3D Printing of your Strava Activities, Segments and Routes

UPDATE 30th Jan 2023: unfortunately PrintMyRoute has shut down so I have removed this feature.  I’m sure most of us have had rides, runs or hikes that we’re proud to have completed and what better way to show them off than a funky 3D print of the profile.  Over the last few years I’ve had numerous conversations with my riding mates about the possibility of doing 3D prints and although they all had fancy 3D printers at their disposal at their engineering jobs, it never got further than that. Fortunately PrintMyRoute stepped up in the summer of 2017 providing this service so now I’ve coded things up so you can easily send your activities, routes and segments straight over to PrintMyRoute direct from VeloViewer wherever you see a 3D profile.

In the top right corner of any 3D profile you will now see a “3D Print” button:

Just press that button and it’ll open up PrintMyRoute with the profile pre-loaded where you can then play around with the printing options before ordering:

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