VeloViewer Race Hub User Administration

Each team can have one or more users set up with the permissions to add/remove/edit other users’ access to the team Race Hub.  If your user has this role then you will see an additional “Race Hub Users” section at the top of the Race Hub:

This lists each user who currently has access to your team Race Hub showing their unique Strava number, their name on Strava (which could be an alias) along with an optional real name that can be populated for information purposes if they are using an alias on Strava.

Full/Restricted/Helper determines the permissions for each user in terms of the races:

  • Full: Mainly just for DS’s. Users with the full role can add/edit waymarkers that are visible to everyone on the team as well as create/manage training camps.
  • Restricted: For riders and support staff. They can view (but not edit/delete) all of the waymarkers created by the DS’s. Support staff can also use the Recon mode in the Live App to add bidon/feed/parking waymarkers.
  • Helper: For team helpers. They will be able to view bidon/feed/wheel/parking waymarkers in the Live app but no other waymarkers. Recon mode is not available to them.

Further administrative roles can be given to each user:

  • User Admin: Allows that user to view this Race Hub Users table and add/edit/delete users. I would recommend only giving this role to one or two users on each team.
  • Race Admin: Provides access to the Race Admin page where the team calendar can be populated which determines which races are shown in the Race Hub.

Users can also be Disabled which, from that users’ perspective, is the same as deleting them. i.e. they will no longer be able to view the team’s Race Hub or Live app.  This allows you to quickly remove access for users that temporarily help out at certain races and equally quickly give them access again when needed.

If you change any setting for a user then a “Save changes” button will be shown at the end of the row to store that change.

Delete will remove that user’s access to your team Race Hub.

Adding users

To add a new user you will need their unique Strava number.  This is the number in the URL of the user’s Strava profile e.g. the 306128 from my profile –

The easiest way to get this number is to send the user to which will get them to connect their Strava account to VeloViewer and then show their unique Strava number in big text.  Tell them to send that number back to you.

To add the user to your Race Hub once you have their unique Strava number, just click the “Add user” button and paste the number into the popup.  Then set whether the user is restricted or not and their real name if required.