VeloViewer x Velon Collaboration

VeloViewer announces a new collaboration with Velon to bring real-time rider race data to the VeloViewer Live App, used by women’s and men’s professional teams, for enhanced rider safety and performance.

The partnership will allow the integration of Velon’s cutting-edge technology during races including the Giro d’Italia, Tour of Norway and Tour de Suisse, and in future races where Velon’s live rider data system is being used, providing teams with invaluable insights of their own riders alongside VeloViewer’s course data, all within one interface.

Tadej Pogačar’s bike fitted with the Velon device in the Giro d’Italia

This additional data stream from Velon will show the DS and team their riders’ live location, speed, power, and cadence, which are all vital signals when managing the personal safety of the team and ensuring performance is maximised.

“Teaming up with Velon is a fantastic addition to the VeloViewer Live App as we are able to deliver an enhanced package to the professional teams at some of their most important races of the season. Rider safety is paramount, and the Velon live data, housed in the App that they are already familiar with, mean teams can be super responsive to rider needs, and ensure changing racing situations are picked up quickly. We’re excited for teams to utilise this feature at the 2024 Giro d’Italia and at other races in the future.” said Ben Lowe, VeloViewer Director.

The data will be similar to that seen within Velon’s cycling fan interface Road Code where followers of the sport can view engaging content via the trackers placed on riders’ bikes.

The Velon live rider data system was first used in the Tour de Suisse in 2016 and since then Velon has pioneered the delivery of live performance data from bikes to create insights into how hard riders are working. Velon is owned by the teams and the live rider data system is just one of its business strands which creates value for its shareholder and partner teams.

Graham Bartlett, CEO, Velon, said: “Velon’s focus has always been to bring the racing to the fans but we’re also here to serve the teams. VeloViewer provides a valuable service and this collaboration means we can use the Velon fan system to enhance that.”

From a visual perspective, VeloViewer and Velon’s data will be combined within one image with the course and rider stats aligned.

The below data taken from the Giro d’Italia 2024 Stage 16 shows rider metrics from Velon on the left-hand, indicated by rider initials, and on the right-hand panel the DS and team view the VeloViewer waymarkers relating to the race course.

Velon’s rider data will feature power and an indication of time gaps, plus live positions of riders on the map.

For example:
– There is a 1:34 gap between the lead riders and FG with MS a further 31 seconds behind.
– All riders initials are shown in green and if this switched to red it would highlight they were
below a certain speed.
– This would be an immediate red flag indicating there could be a mechanical, incident or hopefully just stopped for a call of nature.


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