the list and map at the same time, list goes all the way down, but map is still, so we can’t see the segments below on the list and the map at the same time. maybe a scroll for the list or a moving map could be more useful.

    and at the same page; when we move the cursor on a segment from the map, always the first segment from the list is highlighted.

    • I’ll look into the scrolling the map/chart down. Tried and failed to have a two way scrolling table so not going to try that again.
      Hit Refresh on either the activities or segments page and that highlighting issue should be fixed.

  • Sadly not updating and showing New data – segments appear but no summary page even after cache refresh. Tom B. (Tom Bombadil)

    • what about after pressing the little refresh button next to the heading on the summary page? I’ll need you numeric id (in the VeloViewer url). Alos what is you browser and OS (inc. versions)?

  • Daniel Foster says:

    Hi Ben When I create csv of my rides I get some strange numbers like for distance I get 41765 it should be 26.9 miles, for Elv ft i get 574 should be 1937, etc. Most data is not right? Am I doing something wrong?

    • All data in the Csv export is metric despite what the headings say. All in metres and seconds with speed in m/s. Copy and paste from screen for formatted data.

      • Hi Ben, Thanks for info on csv. I’m getting strange numbers for elapsed time: say a 5 figure number instead of hr:mn:sc. Can you offer any insight into this problem?

        • Hmm. There was a bug fixed a day ago that dealt with data being in the wrong column. Try pressing the refresh button next to heading on summary page to clear your locally stored data.

          • No joy. The problem is with my spreadsheet wizard which is using a default ‘General’ or ‘Text’ rather than a ‘Time’ format. I will scratch my head for a while and consult the Excel gurus. Thanks.

  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for all the amazing changes you’ve been making to veloviewer.

    becoming a power meter user recently, I’ve noticed a little
    discrepancy. The power figure you give for each ride with a power meter
    is the ‘Avg Power’ figure, but for rides without a power meter you use
    Strava’s ‘Estimated Avg Power.’ The power meter equivalent to ‘Estimated Avg Power’ is ‘Weighted Avg Power’, not ‘Avg Power.’

    I’ve also noticed the export to CSV button seems to be broken. At least I can’t get it to work, having tested in Firefox and IE.

    Thanks again, the site is looking brilliant!

    • Hi Alain, Can you give me a link to one of your power meter’s activities in Strava? Then I’ll compare the API output with a non-power metered activity and see what I can do.

        • Looking at the Strava API output for your ride using a power meter and I can’t see the Weighted Avg being provided. Do you get to see that value when using any of the phone apps? The Apps use the same API as I do (although they have access to some API’s that I don’t) so there’s a good chance if you can see some data in the App I can lay my hands on it.

          • Ah, that’s interesting. I just checked the android app and Weighted Average Power isn’t provided, only Average and Zones. Shame it limits what you can work with here. Thanks for looking into it.

            By the way, should I be able to get a CSV export from the little CSV button at the bottom of the activities and segments pages? For some reason I can’t get this to work, though I notice it being referred to below.

            Thanks again.

  • Hi,

    Pretty much everything seems to be okay after the update now apart from one thing. On the segments page my Segment PRs (K/QOM positions) and All segments (personal positions) columns are blank apart from my 2 most recent rides. Any solution to this?

  • Hi Ben,

    A suggestion, additionally to the VeloViewer Score(global), it is possible to have a Score fore Running, Riding, ….

    • Hi, its already there. Just use the activity type filter buttons on the summary page and you’ll be shown your score for the chosen activity. Works by year too but the Score only really makes sense when looking at all years.

  • Hi

    I have just done my first update for a couple of weeks (been ill)

    My last update on the summary page I was very close to 4000 miles for 2013.

    Just looked today and it says I have only done 3200 odd.

    Any idea what might be wrong…


  • Hi,

    I have done my first update for 2 weeks (been ill) and VV is showing my total distance for 2013 as 3276. Before the update it was getting on for 4000. Looks like lots of ride’s are now missing. According to Strava I have done 3890 miles across 186 activities.
    Any idea what might be wrong?

    • The only thing that has changed recently with those totals is that I no longer include miles covered on a home trainer. Strava does include them. If this doesn’t add up for you then let me know your strava id and I’ll have a look.

      • That probably does explain it.. Is it that you don’t download the rides from an indoor trainer or just don’t count them on the summary page?
        Either way, would it possible to have an option to allow me to get them back. Use the trainer a bit over the winter and would like to have them count to my total.

