Updated 100 Climbs / “Segment Hunter” Strava Leaderboards

The result of GDPR and some related Strava API changes meant I’ve had to completely change the way the 100 Climbs leaderboards (and other club specific, “Segment Hunter” leaderboards) are populated and I’m happy to say, after a month of being offline, they are back!

Getting your times on the leaderboards

The leaderboards are no longer populated in bulk so here is how you get your times on them, either:

  1. (VeloViewer PRO users only) At the top of each book leaderboard (AKA Segment Hunter Series) you will see a button to check/update your times for all the segments for the entire book/Series. This can only be used once a day but press it the once and it’ll check all of the segments for each chapter/region/Segment Hunter in one go and refresh the leaderboards.
  2. You can also just check/refresh the segments for an individual┬áchapter/region/Segment Hunter by pressing the button at the top of its leaderboard. this can be done every 30 minutes and, if you’ve just completed new segments or improved times in a single area, then this method will save me some precious Strava API calls ­čÖé

For all of these leaderboards you need to be a member of the associated Strava Club. A link will now be shown if you aren’t a member. Once you are a member then the buttons will be shown.

Important: Checking places on one 100 Climbs book might have a few climbs that overlap with other books but in order to check all climbs in the other book then make sure you press the check button on each book’s main leaderboard.

PRO users only – Available to all

Update 4th July 2018 – I’m temporarily removing the initial “PRO only” limitation and see what impact it has on my API rate limits. So for the time being these leaderboards are open to all but please do consider a VeloViewer PRO (only ┬ú10 a year!) and enjoy using the rest of the site as well. Free users will need to head into each regional leaderboard (Segment Hunter) page to check/update times whereas PRO users will be able to check all their times for a whole book (Segment Hunter Series) in one go from the overview leaderboard page.
Previously I could populate the entire leaderboard fairly easily a few times a day in the background but this is no longer possible due to changes in the Strava API related to GDPR. The only option remaining is to check each segment for each athlete individually which is why you now need to press the button, so hopefully only checking when first joining the leaderboard, or when you know a new time is available .┬á With the 100 Climbs Strava club membership approaching 20000 riders it isn’t feasible to do it any other way.

Due to the extra cost in API calls and processing these leaderboards are now only available to VeloViewer PRO users. Head to your VeloViewer Update page to upgrade.

Leaderboards for your own club

Over the last few years I’ve hosted similar leaderboards (Segment Hunters) for my own and a few other cycling clubs which have been great at instilling a bit of extra motivation for people to tackle new segments, push themselves a bit harder and most importantly add to the club-run banter.┬á If you are in a club with one of these leaderboards you will now see direct links to those leaderboards from the main menu beneath the 100 Climbs links (see top image).

If you are interested in having a leaderboard for your own club then please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Updated 100 Climbs / “Segment Hunter” Strava Leaderboards”

  • Hey Ben, as a feature suggestion for Leaderboards, do you think it’s possible to map all the segments for a specific Leaderboard into a map? I’m ticking off those in the East/West Sussex, and Surrey/Kent Leaderboards, but having to open 10+ tabs to open each segment and zoom out of the maps to view where they are. Some I have a rough idea, but others, never heard of them. If I was to make a journey to Eastbourne for example, I could see there are 3 or 4 that could be done in a day, or likewise near Petersfield for some West Sussex climbs.

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