VéloBici Spring Classics Challenge 2013

VeloBici Spring ClassicsFor the next 50 days I’ve teamed up with VéloBici to provide a leaderboard for their Spring Classics Challenge – ride the distance of as many of the Spring Classics as you can to get a chance to win some great UK designed and manufactured prizes. The more of the 7 classics you complete the better the prizes on offer become. This challenge is open to anyone around the world so sign yourself up and get riding.

For full information of the challenge and of the £1000+ of prizes then have a look at the challenge details page on VéloBici website. In order to partake in the challenge you’ll need to follow the instructions at the bottom of that page.

VeloViewer is providing the leaderboard to support the challenge and will require a small amount of involvement from those taking up the challenge to make sure your place on the leaderboard is up-to-date:

Click here to see VeloViewer’s leaderboard for VéloBici’s Spring Classics Challenge

VeloBici Spring Classics Leaderboard


Hopefully the leaderboard page is fairly straightforward to understand and over the next few weeks I might add a few tweaks to make finding yourself a bit easier as the list of riders gets longer. If you want to swap between imperial and metric units then use the option in the menu at the top.

How to update your distance

1. If you are already on VeloViewer

If you already have your data on VeloViewer you will see a little yellow VeloViewer icon VeloViewer Icon next to your name (which navigates to your Summary Page). As long as you’ve updated all your rides on VeloViewer then the distance shown in the leaderboard will be up-to-date. The arrow Goto Update Page in the right hand column will take you straight to your update page.

2. If you are not on VeloViewer

Then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! But for those not wanting to upload all their data onto VeloViewer then all you need to do is click the refresh button Refresh Button in the right hand column and it will get the distance totals from the rides you have uploaded to Strava. Clicking the grayed out VeloViewer icon Grayed out VeloViewer Icon next to your name will take you to the VeloViewer Update page which is where you go to upload your data. Once it is there you’ll get a whole new view on your Strava data to while away your lunch breaks and evenings. If that’s not for you then just use the refresh button on the challenge page to put yourself in a position to win some of those great prizes.

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