        • I have looked and you do download the rides they just don’t counted on the summary page anymore. Can this be an option?

  • Hi. Just wondering why I get sent to seemingly random rides when I click on the points on the chart (Segments section). Am I missing something?

  • Hi Ben,

    I was in the pub earlier discussing the short-comings of Strava (and obviously the bete noire of multiple Strava segments came up) but we also thought that it would great if we could interrogate the Strava database to find out a) the segment leader board for the year to date and b) to have some recognition that you were K(Q)OM or 2/3 (or top 10) on a segment from one date to another.

    Firstly are either of these feasible and secondly do you think that they would enhance the VeloViewer experience – I am clear in my own mind that there is no point raising these issues with Strava directly!

    Keep up the good work.



  • Hi Ben,

    I love using your segment view, sorted by “when” to get an idea if I’m getting fitter and faster or not…

    It occurred to be that a graph of veloviewer score over time could be a nice visual indicator of this… ( hint hint 😉 ).

    • I think I need to add an extra check to make this more reliable but for now you should:
      1. visit the update and it will automatically check for deleted activities and remove them from my database.
      2. Go to any of your pages and click the Refresh button next to the page header to clear your locally cached data.

      That should sort it. I’ll add a check that will do #2 automatically at some point.

  • Hi Ben,

    With the recent update could it have changed how Veloviewer deals with Stationary Trainer rides. I did my first Turbo ride for a while and loaded to Strava and it has not updated to veloviewer. Where previous trainer rides did.

    Activity 94561525

    ID 146541

    Not really a big deal but might be a bug or just a glitch with this one.



  • Awesome new toy – thanks for sharing it Ben.
    I can’t make the wheel custom dates work (an error message ‘the maximum time between dates is one year’ in dd/mm/yy format, even in the same month (although I’d like five weeks over two months). Am I doing something wrong?

  • Hi Ben – I’ve been using Veloviewer for a while….it’s excellent, well done! I’ve noticed that my summary page now seems to exclude my turbo rides in the totals and graphs – is this a deliberate thing? I’m pretty sure that it used to?
    Thanks, Dan

  • Hi Ben,

    I love VeloViewer and it’s amazing how much you have developed it in recent months. A massive well done! Now here comes the however… 🙂

    One thing that I would like to see is my progress on segments by year to see if I am performing better year on year.

    Ideally this would take a table form where the rows show the segments and the columns show each year. A segment would only be shown if it has been ridden in at least 2 years (not necessarily consecutive). The table would highlight your best effort (different cell colour for example).

    The segments that you have ridden for the most number of years appear at the top of the table. A summary line could show you the number of ‘best’ times for each year shown.

    As well as actual best times it would also be cool to have an average version. This would show the same data but provide an average time for the segment for each year… maybe filtering out really slow times where you’ve had a mechanical or had some other kind of delay.

    I kind of do this manually at the moment but find it a good indication (depending on the type of segment) of how well I am climbing or sprinting for that year. The average version would be particularly useful in this regard.

    Once again, a massive well done Ben. I hope you know how much your efforts are appreciated by us users.


  • You are so awesome! Great Strava stuff! Maybe we can get own challenges by VeloViewer? Segments with expiring date, group segments and so on!

  • Peter [] says:

    I really love the recent additions on the Summary page, but I have a small suggestion. I think it would be better to use a different colourmap for the fill colour of daily squares in the calendar view (which is an extremely cool addition, btw). Now the colours go from dark green (e.g., shortest rides) to dark red (e.g., longest rides), but in between there are shades light shades of green, yellow (e.g., medium distances) and red, some of which, especially the light yellow are almost impossible to distinguish from the white cells with no activities (sadly I have a few of those too here and there). It would be more appropriate to choose a colourmap which does not contain light colours, or where shading is going from lighter do darker colours. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Ben, your site is such a fantastic data analysis tool. I just have one suggestion that may make personal history on a segment more useful for tracking progress. If you could add a scatter plot to the segment history page, that would make it much easier to visualise improvements or form drops.

  • This is pretty minor, but it seems that you use “ml” as an abbreviation for mile. I’ve always seen “mi” everywhere else in my life.

