Managing your Strava Starred Segments for Garmin Live Segments

In summer 2015 Garmin introduced Live Strava Segments and since then both Mio and Wahoo Fitness have also introduced the feature to their recent devices (full list of supported devices).  Currently the Garmin devices are limited to bringing in just 100 of your starred Strava segments. This resulted in a number of VeloViewer users asking for a quicker way to manage their starred segments when planning trips away as they were going beyond that 100 segment limit. Strava kindly opened up their API for starring segments so I’ve added in the ability to star and unstar segments in every possible location in VeloViewer to make life a bit easier for you.

Wherever you see the star next to a segment you can now press it to toggle its starred state.  These locations are:

I’ve also added a count of your currently starred segments to your Summary page in the header of the “Segment Stats” section which links to your segment list passing the filter to show just the starred segments.

Route Segments

This looks to be the prime location for starring new segments for your travels.  Just set up some Strava routes for your planned rides and then view the routes in VeloViewer (from your Routes List) and check out the segments on offer and star the ones you fancy challenging yourself on.

Alternatively you can just use the Strava Segment Explorer (or a potentially better 3rd party alternative) to find a segment and star it in the Strava segment details page.

Segments List

The segment list shows you all of the segments you have completed and when filtering to just show your starred segments should provide a good spot to quickly unstar your segments as required.  Filter by the Starred field and then perhaps using the map area to remove the ones you no longer need (check the “Filter” box below the map):

But there is a chance that you didn’t tick off all of the segments you starred so some of them won’t be appearing in the list.  Fear not, at the base of the list you will see a new “View [n] other starred segments” which when pressed provides a list of your other starred segments with links and the option to unstar:


0 thoughts on “Managing your Strava Starred Segments for Garmin Live Segments

  • Thanks for the link. I did think about suggesting that you should do something similar on this site. It would undoubtedly be better than mine, since you have a huge amount of segment data available and I guess a much bigger Strava API quota available to you. And you know what segments people have ridden, so you could add some interesting filter options like ‘only show me segments I haven’t ridden’.

    • I have wanted to do one since day one of building VeloViewer but just not got round to it. I’m not sure my skills are up to making the queries performant enough for what I was wanting to do at scale. My initial main goal was that exact scenario you mention, segments I haven’t ridden. I might have a go at some point.

  • No idea if my implementation scales, I’ve only got 100,000 segments in there at the minute, but I’ve done similar queries using 2.5 million UK postcodes and that works OK. Probably depends on the database you’re using but with MySql I just had to index the lat and long columns and ensure MySql had enough memory allocated so the indices were always in memory. Admittedly things might get a bit trickier when you then want to do a join against your table with each user effort

  • Doogal- your app rocks. thank you.
    Ben- one advantage to having an edge 810 is that it can support 200 segments. 100 on the unit and another 100 on sd card. I tend to prefer gniza segments as there are more options.
    Any thoughts about an app that can show segments you haven’t tried, segments you are behind a rival, or a grid map that can overly your current map so you can see tiles. Thanks guys, wish I could program!

  • I’ve been wondering why a lot of my segments aren’t showing up on my Edge 530…. And then after checking my strata segments I noticed I had about 250 starred segments.

    Do you know if the 100 segment limit still applies? Or perhaps there is some other issue….
    Seems strange because different segments seem to show up on my Fenix 5 vs my edge 530 when I have tried to troubleshoot and had them both turned on at the same time…

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