Find out the progress of the new version of VeloViewer (Version 3). Please also raise any bugs or feature requests for VeloViewer V3 in the comments section below. I will read them all but if I don’t reply it probably means that I’m already aware of the bug/feature and working on it, or its just a crazy idea!

  • Update – [started]
    • Get new rides (including initial upload) [started]
    • Update places – I’ll restrict this to just once per day for each segment [started]
    • Find new segments – I’ll restrict this to being run just once a week [started]
    • Update history
  • Activities – [started]
    • Sortable list [started]
    • Map [started]
    • Charts
    • Filters [started]
    • Column options
    • Saving/reloading configurations (shown columns, filters (inc filter values) and ordering)
  • Segments (hope to reuse most of activities code so shouldn’t take too long)
    • Sortable list
    • Map
    • Charts
    • Filters
    • Column options
    • Saving/reloading configurations (shown columns, filters (inc filter values) and ordering)
  • Activity Details
    • Charts
    • Map
    • Stats
  • Segment Details
    • Profile
    • Map
    • Stats
  • Summary
  • Home Page
  • VeloBici Spring Challenge results
  • VeloFlow
  • Signature Image
  • Challenge Trophy Cabinet
  • Charts – will be integrated into Segments and Activites pages
  • Word Cloud – will be integrated into Segments and Activity pages
  • Alternate Leaderboard – despite its popularity I’m not sure I’ll migrate this over. It is only sort of reliable on very specific types of segment and I’ve got more interesting things to focus my time on (see above!)

There is very little chance that this will all be in place when the switch over to the new version is made so you’ll just have to make do with whats there at the time unless someone wants to buy me out of my day job for a month! I’ll be able to reuse a good chunk of existing code for the majority of those pages but the update and list pages are complete rewrites.

When will it be available?

Once I have the majority of the first 3 pages stable then I’ll open it up for people to use. Watch this space for more info.

Found a bug?

Seeing as the code is new and I have very little time for any kind of extensive testing will all have to help me out by letting me know in the comments below if you find anything that isn’t working right. Please have a search down the list to see if anyone has raised the problem all ready before adding a new, top level comment.

Please always provide:

  • Your strava athlete id (this will be shown in the url of VeloViewer once you have authenticated.
  • The browser you are using including the version (e.g. Chrome V26, Help – About in your browser should tell you that info)
  • The operating system you are using and version (e.g. Windows 7, iOS5…)
  • Details of your problem

Feature request

Again have a search first to see if anyone has asked for it already. If they have then just vote it up and/or add a reply. If not in the list then add a new comment giving some details.I will be doing my best to incorporate the items on my existing To Do list as I go


When bugs or features have been completed then I might delete the comment from the list to keep it focused on what’s remaining.

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  • Hi Ben,

    New columns you may consider on the Rides list :

    Ratio Elevation (m) / distance (km) to differentiate flat rides from hilly or mountainous rides
    Ratio Elevation (m) / duration (h)


      • Great job Ben!
        I have not seen the “Bike” column we used to have on previous version. Do you still get this information with the new API?

        • Not provided in api at present. I’ve put a request in with Strava (and description which is also missing) and will add them to vv if and when they appear.

      • Jessica Hamilton says:

        Will there be an option to do an overall stats perspective? The new QOM perspective effectively makes Veloviewer completely worthless to me now =(

        • I’m intending to provide both QOM and KOM stats for the ladies but need to concentrate my limited time to swapping all the other pages over to the new Strava API’s. I’ll get there. It does mean your updates will take twice as long to run as it’ll need to check both places.

          • Jessica Hamilton says:

            I think it shouldn’t be specific to just the women. There are segments where us girls are on top, and I’m sure there are guys out there that don’t like being beaten by a girl 😛

          • I’ve added an option on the update page so you can switch to see kom stats instead of qom stats. There are just too many fields to show both qom and kom stats throughout the site so it’s just going to be one or the other.

            Swapping this option does however mean you need to reload all your data as it is all stored from a qom perspective.Hopefully that’s less of an issue with the new, speedy update process!

    • only if Strava provide me with that data in their API. currently they don’t. Once I’ve got all of the site transferred to V3 and switched off the current version I’ll compile a list of “please can we have”‘s to Strava and see how we do.