  • Hi,
    My summary page (Occasionally) shows that I have a ride with no bike, denoted by the N/A in the bike list. When I click on the N/A bike there is indeed a ride indicated but when I click on that link Strava says there is no ride there… Sometimes after an update the N/A bike goes away and then sometimes it comes back. Could it be haunted???

  • Ben, veloviewer is getting better and better, i am specially a big fan of the Wheel. Now i know you do everything from Strava, but i instead of making a representation of what i did ride, i would like to make a wheel-presentation of what ‘i am going to ride’. Would it be possible in the future to upload gpx-files for my wheel outside of my strava files?

  • Thanks so much for providing this amazing resource for Strava data junkies! I noticed that about a month or so ago, my KOM count on VeloViewer is now lower than my KOM count on Strava. I rechecked each each KOM stat on Strava to make sure that they were still valid, which they are. I have deleted my data and reloaded but the same problem persists. I am not sure if others have this issue. Thanks for providing this great site and service!

    • Hi BB. This disappearance of KOM’s on VeloVIewer was due to a tightening of the logic around auto-hiding of segments by Strava, probably linked to the new version of their ride details page. Now, more of the less “popular” segments are automatically hidden when you view your activity on Strava. The Strava API that I use only retrieves the list of “popular” (or un-hidden) segments so if some of your KOM’s aren’t in that list then they won’t appear in your VV lists/stats. If you unhide those KOM’s in Strava when viewing your PR’s activity then the next time you check for new segments VeloVIewer will pick them up.

  • Mozilla Firefox still doesn’t show the summary page, activities or segments. It’s stuck at “loading data, please wait”. I’ve switched to using Explorer, but now the new rides (since Nov 15) don’t show up in my summary page, activities and segments, even though I uploaded them successfully. What now?

  • Mark McMullan says:

    Ben, the site is brilliant, and keeps getting better.
    How about a page showing the segments that are bringing my Veloviewer score down? Used to love the graphs too, so a comback would be epic…

    • There is a Score config on your segments page that filters and orders your segments to those that can make up your score. The top 100 (or less depending on how many segments currently make up your score) can easily be seen. Those approaching position 100 are holding your score back the most. Either attack these or potentially better still look further down the list and go for those with the most athletes and hence the higher potential Score.
      Which charts in particular?

  • Hello Ben. I like the veloviewer score, it makes me ride with more ambition.

    But, when I filter my score with my road bike, that I’m using till April 2013, my all rides score and 2013 rides score are different. But it shouldn’t be. when I choose all it says “From 42 of 169 segments.” when I choose 2013 it says “From 33 of 131 segments.” But in fact segment count is the same, because I didn’t use the bike in 2012. I think there is a little mistake about this filtering.

  • Hi Ben, Veloviewer just keeps getting better and better.

    I have a suggestion for an additional column on the Segments page. A 1st attempted date (or date it was a new segment for you)…

    I like to try out new routes and increasing the number of segments I’ve ridden (1,100 so far) and then taking a look at whether I’m anywhere near competitive on them – or just embarrassingly slow.

    On the upload template it lists the new segments, but they disappear once you move away from that tab and it’s not easy to replicate them on the Segments page (you can get close by filtering Tries to 1 and filtering ride dates but it’s not easy)


    • One more thing. ..

      Could we get a tab called ‘locality’ which lists all the segments starting or finishing within a certain distance of where you are (say 5 miles).

      That way you could see which segments near you were the most popular and which ones you have yet to do.

      Conscious it could be very heavy on processing power, but just a thought.

  • I’m not sure if it’s already available (apologies if so, I couldn’t find it), would it be possibly to group rides by route and compare them? For instance I have a selection of four or five routes that I ride regularly and I’d like some way of comparing my own performance on each of them, maybe as a distance-time graph or similar.

    Very impressed with the site. It improves Strava no end. Thanks

  • Awesome site!
    Could the elevation be removed on the activity view if it is a indoor trainer ride(both data and chart tab)?

  • Ben – Many thanks for all your efforts. Love the data and the visualizations! I just made a small donation – keep it up!

  • Is there some way we can update an activity? E.g.: It takes some time for Strava to calculate the elevation. If you already used the update button, it appears as if you have an elevation of 0m.

  • Hi and thx for your super stats strava tool but “Backcountry ski” category is just ignored. Can you please update this in your Strava data load ?

    • what’s your Strava id and I’ll take a look? Make sure that the activity type is selected in the options section on the update page.

      • Thx, this new activity was not checked by default in the update page. Now it’s done for my Strava id 1708912.

