To Do List

This is my to-do list for VeloViewer, mainly so I don’t forget what people have asked for. The odd suggestion that excites me might jump the queue but basically this is the priority of what I’m doing when I get time.

  1. Updates to Ride Details:
    1. Speeds in graphs
    2. Time spent at each speed
    3. Average speed at each gradient
  2. Store order and paging settings between visits (segment and ride lists)
  3. Updates to signature image:
    1. Target yearly distance.
    2. Best VAM, RP by climb category (e.g. HC: 1076/3.91, 1st: 661/2.44, 2nd: 1139/4.17, 3rd: 1776/5.68, 4th: 2104/6.57).
    3. Completed challenge badges
  4. Commute and calories burnt column for rides
  5. Last ridden column on segments
  6. Filters on the Segment List page
  7. Filters on the Ride List page
  8. Hide unwanted segments.
  9. Resizing of columns in tables
  10. View your (kom/all/filtered) segments on a map
  11. Add mean and standard deviation (or median?) to summary charts
  12. Compare 2 of your own, identical rides (including segments).
  13. Time gap to next position up leaderboard.
  14. Time gap and date of last change of person immediately below in leaderboard. Has anyone recently just failed to take your KOM.
  15. Add the total number of times the context rider has ridden on each segment in list. – not going to be easy this one so pushing down the list.
  16. Club totals.
  17. Location awareness so the segment list can be ordered by those segments closest to where you are.
  18. V3 of Strava API.
  19. Running. I haven’t used Strava for running (yet) so not sure what makes sense to do. I will certainly look into it though (waiting for V3 Strava API).
  20. Heartrates (waiting for V3 Strava API) + training zones.
  21. QOM (waiting for V3 Strava API).
  22. Strava club leaderboards including embed code for external sites.
  23. VeloFlow a selection of your own rides with an option to zero the start times.


Why comparison of your data with other riders isn’t on the list…

This one crops up enough in your suggestions to warrant an explanation here. One of the conditions to using the Strava API is very likely to be that I am not to display any data from people who haven’t given me explicit authority to do so. The agreed exception to this is the KOM times (and the calculated KOM VAM and Relative Power values). My full implementation of the changes required for this will need to wait until the release of Strava’s V3 of their API (set for the new year I believe).

What this means for you users is:

  • You will be required to authenticate (login) to a Strava provided login box to authorise VeloViewer to access your data (similar to what sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google do).
  • This authentication will be required before getting the ability to add yourself to VeloViewer or to gain access to your data if you are already on the system. (You will no longer have to find your Strava Id, I’ll be able to get that from Strava automatically when you authenticate)
  • An option will be provided for you to check a box to say that you don’t mind your data being publically available. This means you will be able to:
    • Access your data without having to logon via the Strava authentication (although I should be able to use a “remember me” type option for those not wanting to logon each time but not share their data publically).
    • Provide other people access to your data by sharing your links.
    • Use the Signature Image functionality.
    • Anyone who knows your Strava Id could view your data on VeloViewer if they know how to write the necessary URL.

This restriction will make the comparison of other riders a bit of a non-starter. The only feasible option would be to allow for comparisons between other riders that are on VeloViewer and chosen to share their data publically. I’ll have to wait for the V3 API to be available before dong any of this though.

I will try to add some more key stats into the “Stats” area on the Segment List page (and Signature Image) that you can compare with your mates a bit easier. You will need to sort out your segment’s bad elevation data though as this will have a pronounced effect on these stats (see below)

0 thoughts on “To Do List

    • Paul Mackenzie says:

      Hi, great site. I’m a runner too and the sites already useful for me but I would love to see top 10 times for all the standard distances strava gives you badges for, eg 1K, 1 mile, 5K, 10K etc.

  • Would like to see some graphical analysis of individual’s times on segments (trending analysis of a segment over time – getting faster / slower over time)

    • There is a small graphical bar on the “History” tab on each Segment Details page in the 3rd column which shows your time in relation to each other. Order by the “When” column and there’s your trending graphic of performance over time.

  • Am I right in thinking that Age comparison is only available in Strava if you pay ? could it be provided in VeloViewer ?