    • only if Strava provide me with that data in their API. currently they don’t. Once I’ve got all of the site transferred to V3 and switched off the current version I’ll compile a list of “please can we have”‘s to Strava and see how we do.

    • If you’re female then all the relevant stats in v3 are already from a QOM perspective. Is that what you mean?

  • Hi Ben, just checked out V3, loaded all my rides in only a few minutes, looks good so far. I assume that the next task “column options” will let us add/remove columns (like “pace” which I find a silly idea…)

    Secondly, a small bug, using the filters: When I set the filter to (eg positions 15-750) the actual list starts at a different location (actual min 33 for filter min 15 or 29, 66 for 43 and 57, and so on). Similar effect for distance filter when I tried it.

    It would be great to be able to set the filters via type in values rather than the graph sliders too.

    • Yep, i don’t quite get pace either but then the swimmers and runners will find it useful.
      I’ll check out that filtering issue next week.
      I’ve been thinking for a while how to allow the typing in of values for filters but need to make sure it doesn’t clog up the UI too much.

      • gjgbarclay says:

        Yeah, runners like Pace. min/mile is used much more than mph. It’s more accurate for the speeds which runners run. Never heard of anyone using min/100yds pace though.

        • Swimmers use the pace per 100m/yards I think (at least a swimmer asked for the column to be added). Not sure if swimmers are always metric though?

  • Hi Ben, well done with the new version. Just tried it out and it imported all my data successfully.

    Noticed a small bug, there are check boxes for rides and runs. I unchecked the runs box so it would only get rides, but all my runs were imported as well.

    One suggestion, though it might not be easy… when I wanted to see more data, I really wanted to use a scroll bar, but had to click “next” to get the next page. Maybe you could implement a scroll bar that scrolls the page up instantly and fills in the missing data as you go. If the next and prev buttons will stay, it would be good if they would hold their positions. At the moment they move a bit left and right as you go through the list, depending on whether you are on the first page, or which numbers are displayed (field width affecting buttons positions).

    One more thing, when I clicked to sort by “Pos Score”, the default order (before clicking a second time) is “ascending” so the chart shows the worst results at the top. Maybe the default on that column could be “descending” like on the old site? I guess the same for “Speed”… so that in general the default sort direction is for better results to be at the top.


    • Thanks for your comments. Fixed the 1st point (although as it stands you’ll need to delete your data and reload with new settings to just get your rides).

      2. I’ve been wanting to do something like that. I’ll have a look into it at some point. I’ve stopped the button moving,

      3. I’m split on that one. Seems odd that column ordering differs from column to column but I agree that it is nicer to have the most useful order provided after a single click (some show better results using asc and others desc). I’ll try and sort that out.

  • Steve Horne says:

    I just discovered your website and I really like the V3 interface. A small feature suggestion- on the graphical filters, show the value under the cursor. Great work!

  • Hi Ben,

    1. I just noticed the veloviewer score on the summary page – great idea. How strict is the “downhill” limitation? I have great results on a bunch of flat sprints, that are actually very slightly downhill (ie 0.1 to 0.3%) and I’d hate for them to be missed out. I do get the idea of removing “proper” downhill runs, but my best segment at 99.84 has 2m of elevation change – hardly downhill! Perhaps allow segments up to -1% ?

    2. Can we get a list of the segments used in veloviewer score and their individual scores so I can go improve some? I know I can do it with a filter on the segments page, but I’m lazy…

    3. HIdden segments – on old veloviewer I am up to 1003 segments, but V3 only picks up 745 (at least that is how I read “segment stats: #PR’s: 745) – I seem to recall this is because segments hidden in strava are not included. Is it possible to put a list of these somewhere so I can go unhide some? I’m not finding it easy on strava – the list of hidden segments only has ones I’ve hidden (and for some strange reason, ones I’ve unhidden), not the auto hidden ones.

    • 1. Think of it more as only using climb segments rather than omitting descents. As it stands it will take into account very marginal climbs but if the inclusion check is to change in either direction following instruction from Strava I can only see it moving towards more of a climbing focus. Most likely to stay as it is though I think.
      2. Will do. Lots of people asking for this. Not for a few days though.
      3. Only way I’ve found to do this is to go to each ride and see what is hidden and unhide the ones you want. Maybe pull off the Csv file from the old version to give you a full list and then compare to data from v3

      • Hi Ben,
        Loving the score now allowing up to -0.25% – got my score up to 92.82!
        Just out of interest – what is the best score? Would it be possible to have a veloviewer score leaderboard?