  • Poop de Ville says:

    Hey Ben, thanks for your work on VeloViewer, one thing I’ve noticed is that the stacking order of years on the progress chart should be reversed. The oldest years are above the newer ones and 2014 is not visible.

  • Any chance of a category based VeloViewer Score? Being well over 65 having it computed against 20 yr olds (even 40 yr olds) makes it a bit irrelevant. Whilst it will reduce the number of riders in the mix, it would be a little more useful. Or alternatively a ‘allowance’ (fudge factor) for age.

  • Club data!
    Hi Ben,
    strava doesnt show a lot of data about the created Clubs in Strava. There is only a leaderboard for the “Last Week” and “This week”. I miss the monthly Leaderbord or the Leaderborad of the year….. a lot of oppertunities! Perhaps, you extend Veloviewer with these informaton in future.
    Best regards from the south of germany!

    • Hi Franz
      I only have the data for those who have synced with veloviewer so a good chance I wouldn’t have all the data necessary to build a club leaderboard. Not something I’m looking into doing I’m afraid.

  • Martijn 1273259 says:

    Hi Ben,
    When I go to the ‘Update’ page and click “get new activities” VV still goes checking all my placings and new segments. Not a big problem te me (though it’s a bit time-consuming) but I guess it puts a high load on the Strava API (which might piss Strava off?)
    VV still rocks, keep up the good work!
    Regards, Martijn

  • If a segment has a grade of -0.1%, does it count towards my VeloViewer score? There are some lapped segments I have and I don’t understand why the grade is -0.1% when they start and end at the same point. Thank you for everything you do!

  • Is it possible to reintroduce the colour coding on the position change field on the segments page as it was really useful? Thanks. and great site!

  • Hi Ben. Thanks so much for the truly excellent site. Perhaps you can answer a question: a ride that used to appear in my palmares here on VV has disappeared! It’s showing on Strava, it’s not private, it has no flagged segments, nothing to give me a clue. It’s only a little ride, but it does include a segment on which I once held my sole KoM, so it has sentimental value! Any ideas? My Athlete No is 275960 and the ride was 12 Sep 2012.



  • Can’t get to my summary page. It tells me there’s no data & to update. I do that, but still the summary page says no data. I’m using a mac & cleared my cache. Still nothing.

    • Potentially I could pull data from other sites but obviously there would then be no segments. In order to get the segment data I’d still need to get data direct from Strava rather than having it pushed in via a service like tapiriik. I have been thinking about this kind of thing if people think my site is good enough to stand alone from Strava without the segments pages.

    • Added a bunch more splits so moved the columns to the right hand side. If you “Get everything” then these will all be populated for your runs.

      • HI Ben, sorry I am new here and not sure how to “get everything” I noticed I can scroll across and see these but viewing is difficult. Can I create a default view and remove columns?

        • On the Update page Troilus find the large “Get everything” button.
          Currently you can’t create your own column configurations I’m afraid but it is almost at the top of my todo list! I’ll pull them back to the left of the segments on the run config when I get chance later.

  • what happened! my score drooped from 56 to 49 from yesterday to today, and the segments taken in account changed from the maximum 100 to 91!!

    • every time that i do a “get everything” my activities are “losing” segments, i have confirmed in Strava, and they are there, but they disappear from the segments in the activity in VeloViewer, something in wrong in the site.

      • Strava increased the number of auto-hidden segments a while back but some people are reporting that this may have happened again (or just to a different set of users?). VeloViewer only pulls across “unhidden” segments and will remove any newly hidden segments from your list. Two things to check:
        1. On the Strava site go to one of your activities that includes a PR for a segment that is now missing from VeloViewer. Have a look in the segment list and see if that segment is included in the “show hidden segments” section. If it is then unhide it and the next time that activity is checked for new segments it will be picked back up again (there is an update button on the summary tab of the activity details page in VeloViewer to check for any updates or changes in segments at any time).
        2. If the segment appeared above the hidden segments on Strava then go to your update page on VeloViewer and click the “Show my flagged segments”. Sometimes segments can get marked as flagged in VeloVIewer incorrectly. Pressing the refresh button next to any of those segments will check to see if they are flagged or not.
        After either of the above you’ll need to check for changes to your placings.

        Let me know how you get on.

        • i have noticed that te totla segments in the summary page is diferent from the total segments in the segments page.

