VeloViewer Live App Troubleshooting

iPad Location Issues

  1. You need to be using a cellular iPad. The Wi-Fi only iPad doesn’t have a GPS chip built in and will show your location based on local Wi-Fi networks, once out of town, location tracking will stop working. Apple suggest using a plug-in Bad Elf GPS device which has a side port to enable charging while in use. If you’re thinking about purchasing an iPad for use with the Live app then definitely go for the Cellular.
  2. Make sure location services is enabled (under the Privacy section of your iPad settings).
  3. Make sure location services for Safari is enabled “While Using” Safari:
      1. Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Safari Websites → While Using the App (also enable “Precise Location”)
      2. Settings → Safari → Location → Allow (not available on iOS version 12 devices)
  4. Make sure you always allow access to your location if prompted loading the Live app.
  5. If you deny access to the location when prompted, the iPad will remember that so you will need to reset your location settings:
    • iPad Settings
    • General
    • Reset
    • Reset Location & Privacy
    • You will then need to reenable location services and Safari location services as described above.
  6. If you are using a cellular iPad then I have heard reports that location tracking isn’t very reliable if there isn’t a SIM card installed.  If you install a SIM card (even if you aren’t using it for mobile data) then the location tracking is much more reliable.
  7. If you are still having problems then there is a chance your GPS chip isn’t working correctly.  The GPS Diagnostic: Satellite Test iOS app (£2.99) will show you which hardware is being used to provide your location so will hopefully show you what is going on on your device.

If you tether your iPad to your phone your location can be provided from the phone.  I have tested this with very limited success. For me it would only show the location based on known WiFi networks that it sees in buildings that it passes. If there are no home/business WiFi networks in range then the location does not update so will remain stuck at the last building it passed with a WiFi network.

If you tether a GPS enabled iPad to your phone then, from my testing, it should continue to use the location from the built-in GPS chip.  If the location isn’t working correctly then the most likely issue is your GPS chip in your iPad isn’t working (see #6 above).

Android location issues

The only issue I’ve heard about over the last few years is when the request to access the location was denied when initially loading the Live app which adds to the blocked list.  Follow the instructions on this page to make sure Chrome has location enabled and check that isn’t in the blocked list.