Known Issues

This is a list of the current known issues with the site:

Optimistic placings – FIXED!

The placings can be slightly optimistic on short segments as the Strava API currently has a bug ignoring athletes with tied times (e.g. First 3 people are tied on 50 seconds for a segment, you are in 4th place on 51 seconds, currently the Strava API returns your placing as 2nd but when you look on Strava at that segment you will be in 4th). Hopefully this will be fixed by Strava at some point but might not be till the new year. All other stats are fine though.

4th Dec – Now fixed. Go update all your placings to get correct placings.

Improved time but not improved placing showing up as new segment

If you beat your PR but your placing doesn’t change then the Update screen will report the segment as a new segment. There are technical reasons why this is being a tricky one to resolve due to the way the batches of rides are loaded up in your initial data load. As this is a bit of an edge case scenario and doesn’t result in any data going missing or failure to report the change I’m going to leave it as it is until the V3 API is released as this will probably need rewriting anyway.

Blank VAM/Relative Power on categorised climbs

Not quite sure how these are getting in there but if you order your segment list by climb category and you see some categorised climbs with no VAM or relative power then click the segment name (or Ctrl+ Click to open in new tab so you don’t lose your place) and click the bottom link: “Update segment details”. This will sort the values back out for you.

Zero elevation gain

Once again, not sure why this is happening but the same resolution as for the blank VAM/RP described above except order by Elevation Gain and page through your segments to show any that are 0.

Crashing Chrome on iPad

For some reason the site can crash Chrome on the iPad. Works fine on Chrome on the desktop and unfortunately there appears to be no way (that I am aware of) to debug Chrome on the iPad so if you are experiencing this then best to switch back to Safari. Having said that I have only had it crash the once in Chrome on my iPad but other users have it crashing all the time. Sounds like bugs in the browser to me but likely we’ll never be able to find out.


More of a known limitation rather than an issue. Currently there is no way for me to:

  1. know if you’re a lady
  2. get a QOM ranking even if I did know!

So for you ladies out there, I’m afraid your placings are, as for the gents, out of everone.

When adding rides new segments being shown when actually they should be changes to existing placings

Sometimes (I’m not sure under what circumstances), when adding rides containing new PR’s for existing segments they show up as new segments in the update history rather than improvements to your placing. I’ll be looking into this one the 1st chance I get.

Characters will accents displaying very strangely in CSV exports

Appologies for this but not sure how I can fix that. Hopefully you’re more interested in the numbers in the exports rather than the names!

Update issues when using Safari browser

I’ve had a report that the plaing updates often results in the timeout error. If you’re getting this then the only advice I’ve got for ya is to try the latest version of a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, IE).


If you have come across other issues with the site then please let me know giving details of your problem and your Strava ID. Thanks!

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  • Hey, great stuff here, one item of feedback on the position % on the segments tab. When you’re a KOM, it should say 100%, but it’s showing numbers less than that. I assume your formula is (total riders-position)/total riders. If you’re KOM, your 1st position, so the percentage is for example 99% for a segment with 100 riders. You should change this percentage to (total riders – position +1)/total riders .

    • Thanks for your comment. An interesting topic that ot would be good to get some more opinions on.
      I’m sure, mathematicaly speaking you are right but in doing so you will loose a very useful comparative value between your segment placings.
      E.g following your logic, if you are 10th place out of 100 then the % pos would be 91% but to be 1st place out of 1 rider you would be 100%. I’m sure people would hold more value in that 10th place over the 1st (or at least they should!)
      As the code stands now, if you order by % pos then you get your segments based on ranking “importance”.
      People (prior to switching the % pos value to the bigger the better) were using their best values of this column as a gauge of their performance. Changing the logic as you suggest will take that comparison away.
      Personally i’d rather keep the logic as it Rena in order to keep this valuable comparison but maybe renaname it to something more appropriate.
      What do people think?

      • I see what you’re getting at… it’s more like a score of the quality of your result… it should be renamed, but I’m not certain what to call it. Maybe call it ‘Grade’ like on a paper in school, they are all scored in percentages in a similar way.

  • I get a 4.2 “slow internet” alert. When I acknowledge, I immediately get another. It’s hogging my Safari focus. I then need to go into activity monitor and kill the process.

    • Yeah, sorry about that. I need to just kill the process as soon as the first of those crops up. I thought it could cope with one call not working and still submit the rest of the data but in reality as soon a you get one error message it always triggers heaps more.

  • hey, when checking for deleted segments, i usually get a popup saying that X segments have been deleted. but sometimes it would be nice to know which segments were deleted (i.e. the names of those segments).

    • Hmmm, I delete all info on flagged and deleted segments including descriptions so don’t have anything that useful to show you. the only thing I store is the ids for those segments and if you view the source of your update page you’ll see a list called “badSegments” I think. You can take these ids and paste them into strava url for a segment (e.g. // and find out what they were.
      I can’t think of anything any more useful for you right now I’m afraid.

      • Wouldn’t it be fairly easy to just print the names of the segments right before deleting them? I mean, do the procedure in the opposite order?

        Anyway, thanks for keeping this great service!

        Another issue:
        Some forums will not allow the BBcode signature you’ve made, since they need the address to end with a graphics extension in order to recognize it as an image. Maybe you’d like to post an advice about adding “?a=b.gif” at the end of the URL?
        A shorter version of the URL would also be useful for those forums that have restrictions to the signature length (number of characters).


        • It should be easy enough but the flagged/deleted segments names would only appear in the confirmation popup dialog. I’ll try and find time to make the change.
          Thanks for info on signature image. I’m not a regular in the forums so I’m not aux fait with those kind of variations. I’ll see what I can do.

        • ok, I’ve altered the update history to now record and show the names of removed segments (flagged or deleted). Only works from this date forwards though I’m afraid.

    • Hiya, are some of the links to RaceShape wrong? Which ones? Not quite sure what you mean. The links to RaceShape are now available from the Segment Details page on the History tab, your PR effort in the history should link straight to a RaceShape comparison with the KOM, all other efforts in the history should link straight to RaceShape for a comparison of the context effort against your own PR.
      RaceShape is also linked from the new Ride Details page on the Segments tab, all comparing to the KOM. That is how it should be working anyway. Can you be more specific?

  • I get “err 1b: Oops! There was a problem, sorry.” when i try to upload for the first time. This is using Chrome and Firefox.

    • Hosting company is playing silly beggars again and blocking access to the Strava API. I’ve switch the server the API so give it another go.

  • I am really loving the theme/design of your website. Do you ever run into any internet
    browser compatibility issues? A couple of my blog visitors have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks
    great in Opera. Do you have any ideas to help fix this

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