Reflections on Camp Strava

VeloViewer’s Ben Lowe headed to Camp Strava in Los Angeles last week and here he shares his insights from the trip….

This was the 2nd Camp Strava I’ve attended and it never fails to deliver on lots of fronts.

As ever, it was great to connect with the Strava team who are so supportive of VeloViewer. I enjoyed chatting to their new CEO Mike Martin and hearing more about his vision for the future. 

One key take-away was meeting Zip Allen who unveiled the focus on active women through Strava’s ‘Built for Her’ initiative. This talk was both engaging and inspiring, and the personal insights that she shared really brought the new developments to life.

The bike ride, 37k around Griffiths Park, was a great opportunity to meet new people and I had a good bike chat with renowned YouTuber Des Yap. As a long time fan of Ray Maker, I also enjoyed hearing about their joint podcast and will be tuning-in in the future.

The new Strava features that were unveiled were a big topic of conversation. The standout one for me is the new functionality that allows you to see where people run/ride ‘out of hours’, a great feature for anyone who has to do early morning training through the winter months, highlighting routes that might be safer in the early hours. The new Strava ‘dark mode’ was also very well received (shown in the Camp Strava ride above).

There was an ongoing focus on family, friends, networks and now pets too (via their new collaboration with Fi) with Strava really leaning into the power of connection & community. 

I’ve certainly come away refreshed and with new ideas for VeloViewer and connections, thank you #CampStrava2024 it’s a privilege to be part of the Strava ecosystem.

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    • Hi Dave. No plans for building an app. The site and functionality is designed for larger screened devices (tablets and up) and it would be like starting again designing and building an app which I don’t have time for.

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