          • It appears all of your segment efforts have changed (i.e. their unique identifier from Strava has changed) which means that the link between your efforts becomes broken until a full data update is performed.
            I don’t know why this is happening at Strava’s end. Have you perhaps changed your privacy zones in Strava recently?
            I’ve updated your data so it is back making sense again.
            (note: the number of segments that make up your score will always be less than your total number of segments as downhill segments are not included).

          • yes i have changed my privacy. i think that i don’t have that number of downhill (128), is impossible.
            In the future if i change the privacy, everything will be broken again?

          • “Downhill” is any segment that has a gradient of < -0.25% so often not true descents as such, just ones that finish a bit lower than they started.

          • hopefully my change to the logic should now handle this scenario so fingers crossed it’ll be ok if the same thing happens again in the future.

          • no idea why those id’s have been updated then. I can see where this scenario wasn’t been catered for in my code so I’ve made a tweak. You should also be able to get all of your placings on the update page to rectify things (I’ve reset the timer for when everyone can recheck your places). Let me know if that sorts it.

          • Wesley Van den Berg says:

            Its sorted now… less of a “winter dent” in my VV score… that scared me 🙂 Thanks as always!

          • The get everything button will only check those activities that it hasn’t recently checked so not all activities are checked every time. I went into your PR’s activity details for that segment and clicked the update button on the summary tab and it pulled across that segment along with a few others.

          • I got exactly the same… Can’t find it in the hidden or flagged solution (did unhide some stuff, but didn’t have time to view all my Strava rides tbh)….

    • I dropped from 99.5 to 99.2 and couldn’t figure out what dropped. Thought it was just me losing places due to winter storms but maybe something else changed yesterday…

  • Hi Ben,
    Firstly what a brilliant site, cant get enough of viewing my data on here. I know your site is more geared towards cycling, but wondered if there were any plans to have different splits for running? So maybe extending to include best 100, 200 etc appreciate you cant include every distance, so maybe just the distances that are evented? 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500? Helpful for see improvements in reps for training.
    Could maybe remove some of the larger ones or just rearrange so the columns increase in distance as you go across?

    Anyway excellent site, thank you

    • Hi Jamie,
      Those splits I currently show are calculated and provided by Strava. When uploading your data from Strava to VeloViewer I just capture the values provided by Strava and don’t actually get the data streams for any activity until you view the details of an activity itself. I could at that point calculate and store whatever splits (check out the splits tab on the activity details page) but if you’ve got a few hundred activities then that would be quite a chore!
      So basically no, unless Strava provide some more splits via their API what you currently see is all you’re going to get.

      • No Problem, thanks for the prompt reply. Well just have to make more mental notes on times. Thanks again.

  • Brian Ogilvie says:

    I discovered that a bunch of my Strava activities had been saved with the wrong bike. I corrected them in Strava, but after a couple of updates, VeloViewer still has the wrong gear listed for some of them (I think they’re all manually entered activities, if that matters). Is there a way to force an update of those activities? I could also delete all my activities and then reload them, but I don’t want to waste the bandwidth if it’s unnecessary.

    Thanks for your work on the site!

    • Yeah. Go to each activity’s details page and select the summary tab. On there you will find an update button. That should do it.

      • Brian Ogilvie says:

        Thanks for your reply! Manually entered activities on Strava don’t seem to have an update button on the summary tab, though; I see it only on activities that were entered from a FIT file. However, with the passage of another few days, the changes that I made on Strava have now propagated to VeloViewer.

        On an unrelated note, activities that were transferred from my Garmin Edge 800 have accurate data in the summary tab except for the date, which reads, “When: 0NaN-NaN-NaN”. It appears correctly in the column view of activities, though.

  • I’m wondering if VV also picks Strava workouts set to “private”. Does it? It doesn’t seem so to me. Thanks! VV is great! Rgds axti

  • I Love veloviewer <3 thank you, and I know you probably have way more to do than time to do it but one feature I'd like to see would be an overlay comparison of two rides on the activity or segment "data" and "charts" tabs, that would be awesome.

  • Hi Ben, I am new to Veloviewer but it is a great tool you have written, however I am not sure I am using it correctly as it seems to filter activities and cant see the recent ones, it only shows upto 24-Jan and no february rides. my profile is I wonder if you took take a look or advise how I can remove the date filter, many thanks Paul

    • Hi Paul
      Looking on Strava you only seem to have 7 rides, all of which are in VeloViewer. Can you post a link to one of the rides on Strava that is missing?

