Britain’s 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs Official Leader Board

100 Greatest Cycling ClimbsVeloViewer has partnered up with 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs’ Simon Warren to provide an all-time leader board for the best climbs in Britain.  If you’re not already an owner of these great books then you MUST get them on your next birthday wish list as they are fantastically inspirational and perfect for planning rides or even holidays. But who’s ridden the most and who is the fastest (ok, that’ll most likely be Tejvan)? Time to join the 100 Climbs Strava Club and see how you compare.

Important notes

When you first join the 100 Climbs Strava Club you will NOT appear immediately in the leader boards! The next time each region’s leader board is updated your data will be pulled in.  This update can be triggered by visiting each region’s leader board but of course if someone else visits it before you get there then your data will be pulled in by them.

If you are still not showing up on climbs you have completed then this could be due to one of two reasons:

  1. Make sure you have completed the specific segments used in the leaderboard.  There are often many duplicate segments with similar names so follow the link from the leaderboard to see the specific segment in use.
  2. When the segment doesn’t appear in the segments list (including hidden segments) on the activity page on the Strava website: Strava hasn’t matched you to the segments either due to dodgy GPS data or because you didn’t complete the full segment.  If non-matching is due to dodgy GPS data then use RaceShape’s SNAP tool to correct your ride, if you missed the start/end of the segment then you’ll have to head back and ride the full climb!  If you are sure you did ride the entire segment and it still didn’t match then try the next step…
  3. When the segment appears in the segment list of your activity but you still don’t get a time on the leaderboard: It seems Strava isn’t 100% reliable in this area so if you see the segment in the activity’s segment list but when you view the segment leaderboard (on Strava) and filter by the 100 Climbs club and you don’t show up then you need to try pressing the “Refresh Activity Achievements” option on your Strava Activity page (after pressing the spanner button).  Fingers crossed this will also add you onto the club’s leaderboard for the segment.  If not then your only remaining option is to contact giving the URLs (the address in the top bar of your browser) of the segments concerned and also the URLs of the activities where the segment is listed and they should sort it out.

Main leaderboard

100 Climbs Main Leader Board


View the current 100 Greatest Climbs leader board.

The 100 Climbs book is broken up into the regions of Britain and the overall leader board is equally structured. On here you can see people’s position within each region, the number of KOM/QOMs people have, the total number of climbs completed along with your total score.  Clicking on the headings reorders the list as you’d expect.

Region Leader Boards

Clicking on the “View” link will take you down to the regional leaderboards:

100 Climbs Midlands Leader Board

Each climb is listed with your position, time and deep-link to RaceShape (to compare your performance against the current KOM).  The points awarded that determine your overall position are displayed on the right hand side.

Click the “View” link for a climb to see the VeloViewer segment details page. Once again, clicking on the column header reorders the data.

How the Points Work

  • 1st place on a climb (out of those in the 100 Climbs Strava Club) is awarded 100 points, 2nd place 99, 3rd place 98 all the way down to 100th place getting a single point.
  • UPDATE – Following on from a very sensible suggestion in a comment below the scoring has been changed to be a sum of your placing scores (calculated based on number of athletes in the 100 climbs segment leader board rather than total number of athletes for the segment). This means that you don’t have to be targeting a top 100 placing in order to improve your score, also, those placing high on the more popular segments will be rewarded more than for similar places on less contested segments.
  • For each climb completed you are awarded 20 bonus points.

The idea being to attempt to motivate people to ride them all as well as ride up them hard.

0 thoughts on “Britain’s 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs Official Leader Board

  • ScarletFire says:

    Awesome. I think I’m actually in the top ten on my nearest one (road to hell). At least I was last year…

  • Great idea this. Only problem I have is that the database is failing to pick up a lot of my climbs. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Charlie Woodall says:

    Is there a quick way to access the leaderboard from the main VeloViewer dashboard? Can’t see it anywhere other than the link in the blog post.

