Adding Photos to Strava Activities from the Desktop

I’ve had numerous requests to build-in the ability to add images to activities from the browser rather than having to use the native phone/tablet app. It can often be a pain having to transfer photos to the phone before adding them to the activity or a complete blocker for people that don’t use an iOS or Android device at all. A while back I added the ability to add your 3D and 2D profile images direct to your activities using the button on your Activity Details page so I thought it was about time to open it up a little further.

Update (18th Jan 2018) – Strava have released their full implementation of activity image management in the website so this one is a bit obsolete already 🙂

With a bit of luck Strava will add the ability to add pictures in their website in the near future which will make this VeloViewer feature redundant but until then hopefully it will be of some use.

You’ll find the new buttons in the Recent Activities section on your Summary page.  Just press the button, pick your image and it’ll be added on.  If you want to add another image then just press the button again.

Important: If you want to remove images then you’ll have to head to your Strava app.

From my short bit of testing I can see that when I upload an image using my code that, when viewed in Strava, the image is ever so slightly sharper (less compression) than the same image uploaded through the Strava app.  Most people won’t notice the difference though!  The max image size in Strava is 2048px so any image you load that is larger than that (most photos are much bigger) will be scaled down to 2048 before uploading.

0 thoughts on “Adding Photos to Strava Activities from the Desktop

    • I have thought about that but the user needs to be authenticated on my own servers in order for it to work. I’m sure there would be a way but it might be a bit messy or very involved. I might look into it in the future if Strava still haven’t been able to add it in themselves.

  • Szekely Lorant says:

    Hi, this is the only way to upload photos to an activity? I mean just from the Recent Activities list on the dashboard. There are just 10 activities listed there. What if i want to upload photos for an older activity?


    • Not currently. I’ll add it into the Activity Details’ Summary tab at some point to allow you to add pictures to older activities. I initially wanted to make it as quick as possible to add them so thought the Summary page would be best. I also thought about putting buttons on the Update page as well where it lists the activities that have just been sync’ed so I might do that as well.

  • Your quote….’Recent Activities section on your Summary page’
    Ive searched everywhere for a ‘Summary Page’ to no avail???? I’m a premium member too??

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