Strava Challenges Trophy Cabinet

Strava ChallengesI’ve seen on the Strava Customer Support site lots of people asking to be able to show off all the challenges that they have completed. As it stands I don’t know which of the challenges you have or have not signed up for but I can quite easily calculate how you would have done if you had. So here it is: a trophy cabinet of all the challenges you have completed and those that you didn’t quite achieve (whether you were trying or not)! Of course this is only currently available for cycle challenges, not running ones.

So just head to your data and you’ll see a new “Trophies” tab. Select that and you’ll see something like this:

Trophies page on VeloViewer


Or, if you’re like me, far fewer! You can also switch between imperial or metric values as you please which seems to be something missing from the challenge pages on Strava.

Note: The Leader value for an ongoing challenge isn’t update automatically. I have to manually add those so please let me know if I’ve forgotten to add one. Also let me know about new challenges as I don’t tend to pay much attention to them myself!

I might add these to the signature image if enough people say they want it in the comments section.

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