VeloViewer Explorer – a GPS Selfie

In August I was contacted by Karl Andersson, an MA student of Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Unviversität Berlin who was doing a project on the VeloViewer Explorer functionality along with how and why people use it.  The link to his survey was shared and many of the most devoted Explorers responded.  Karl has now published his findings and also produced a lovely video compiled from interviews carried out with a couple of the Explorers.

The paper is available to download for free here.

I like Yorick’s Cluster growth shown in the video so much I’ve converted it to an animated gif (to pre-empt the comments, I’ll take a look at automating the generation of gif’s of your own maps at some point in the future!):

Karl also came up with the initial idea of the “Max Square” which he tweeted about way back in 2015:

0 thoughts on “VeloViewer Explorer – a GPS Selfie

    • Karl was speaking to lots of riders so I guess there would have been a real mix of GPS devices being used. I look at a huge amount of data recorded from various GPS devices and the clear leader right now in terms of accuracy of lat/lng positions and especially elevation are the Wahoo Elemnt devices. The Roam is a great looking bit of kit too.

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