Tour de France 2014 Stage 10 – 3D Elevation Climb Profiles

La Planche des Belles FillesStage 10 was thought to be the first major GC battleground but only a short glimpse at the current standings is enough to show that a lot of excitement has already happened in this year’s Tour.  Many metres of climbing are already in the legs of riders prior to these first “proper” climbs of the race but with the added appeal of Bastille Day and a rest day tomorrow expect nobody to hold back.  With the race still young and the main favourites still unsure of each other’s form then I’m sure we’ll see for offensive tactics rather than defensive often seen near the end of the race. Enjoy!

Col du Firstplan

8.3 km at 5.4 % (Cat 2)

Petit Ballon

9.3 km at 8.1 % (Cat 1)

Col du Platzerwasel

7.1 km at 8.4 % (Cat 1)

Col d’Oderen

6.7 km at 6.1 % (Cat 2)

Col des Croix

3.2 km at 6.2 % (Cat 3)

Col des Chevrères

3.5 km at 9.5 % (Cat 1)

La Planche des Belles Filles

5.9 km at 8.5 % (Cat 1)