Finding Your Local Poggio/Mur de Huy/Zoncolon/etc

Poggio 3D Elevation ProfileWe all can watch the Pros smashing up the classic climbs on TV and wouldn’t it be great to have a go yourself! But unfortunately not many of us have the luxury of having any of those climbs on our own doorstep.  However, what you can easily do using VeloViewer is to find which of your local climbs is the most like one of the classic climbs and then compare or attempt to match your time with that of the Pros.  Here’s how to do it.

Get the Stats

First off, go find the stats of your classic climb. You can do this fairly easily using the Strava segment explorer. On the list on the left it shows you the distance and the average grade. Take a note of these two numbers!

Poggio Stats - Distance: 3.6 km, Average Grade: 3.7%

So for the Poggio we’ve got 3.6 km at an average of 3.7%.

Filter your segments

Head on over to your VeloViewer segments page and then set your distance and average grade filters up to match (with a bit of leeway either side) those of the classic climb and voilà:

Find your Poggio



So our local climb up from Stoney Middleton here in Sheffield (and the 1st climb of the Peak RC time trial) is an almost perfect match for the Poggio. Who’d have thought!

A little bit of local knowledge comes in to it to determine whether the nature of those local climbs match that of the classic.

Obviously this will only provide you with climbs that you have already completed and if you put in the stats for the Zoncolan then you might not get many matches!

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