The climbs of the 2014 Tour de Suisse

Grimselpass and FurkapassSwitzerland has some of the most dramatic climbs in the world but despite their jaw dropping curves the gradients tend to be at the more manageable end of the scale. Two time trials break up the week so expect the GC to be a controlled affair with the main favourites trying to make the difference in the time trials.

Stage 1 – Sat 14th June – Bellinzona

Short, 9.4 km individual time trial with a small but sharp climb at the end finishing with a twisty descent.

Tour de Suisse stage 1 time trial

Stage 2 – Sun 15th June – Bellinzona → Sarnen

Straight in there with two HC climbs in the first half of the stage finishing off with 2, 2nd Cat climbs. The scenery will be truly stunning (see top image of Grimselpass and Furkapass).





Stage 3 – Mon 16th June – Sarnen → Heiden

A day of near constant climbing and descending but with just 3 categorised climbs, all 2nd Cat.

Sattel from Arth

Lichtensteig – Wasserfluh


Stage 6 – Thur 19th June – Buren a. Aare → Delémont

A 1st, 2nd then 3rd Cat climb might not be the toughest of tests but with the two final climbs close to the finish there is a chance for some action.

Le Landeron to Lignieres

Les Rangiers

Stage 8 – Sat 21st June – Delémont → Verbier

The first of two big mountain days, this one is the longest stage of the race at 219 km and saves everything for the final ascent from Martigny to Verbier.


Stage 9 – Sun 22nd June – Martigny → Saas-Fee

The final day with a 1st and 2nd Cat climbs to warm up on in the first half followed by another 1st Cat and finish up the HC climb to Saas-Fee.