        On the hidden ride thing, seems the old viewer is gone, so I can’t compare old to new anymore?

        • 99.89 is the highest score so far so we’ve all got some catching up to do!
          The old site is properly off now so I’m afraid you can’t compare. That was why I parallel ran the sites for month or so to let people do any comparisons. The old site was on a shared hosting platform and I was forced to make the switch permanent a week ago as they turned off the server that managed my API calls to Strava because it was killing all the other sites on that server. Whoops!

          • Wow, 99.89! I guess I could get something like that if I went back to strava and hid all the segments except my best couple 😉 Is that from more than a few segments? I suppose veloscore should require a certain number segments to count? Great work, although I didn’t notice you mention there would be a veloscore leaderboard 😉

            3 more things:

            1. Please bring back alternative leaderboard, it helps me a lot to know for sure I’m faster than that guy (happened on about 5 segments now) who has a bad match putting him at official KOM.

            2.I notice that a lot of the links won’t open in a new tab if I middle click them (Firefox 21). Right click and selecting open in new tab works fine.

            3. The gradient filter in segments won’t allow me to select -0.25% – I get either 0.2 or 0.3, so I can’t select my veloscore segments…

          • Oh, on (2), I notice that just a left click opens in a new tab, which is fine, except I don’t usually do that…

          • I’m afraid that 99.89 score is from way over a 1000 segments (so limited to top 100).
            I’ll think about the leaderboard. It would only be for people that have chosen to make their data public though.

            1. Bottom of the list. I wrote it to prove a point to my clubmate but it doesn’t ultimately mean anything and is subject to far more error than the Strava leaderboard the majority of the time for a number of reasons.

            2. As you’ve seen, they always open in a new tab so you on’t loose the context of your list. I was fed up of having to ctrl+click all the time which is even more of a pain on a touch device.

            3. I’m working on that.

  • V3 not working for me. Keep getting pop up ‘ breaking changes means i need to update your stats….’ strava ID is 125552, using Chrome Version 27.0.1453.110 , W7 (64 bit)

    • Have a go at updating your placings on the update page and go back to the summary page and see if that works. If you’ve got lots of data then it can take a good few seconds to update your stats. I’ll try and have a look later if I get chance.

  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the great site and features!

    Is there’s a “curiosity” with v3 segment position +/- numbers? ( a difference rather than a bug perhaps… )

    E.g. sort by “when”, then check “zig-zag climb” segment on the following two links :-


    Pos: 3891 Prev: 6260 ( +/- would be -2369 )


    Pos: 3,891 +/-: +12 ( in veloviewer orange! )

    _Maybe_ v3 is comparing to an earlier lap in the same ride, rather than a previous ride? ( it’s possible that twelve-ish folk beat me during the 3 lap ride… but I think I’d notice if there was 2357 of them! :oD )

    ( FWIW I’m using Chrome and Win7 )

    • As a comparison, “Telegraph Road South” segment, on the same links, both show 118 position improvement, and I only did it once on the ride ( with tired homeward bound leggies ).

      • The +/- change only relates to the change in position the last time the placing was checked. Potentially the placing had been checked twice on the new site? Once when adding the ride (which would have shown the big improvement) and then just a regular check the next day which resulted in sliding down 12 places?

  • Bug Report: The heatmap of activities displays the activities at about 1/10th the size of what it should be and offset to the side (next to the zoom in and out buttons).

  • Hi Ben,

    Will you add the ability to save the activities and segments data as a CSV? Also, looks like the “bike” field is no longer in the API? If possible, I’d like to see that added back. Lastly, any ability to add average cadence?

    Keep up the great work. Thanks!

    • Csv – yep.
      I’m afraid Bike and avg cadence are not being supplied by the new Strava Api at present so that is why they are not there. I’ve put a request in to have them added a while ago but not had a confirmation or timescale as to if and when they might appear. As soon as they are I will add them in.

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