    • Good point. No, not at present. I’ll have to have a think about how this could be shown as there are more than just this one leaderboard already out there so listing all of them isn’t very relevant for most people. I’ll have a think.

      • Charlie Woodall says:

        Cool. Sure you can squeeze another tab in next to ‘Update’ perhaps where things like this and other similar challenges which you’ll doubtless create as well can live.

  • Steve Waters says:

    Excellent development ! – Are you planning to extend this to include the climbs in Simon Warren’s Another 100 Climbs book too ?

  • Chris Yanda says:

    Think I’ve found a small boo-boo. On the page for the Peaslows hill at, the “View on Strava” link gives a 404. Your link is I think the correct one is

    This might mean some of the other links based on the 6820230 id are also no longer valid.

    E.g. if I go to the “Leaderboard” tab of that page, the link to “View the Full Leaderboard on Strava” also gives a 404.

  • Dear veloviewer, what a fantastic idea and well done for pulling it off yet again, I’ve no idea how you do it. Can I make a local comment or boohoo?

    Official climb number 65 the Cairnwell has it’s start point on a road which bypasses the last watering stop, cafe, pee stop or hotel that a cyclist might use before taking the long road north. I’m sure you would pick up a few more if you made the segment start after the exit from spittal of glenshee – about 100m further up the road with no height gain!

    Thought you would appreciate the local knowledge and thanks again for providing us all with another fun way to spend the hours off a bike!


    • Simon’s in charge of the segments so let him know (he’s on Twitter @100climbs) and he might change it. I think he’s created them all to match the book descriptions though.

  • Ben, Another fabulous addition.
    Any chance of being able to sort the leader tables by people you are following and /or club mates.

    I can find me easily enough but finding my rivals is harder.


  • What a great thing it would be to let Veloviewer premium members creating their own climbs-Collections challenges for a region/country and invite people!!
    ..I’m ready to create a ‘white roads climbs of tuscany’ challenge!

    in theory this can also be used to solve the segment proliferation – veloviewr scoring issue

    • I’m more than happy to set up more of these leaderboards and for anywhere in the world. The main provisos would be the following:

      – To have a commercial/influential backer to be associated with and promote the leaderboard. There would be no charge to whoever this would be but I’d want to make sure each leaderboard was a “big thing” for each region/country so someone with enough social media presence to promote it to a large audience would be required. e.g. It could be a national bike shop chain or a well respected, national blog.

      – All the segments need have a gradient >= 0% (i.e. “Set a Goal for this Segment” is available in Strava).

      Send me an email if you’ve got any suitable suggestions.

  • Hi Ben,

    can I make a suggestion. As this gets even more popular and 100’s of people have done each climb, it will still be only the top 100 who have any points on the climb. The benefits of digging into the pain cave fizzle away if your ability to compete at the top is not realistic. I’m sure everyone who attempts the hills is trying really hard so it would be nice to for the rider in position 101 to have more points than the rider in position 999 in order to judge their prowess against the others.
    Perhaps the points could be awarded as a percentage of the 1st position. For example, if 1000 riders in the 100 club have completed the climb then the person in position 500 gets 50 points etc

      • Hybrid Noob says:

        Ahh so that’s why I couldn’t make sense of the points 😀

        A good overhaul. As an aside the leaderboard has inspired me to ride further afield and seek out these wonderful climbs – thanks!

        • Hybrid Noob says:

          Minor point – the South East leaderboard seems to periodically inflate my score by about 300 points before being corrected. The main leaderboard consistently shows the correct score but atm for instance the SE shows me with over 300 more points.

  • joined it and already bored of it, can see the sw leaderbourd, can see all the segments listed along the top

    can i find em to view the actual segment noooooooo

    if i click view all it does is reorder the data of the guys n gals that have done the climb

  • Charlie Woodall says:

    Just seen that I’m down as having done 11/14 South East climbs, I’ve actually only done 7/14…

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