The Strava Challenges Trophy Cabinet Lives Again

Strava Challenges

It has taken some time for me to get round to reimplementing the Strava Challenge Trophy Cabinet that was a popular feature of the last version of VeloViewer but the wait is now over! On your VeloViewer Summary page you are now provided with a list of all the Strava Challenges that you have completed, fully or in part along with any current Challenges that are in progress.

Strava Challenge Trophy Cabinet

On your summary page you are now presented with all of the Challenges you have taken part in (knowingly or unknowingly! As it stands I can’t find out which Challenges you’ve actually entered so I’m just working out how you have done on all of them). For each challenge I’m showing your total achieved value (distance, elevation or time) along with the Challenge’s goal value. For Challenges that are for a single activity I provide a link to that activity.  The leaderboards for running Challenges look to be ordered by pace so I also provide that.  For all Challenges, hovering over the image provides some more details and clicking on the image takes you to the Strava page for the Challenge.

Challenges based on segments are not included as the new API doesn’t allow me to query the segment leaderboard within the Challenge time limits. Also there is no way for me to know your placing on any Challenge so I don’t show that.

The Challenges are grouped into 4 sections:

  • In Progress – These are challenges that are currently active and where you have some activities that count towards it.  Once you complete an active Challenge then the image will stop being greyed out.
  • Completed – These are all of your Challenges that you have completed. Sit back and bask in your awesomeness, or, if you are like me, look at an empty list and wonder how people find the time to do these blasted things.
  • Part Completed – Many of the Challenges are broken up into bite-sized chunks with awards being given for each chunk completed. This lists those Challenges for which you failed to complete the overall goal but managed to tick off one or more of those chunks.
  • Other – Other Challenges where you didn’t reach the goal or achieve any of the chunks (if there were any) but nevertheless you did have some activities counting towards them.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any missing off the list and as new ones are created. In either case please post a comment including a link to the Strava page for the Challenge. Also please leave your Strava ID so I can test it out using your data easily.

0 thoughts on “The Strava Challenges Trophy Cabinet Lives Again

  • James Ashworth says:

    Something isn’t right for me. It’s showing Rapha Rising 2013, Vuelta Skelta (2013) and Train Like Taylor as ‘Part Completed’ but I finished those fair and square! It’s not counting a lot of distance/elevation for those challenges, apparently, as the totals it gives are too low.

    The other three I have completed (BMC 79mi 2012, Quarq Power Trip 2013, Festive 500 2012) are showing up just fine, however.

    • Sorted. A couple of bugs have now been fixed which have sorted out the Train Like Taylor and the Rapha Rising.
      Your data wasn’t up-to-date which is why the Vuelta Skelta wasn’t showing properly. I’ve updated your data to test it out and it all looks ok now. Let me know if you see anything else wrong.

  • Mine seems a bit random. September Extender (run) not showing as in progress or complete (which it is), September 20 mile challenge says my best is 10 miles, but I’ve run 3x 20+ already this month. I can’t see the Mt Fuji one anywhere, it’s completed. And some of the ones sitting in ‘other’ were completed. Thanks for your efforts 🙂

  • Strava id 188412, activity, challenge February 2013 Half Marathon. On Strava’s challenge page it shows that I “joined” but when I dig in to the results of the challenge it shows “completed” — perhaps Strava has a time zone issue as well? Challenge ended on Feb 10, I ran at 7:31 am pacific time.

    The trophy case is entertaining of course.

      • Reports as completed, thanks. Some of the running goal distances are off to my Yankee brain.
        Feb Half Marathon: 13.1 miles, goal shows 13.05 (21 km in miles)
        Aug Half Marathon: 13.1 miles, goal shows 13.06 (21 km in miles)
        10k, 6.21 miles, goal shows as 6.18
        Roll 8k, 4.97 miles, goal shows 4.95

        • Hi Jim. Despite being based over your side of the pond Strava work in metric units so all distances goals I’ve found are given in metres. I’m just using and displaying the exact goals that Strava are using (but I’m not sure they display them anywhere quite so precisely). It seems like they allow for a little margin for error hence the slightly low goal numbers.

  • Hi Ben. Strava user #8259 here. Overall, pretty sweet ! Only issue is for some running challenges that I did complete, and for which Strava sent me a sticker / medal. Basically, the Marathon series for Spring 2013 (Feb, Mar, April) plus the August 2013 Half-Marathon. They are all classified as “other” instead of Completed, with the reported distance showing as a fraction of the target distance.

    They are all complete according to Strava. I am wondering if for those challenge, you are pulling the last run of the month in question and evaluating it based on the target distance to determine completion or not (as opposed to getting some box checked from Strava that says ‘completed’). For example, I completed the August half-marathon mid-month but ran again sometime after that before August was over.

    Actually, I am pretty sure that is the case. For the September 20 mile / 32km challenge, I ran 29km last weekend, but the trophy case is reporting that my longest run is the 10.4km I ran today. I know that Strava shows the same for its “in progress’ challenges, but that should not apply when a challenge has been completed as such.

    Thanks again !


  • martin chandler says:

    hi ben, user 243508. My august 1/2 marathon is showing as not completed although i did complete within the month. pretty cool seeing my badges as sure don’t see them on the strava site which is a shame as we work hard for them. here is the relevant page on strava for the challenge.

    thanks again.

  • Richard Butterfield says:


    I simply wanted to give a massive well done to all that you do here with VeloViewer. Trophy Cabinet another great addition (even though it shows i’ve not ridden enough!). Your dedication to taking Strava basics to a new level altogether is brilliant!

    Richard Butterfield (792339)

  • for my userid 5027914 Granfondo 11 has a link to activity id 219630598. But this activity didn’t count for the challenge on Strava: The 130kms have to be completed with one activity of less then 24 hours total time. And 219630598 took longer.

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