    • I think you’re right. I can’t do that at the moment. I don’t even know if you are male or female let alone anything else. Hopefully this will be something I will be able to support in the future (along with QOM stats) but probably only for premium strava users (as I’ll be reliant on the data from their API’s which will take that into account)

  • I cannot tell you how excited I was when I stumbled across this site – it’s amazing. I couldn’t wait to start using it and did so straightaway! Then the depression set in. I’m a runner! As tempting as it is to take up cycling just to be able to use your site, I really cannot. I notice that ToDo number 17 is to look at doing a running version. Let me just say that if you did it would be fantastic! You would make many runners very happy indeed 🙂

    • Interesting idea. You could create your own challenges or sign up to other peoples… What kind of challenges do you have in mind?

  • Jessica Hamilton says:

    Do you have any plans to opensource this so that others might be able to help contribute? Totally love this site =)

    • That’s a very good suggestion. I hadn’t considered it to be honest but I probably should look into it. I’m sure it could be improved by people with more experience and time on their hands than me! The main, initial purpose for the site has been for me to have an outlet for trying out ideas outside of (but complimenting) my day-job. If people find the site useful then that is a bit of a bonus to be honest. I’ll do some thinking…

  • Hey, how about an automatically generated list of segments where it decides that you (like my school report card) “could have done better if tried harder”? looks at some metrics for a climb (HR, VAM, cat) and decides that you were below your average. Gives you a target list of segments to work through.

  • Hi Ben,

    Is there any way to refresh ride details from Strava? I have found that after using Strava’s elevation correction I have had some big changes, not just to elevation gain but to power output too. However, it seems here I’m stuck with the original values I imported. It would be great to be able to refresh or ‘re-import’ a ride to see the corrected values here.

    Thanks for this amazing site.

  • Stephane B. says:

    What : “err 1B” . It’s when i wante donwload rides from Stravo to Veloviwer. Thanks for your answer.

  • Please set up a strava club leaderboard for miles, hours, elevation, etc. It would be great to see who had the most each month.

  • Stéphane B. says:

    Bonjour, je n’arrive toujours pas a transferer mes rides de Strava à Veloviewer! Pourquoi????? Merci pour votre aide.

  • Hi Ben,

    Great site. I’d like to be able to compare year to date mileage / elevation data from current year to prior year to see if I’m tracking ahead or behind where I was last year. This could either be with bar graphs or just numbers.

  • Maybe I’m missing it, but will there still be an autolink still to Okeeffe’s Segment details? That’s good stuff.

    • As long as Jon O’s pages are still running after the Strava apis are closed down then I’ll still provide the links from the new segment details page (when I’ve had chance to build it)

  • NumberSeven says:

    Is it possible to export strava segment data to a csv (poi) file ? So i can upload it to my GPS device, and that will trigger me (a signal with segment data) when nearby a segment ?

    • check out (linked directly from the VeloViewer segment details pages) that allows you to upload a virtual partner to your Garmin. Not sure if you can convert that over to be a POI as well?

      • NumberSeven says:

        Hi Ben, thanks for your response. Yes RaceShape is also very nice, but only for one segment.(as far as i know..)
        i am looking for an option where i can select multiple segments (filter option on your segment page is awesome for this)… and then export them to my Garmin or smartphone as POI , where i like to see the segmentdata (like name, my PR, KOM, etc) when i am nearby one of those segments, Play a sound when the segment starts and play an other sound when it ends…
        kind regards

  • NumberSeven says:

    Hi Ben,
    Is it possible to sort (filter) segments on direction ? lets say all the segments heading south ?

    • I’ve been calculating and storing the bearing of each segment since the start of V3 anticipating using it when I build the segment explorer but it will be very easy to add it as a column to the segment list. I’ll do it tonight.

      • NumberSeven says:

        Wow, thats awesome. You say calculate ? do you mean with a segment that is not straight, you are calculating the avg bearing ? how about a “round” segment ? just curious 🙂

        • I just use start and end position and work it out from that. Nothing that clever! I suppose I could also calculate and store distance between the start and end points as the crow flies to be able to filter for loping segments? Not that interesting to know though.

  • Awesome work Ben,

    I do miss being able to click through the Activities to the list of Segments in the ride rather than being fed a Strava link.

    Any chance we can bring that back?

  • Hi Ben,

    I think it would be great if you could search for your best power output for a given time across all activities, is there anything planned for this?



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