This page describes the previous version of VeloViewer (V2). Once I get the current version (V3) more complete I’ll revisit these help pages and get them up-to date. First off, this website has nothing to do with It is purely a personal endevour to make more use of Strava’s wonderful data that I’m sharing with others.

VeloViewer (formally StravaViewer) started life as a Windows Phone application to allow me to view my Strava data on my not quite so popular model of phone and to try and plug some of the holes in Strava’s own excellent website. Hopefully at some point Strava will plug these holes (and give some more nice summary api’s) and make this website obsolete. As well as showing a history of rides I wanted to see a full, orderable list of my Strava segment placings.

The site is currently made up of six main pages for an athlete: Summary, Segment List, Ride List, Charts, Update and Signature Image along with Ride Details and Segment Details pages. Also there is the Alternative Leaderboard page and the VeloFlow page but check out those links to see more information:


Overall, yearly and weekly stats and charts including all your best climbing achievements:



Here it is, your Strava segment history all in one place! Fully sortable list of all your segments ever ridden (and uploaded to Strava) with as much useful data as I can think of!

Segment list

So what are all those fields:

  • Pos - your position on the segment the last time you updated. Please note, there is currently a bug in the Strava API resulting in some more optimistic placings where it doesn’t add aditional placings for tied athletes ahead of you.
  • Prev - the position you had when the last change occurred. “new” means that your position on this segment has only just been stored by StravaViewer. This could because you have just been added to the system (when all your placings are new until they change), because you’ve added a new ride to Strava taking in previously unridden segments, or new segments have been created by you or other Strava users covered in any of your previous rides.
  • Last change - the date your last placing change occurred. The colour reflects both whether that change was up or down (green or red) and also how long ago it happened (how saturated the colour is).
  • Total – total number of riders that have completed this segment.
  • Segment – Name of segment with main link to VeloViewer Segment Details page, also a direct link to the corresponding page in Strava.
  • Time – Your PR’s moving time (rather than elapsed time).
  • Behind KOM s - the time your personal best is currently behind the current KOM. Ordering by this column gives a good list of segments that you could potentially target for easy(ish) KOM wins.
  • Behind KOM % - percentage of time your personal best is currently behind the current KOM.
  • Pos Score - Out of 100, how this placing stacks up against other places. See this blog post for more info.
  • VAM - or Mean Ascent Velocity is a good indicator of how hard you tried but doesn’t take into account wind/rolling resistance. Anything in the 1000′s is good going with 1500′s being a very good push. 1800+ and your either on EPO or the segment’s elevation data is screwy. Strava’s advice for correcting dodgy segment elevation data is to flag the segment and recreate it. More info on VAM and relative power here.
  • Relative Power - This is my favourite column. This attempts to also take into account wind/rolling resistance. The output is in Watts/Kg so multiply that value by how much you were weighing at that time to calculate your actual power output. As with VAM, these calculations only work on climbs over a certain height, the higher the better for the accuracy. More info on VAM and relative power here.
  • KOM RP - the relative power of the KOM, see if it’s within your limits or if you think they were driving a car at the time.

The other columns should be fairly obvious with the ride link taking you to the VeloViewer Ride Details page.



Fairly obvious what most of these columns are however the three of the last four columns might need a bit of explaining:

  • Overall Placings - This shows a list of your segment PR’s (Person Records) that where acheived on this ride, basically, ordering by this column will show you your most successful Strava rides. The colour indicates the position (1-50) and the saturation of the colour indicates the number of riders for that segment.
  • Total Pos Score – This totals up your segment position scores for the PR’s on this ride. Maybe a bit much to get your head around but might give a better indication to which are your most awesome rides.
  • Num Segs - the number of segments completed on this ride (not just your PR’s).


V3 – The charts page will be replaced by adding charts directly into the segments and activities pages and is not currently available.


If you like your graphs then you’ll hopefully like this. Try out the different pre-sets for some ideas of what this page is capable of.

Update for an Athlete

This is where you update your data: loading new rides, checking placings and discovering any newly added segments for any of your rides.

Signature Image

This lets you create things like this and easily add them to your signature line in forums:

Find out more about signature images in this blog post.

Segment Details

Segment details

This page is still a bit work in progress but on the “History” tab you’ll see links straight to VeloFlow and RaceShape.

Ride Details

V3 – This page is yet to be migrate to V3.

Ride Details

Once again this page is work in progress but find out more information in this blog post. Once again includes links straight to VeloFlow and RaceShape from the “Segments” tab.

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  • Kenneth Trueman

    Very cool site. Thanks for doing this. (Strava athlete #8259) :-)

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  • B Kenah

    Very sexy! Far better data access/viewing than Strava. I donated! Hope you keep going. I would even subscribe!

  • JW

    Oh my gracious! This makes the actual Strava site look like amateur garbage!!!!!! Well done!!!!!

  • ss

    you have done a great service. nice job. I hope Strava takes what you have done and starts to incorporate it into their own site.

  • Paul

    Very nice site, any idea when the new Strava API V3 will be released?

    • Ben

      It’s already there as I’m building V3 of VeloViewer using it. RaceShape also used it for the rider specific heat map. The more pressing question when will the v1& v2 of the Api be turned off!

  • Badger

    Hi Ben, I noticed that “seg score” has appeared in the segment list, but I can’t find any info on what it is?

    • Ben

      Hi Badger. It’s been there for ages but I’ve never mentioned it as it is a bit of an arbitrary calculation. It has a go at rating how difficult a segment is so you can compare them. I’m not going to move it across to V3

  • João Carlos

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you and congratulations!

  • Tom

    awesome work!

  • StravaKOMhunters

    Love the new look site Ben I have let all the Strava KOM Hunters know about this excellent data analysis that your site gathers from the Strava API find all about us and are featured segments @

  • Thomas Junk

    Hey, this is Thomas from Germany, absolutely cool what you are doing – kudos! Perfect addition to monitor and steer performance development. Well done + keep going!

  • vattenskada

    Great article. It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

  • Stewart Lucking

    This is an amazing site. I love what you have done here. Definitely going to donate to the cause. Props.

  • mark

    Any chance we can export our data to csv file?

    • Ben

      There are CSV links at the bottom of the activities and segments pages.