Find out the progress of the new version of VeloViewer (Version 3). Please also raise any bugs or feature requests for VeloViewer V3 in the comments section below. I will read them all but if I don’t reply it probably means that I’m already aware of the bug/feature and working on it, or its just a crazy idea!

  • Update – [started]
    • Get new rides (including initial upload) [started]
    • Update places – I’ll restrict this to just once per day for each segment [started]
    • Find new segments – I’ll restrict this to being run just once a week [started]
    • Update history
  • Activities – [started]
    • Sortable list [started]
    • Map [started]
    • Charts
    • Filters [started]
    • Column options
    • Saving/reloading configurations (shown columns, filters (inc filter values) and ordering)
  • Segments (hope to reuse most of activities code so shouldn’t take too long)
    • Sortable list
    • Map
    • Charts
    • Filters
    • Column options
    • Saving/reloading configurations (shown columns, filters (inc filter values) and ordering)
  • Activity Details
    • Charts
    • Map
    • Stats
  • Segment Details
    • Profile
    • Map
    • Stats
  • Summary
  • Home Page
  • VeloBici Spring Challenge results
  • VeloFlow
  • Signature Image
  • Challenge Trophy Cabinet
  • Charts – will be integrated into Segments and Activites pages
  • Word Cloud – will be integrated into Segments and Activity pages
  • Alternate Leaderboard – despite its popularity I’m not sure I’ll migrate this over. It is only sort of reliable on very specific types of segment and I’ve got more interesting things to focus my time on (see above!)

There is very little chance that this will all be in place when the switch over to the new version is made so you’ll just have to make do with whats there at the time unless someone wants to buy me out of my day job for a month! I’ll be able to reuse a good chunk of existing code for the majority of those pages but the update and list pages are complete rewrites.

When will it be available?

Once I have the majority of the first 3 pages stable then I’ll open it up for people to use. Watch this space for more info.

Found a bug?

Seeing as the code is new and I have very little time for any kind of extensive testing will all have to help me out by letting me know in the comments below if you find anything that isn’t working right. Please have a search down the list to see if anyone has raised the problem all ready before adding a new, top level comment.

Please always provide:

  • Your strava athlete id (this will be shown in the url of VeloViewer once you have authenticated.
  • The browser you are using including the version (e.g. Chrome V26, Help – About in your browser should tell you that info)
  • The operating system you are using and version (e.g. Windows 7, iOS5…)
  • Details of your problem

Feature request

Again have a search first to see if anyone has asked for it already. If they have then just vote it up and/or add a reply. If not in the list then add a new comment giving some details.I will be doing my best to incorporate the items on my existing To Do list as I go


When bugs or features have been completed then I might delete the comment from the list to keep it focused on what’s remaining.