VeloViewer brings your Strava timeline to your Pebble

VeloViewer brings Strava timeline to PebbleDo you want to view your Strava timeline on your wrist? Dish out Kudos with the push of a button? Then get yourself a Pebble smart watch and the VeloViewer app. View the last 30 activities of your friends, drill in to view more details and then dish out the Kudos.

Available in Pebble’s App Store on both iPhone and Android.  It doesn’t require a companion app to be installed on your phone, just make sure your Pebble App is running and the VeloViewer Pebble App will pull your Strava data straight to your wrist.


Once you’ve installed the app then click the “settings” button for the VeloViewer App on the “My Pebble” section of the Pebble App.  You’ll need to authorise VeloViewer to access your Strava data so just follow the simple instructions and then fire up the app on your Pebble.


VeloViewer Pebble Strava Timeline

The last 30 activities of your friends will be listed. Click the centre-right button to drill in to view more details.

Note 1: If your phone doesn’t have the Pebble app running in the background then you will see a message saying it can’t connect. Even if you had the app running previously your phone might close it automatically if memory is running low. Best way to avoid this is to bring the Pebble app up before you lock your phone.

Note 2: If it sits there saying “Getting your STRAVA timeline” then it might be that your phone doesn’t currently have internet access.

Activity Details

Activity Details

As much info as I could fit on the screen!  The units are taken from your Strava unit preferences.

Pressing the top-right button will give Kudos to the activity and you’ll see the Kudos thumb go from white to black.


I’ve had a go at listing the comments for a ride but ran straight into memory problems so I don’t think there is much more I can do to add the viewing of any more types of data.  Get your phone out of your pocket and fire up the main Strava appgetp to see more info!

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  • Hi, tried to activate the pebble app but i’m stuck in the “link veloviewer to Strava”screen. It says i must authorise it to use my trava account. There’s ahyperlink “goto strava to change login if required”. When I follow the link and log in to Strava nothing happens, just my strava homepage shows. What next?

    • Hi Otto. I should have sorted it now. An image wasn’t coming through which was the main button to authenticate. Let me know how you get on.

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