  • Thanks for all your work on VeloViewer Ben, I normally come straight here rather than Strava to look at my data!

    Not sure if this is the right place for feature requests, but it’d be nice to be able to put a mileage target on the summary page plot, just a straight line from 0 at Jan 1st to your personal target at Dec 31st. This would make it easy to see if I’m getting behind (or ahead – ha!) on my mileage at any point.



  • Hi, When I check my segments, I have about 10 more KoMs on Strava than VV. I have updated everything and some of the missing ones I have done many times. Do you know why?
    Loving your work!!

    • Segments are probably hidden on your Strava activities. Just unhide and then check for new segments and they’ll reappear in VeloViewer.

  • Hi Ben – love VeloViewer, but was just wondering if you can get some other data from the Strava API. For example when looking at my runs on here, I have Estimated Best Efforts for a lot of distances, but not for 2 miles or 5 miles. I know Strava do keep this data, although they don’t show it on your profile page, you only get to see it on the run page if you get a new PB. Is this data something you could show in VeloViewer, or is it just not something the API provides?

    • I seem to have missed the 2 Mile best for some reason so that been added in (next time you check for new segments it’ll pull those across). The API doesn’t provide a 5 mile best though.

      • Thanks Ben. I’ve just run a full update and can now see my 2 mile times on some of my activities, but not all of them. ID’s 113104586, 110351577 and 115176800 all seem to be missing this time, even though I’ve gone in and clicked Update Activity in the Summary tab. Any ideas?
        Ignore that – just refreshed the page a second time and they now appear. Must have been cached data!

  • two of my activities don’t appear in the map. They don’t apear on the “wheel” either. I uploaded both from GPX files, and the same day (21st or february).
    The do appear on strava and on veloviewer activities list.

    How can I made them to appear in the map and the wheel?


  • HI,

    I really like this program, thanks for providing…

    I’ve got a question. When I update it’s get’s all ran segments from Strava, also the private ones. I wonder if it’s possible to have those excluded….? Also is it possible to split activities? Like into races and training. I would like to compare with runners from around my home town and only training activities.



    • Hi Finn
      No problem.

      Uncheck the “Also get your private activities” box in the options section of the update page to remove your private activities from VeloViewer.

      The only way you could split activities like that would be to name your activities to add something like “#RACE#’ in each of your racing activities and then you could filter for those in the activities list. That isn’t going to help you in comparing with others though.

      • Ben,

        Thanx, for answering this quick.

        I thought of unchecking the private activities, but I interpreted activities as the whole run. Do I understand correctly that by unchecking private activities, my run will show but just not that particular (private) segment. (so other ‘shared’ segments in the same run will show?)

        Thing is I have a large (private) segment that I use to indicate progression. As I’m the only one running this once in a while as part of a bigger run it’s not something I use as a challenge, nor is it to others.

        For the second answer:
        Good suggestion, but I don’t understand why it wouldn’t help me in comparing with others. I like to compare myself with others in training circumstances. While we’re not all running the same routes and distances, segments come in handy for comparing. My achievements in races will show in the results.


        • The private option is just whether private activities are downloaded and stored by VeloViewer. Private segments will be available irrespective of that setting. So if you have private segments but no private activities then that setting will make no difference for you. There is no way filter out private segments at the moment.
          My thinking around why it might not work for filtering out racing efforts is that if your PR is from a race then filtering out the activity name with #RACE# in the title will just remove it from the list and not show your best non-racing effort if you’ve also completed that segment whilst training. Might not be a problem though.

          • Ben,

            Thanx for thinking along, maybe an idea for a new feature, keeping private segments private whilst including the activity itself.

            I’ll work with the collecting private activities and settings in Strava itself.


          • Ah, I didn’t realise that private segments were being displayed to other people when they looked at your data (if you allow people to view your data via the options – private activities have always been hidden from others). I’ve tweaked the code so now only you should get to see your private segments even if you’ve shared your data and if they are on public activities.

  • Johan Barelds says:

    Hi Ben,
    First of all: thanks for this fantastic site!
    Furthermore a question on the signature. When i create a signature is produces an image which almost has the width of a page, while most of the time the graph and numbers are located on only a small part of the left.
    Because the width of the image, it doesn’t fit properly in blog columns.
    Is it possible to make the width of the image dynamic and according the graph/text wich is on it?
    Thanks for considering and thanks again for this superb site!

    Gr Johan Barelds

    • Hi Johan, Just change the “Number of columns” (and “Number of rows” if necessary) to get the image to the size you want then grab the new code for it.

  • Ben, for one of my running activities, there’s a huge discrepancy
    between the “best mile” time appearing on the “Your Activities” page,
    and the mile time given under that activity for “best splits.” I’ve
    noticed there are frequently differences of a second or two, but in this
    case the difference is 38s. The “best splits” page appears to be the
    correct one. This is the only activity I’ve noticed having such a
    discrepancy. Any idea what’s up? Here’s the activity:

    • That’s interesting. I’ve never actually compared those two sets of values before. The ones on the “Best splits” tab are my own calculations whereas the splits listed in the activities list come from Strava via their API. If there is an issue with those numbers in the activities list then the only thing to do would be for you to raise an issue with Strava as I take it you see the same values on their run details page?
      To be honest I thought someone would raise a discrepancy at some point but thought it would have been my calculations that were found to be in the wrong!

      • I’m not Strava Premium, so as far as I know I only see Strava’s calculations of my best times on a run (as opposed to split times) when I run a top 3 time for a distance. If you hear from more people in this regard, and Strava doesn’t do anything about it, perhaps you could replace the times in the activity list with those you calculate. In any event, your calculations look correct. Thanks for a great site.

        • I am a premium member on Strava and I can’t see those splits on their run details page. Available via API for all users so guess it isn’t restricted.
          I can only calculate the best splits once I have the whole data set for your run which only happens when you open it up. Its not feasible to calculate them in bulk as it would mean getting and processing a huge amount of data.

    • They should all be there. Make sure you’ve sync’ed all your latest activities on the Update page. If you’re still not seeing them then let me know your Strava ID (number).

  • Simon 276372
    Hi Ben, I just reclassified some of my Strava entries, from Work out to rides. Only thing is that Veloviewer does not seem to pick this up and reclassify them. Can it do this? Alternatively, could I just delete all of my data and then re-upload?
    Thanks and regards,Simon

  • i’m fairly new to VV and I’m already hooked, can you solve some confusion for me though as to why some segments don’t update? ie: number of tries at ? and PR a now outdated time (confirmed updated correctly on strava)
    Thank you…

    • Good to hear it! Currently VeloViewer only pulls in unhidden segments from your Strava activities. Which segments are hidden by Strava on each activity is a based on a number of factors but ultimate means that different segments can be shown/hidden on each activity. The result of this is that VeloViewer is only aware of the unhidden attempts on your segments. You can always go into Strava and unhide segments on your activities and then they will be pulled in. I’ll be extending VeloViewer at some point to change the way all this works to make life easier for you all!
      Remember that VeloViewer doesn’t automatically update your data as you add activities to Strava. You need to goto the VV Update page to keep the data in sync.

  • On the Your Segments page there’s a “Dist Away” field, but for me it just shows n/a for all segments. I assume it’s for some kind of distance from a home location? How does it get activated and populated with data? Thanks!

    • When you first loaded up VeloViewer’s activities or segments page you should have been prompted to share your location. If you allowed it then that column will be populated with the distance to the start of each segment.
      In Google Chrome (I’m sure other browsers have something similar) at the right hand end of the address bar, just to the left of the favourites star, should be a little target icon. Click on that and change the settings to allow use of your location for this site. Refresh the page and you should see those values become populated. Let me know how you get on.

    • It can take a few seconds to update but after changing the number of rows and/or columns it will redraw the image on the signature page. If you still have a problem let me know your strava id and what browser you are using.

  • Callum Sword says:

    hi Ben. A curious one this. I have several rides in the system, since the turn of the year. If on two out of my three usual bikes, there is a power listed in the activities list within VV. If on dRjOn, no power listed – and yet it’s there in Strava.. Maybe some quirk of changing the bike after uploading? Athlete ID 224778..

    • Looks like the odd one of those rides doesn’t have power on Strava but pressing the “Update Activity” button on the summary tab of the activity details page seems to populate the average power values where available. Maybe Strava hadn’t calculated them by the time you synced to VeloViewer?
      For some reason you have to press the refresh button next to the page heading of the activities list to flush your local storage after you’ve updated an activity in this way. Not sure why as yet!