Updated 100 Climbs / “Segment Hunter” Strava Leaderboards

The result of GDPR and some related Strava API changes meant I’ve had to completely change the way the 100 Climbs leaderboards (and other club specific, “Segment Hunter” leaderboards) are populated and I’m happy to say, after a month of being offline, they are back!

Getting your times on the leaderboards

The leaderboards are no longer populated in bulk so here is how you get your times on them, either:

  1. (VeloViewer PRO users only) At the top of each book leaderboard (AKA Segment Hunter Series) you will see a button to check/update your times for all the segments for the entire book/Series. This can only be used once a day but press it the once and it’ll check all of the segments for each chapter/region/Segment Hunter in one go and refresh the leaderboards.
  2. You can also just check/refresh the segments for an individual chapter/region/Segment Hunter by pressing the button at the top of its leaderboard. this can be done every 30 minutes and, if you’ve just completed new segments or improved times in a single area, then this method will save me some precious Strava API calls 🙂

For all of these leaderboards you need to be a member of the associated Strava Club. A link will now be shown if you aren’t a member. Once you are a member then the buttons will be shown.

Important: Checking places on one 100 Climbs book might have a few climbs that overlap with other books but in order to check all climbs in the other book then make sure you press the check button on each book’s main leaderboard.

Completed climb not showing in leaderboard

Each climb used in the leaderboard uses a specific segment.  For the 100 Climbs leaderboards, these segments are provided by Simon and are the same as those used in his excellent apps for iOS and Android. Simon has created these segments to match up with the descriptions in his books. Any queries about the segments being used should be made to Simon directly.

If you click on the climb title in the leaderboard it will open the segment details page so you can check the exact details of the climb being used.  If you don’t have a time showing up on a climb that you have completed after pressing the button to “Check your times” then for some reason Strava hasn’t matched that segment to your activity, or possibly just haven’t placed you on the segment leaderboard then there are some things to try out:

  • The first thing to try is to open your activity where you completed the climb and press the “Refresh Activity Achievements” option on the Actions menu then check to see if the segment is listed (note that it could be in the hidden segments list at the bottom of the page).
  • Double check that your GPS recording passes through the start and end of the specific segment details.  If you turned around before the finish or took a turning that means the start or end of the segment was missed then there isn’t much you can do other than ride the climb again.
  • If you did pass the start and end properly but your GPS device got a bit lost (i.e. wandered off away from the road due to a bad signal) then the only option that I know of is to get in touch with Strava support providing the link to your activity and a link to the specific segment that is missing and they might be able to force it to be matched for you.

Leaderboards for your own club

Over the last few years I’ve hosted similar leaderboards (Segment Hunters) for my own and a few other cycling clubs which have been great at instilling a bit of extra motivation for people to tackle new segments, push themselves a bit harder and most importantly add to the club-run banter.  If you are in a club with one of these leaderboards you will now see direct links to those leaderboards from the main menu beneath the 100 Climbs links (see top image).

If you are interested in having a leaderboard for your own club then please get in touch.

0 thoughts on “Updated 100 Climbs / “Segment Hunter” Strava Leaderboards

  • Hey Ben, as a feature suggestion for Leaderboards, do you think it’s possible to map all the segments for a specific Leaderboard into a map? I’m ticking off those in the East/West Sussex, and Surrey/Kent Leaderboards, but having to open 10+ tabs to open each segment and zoom out of the maps to view where they are. Some I have a rough idea, but others, never heard of them. If I was to make a journey to Eastbourne for example, I could see there are 3 or 4 that could be done in a day, or likewise near Petersfield for some West Sussex climbs.

  • Hi, I don’t think the leaderboard is working correctly for at least one of the climbs in yorkshire. Egton High Moor I have definitely done (Strava says I have) but there is no time next to me (or anyone else for that matter) on the leaderboard. Its under Yorkshire East. A couple of the other climbs also show no times for anyone and I would assume at least one person has been up them on the leaderboard.

    • Hi Kirk, Simon sent me a new set of “official” segments that he has created to match up the descriptions in the books so I’ve swapped them over to use these in the leaderboard. I had to regenerate all of the placings. My guess is that if you saw some climbs with no results that would have been because I was in the middle of the repopulation process. I think they have all been populated now for those matching on the new segments.
      I’m not sure if this is the same reason you were missing the Egton High Moor segment or not. If it is still not showing then please check out the second section of this blog post as to why that might be the case and how it can be rectified – https://newblog.veloviewer.com/updated-100-climbs-segment-hunter-strava-leaderboards/

      • Hi Ben,

        In reference to the above could you check the cheddar gorge segment? I did it on the weekend and it matched the “official 100 climbs” segment on Strava but didn’t then show up on the veloviewer leaderboard. On further investigation there are two “official” 100 climbs segments on strava, one 3.5 km in length and another 4.0 km in length. Strava only matched my ride with the 3.5km as the gps on the 4km one goes off the road slightly. I’m happy to get strava to match me to the 4km but thought I’d point it out. Simon’s list links to the 3.5kn one. Thanks for all your work on the great leaderboard.


        • Hi Dan. The best thing to do is contact Simon (email address here: https://www.100climbs.co.uk/contact-me) as he manages the list of segments being used. He keeps this list himself as it is used by both the leaderboards and his phone apps and he’ll let me know if any need changing. He is also the one to debate with if you don’t agree with his choice of segment 🙂

  • Hi Ben,

    I was wondering if you were aware of an issue regarding the climb Down Lane on the South-East climbs leaderboard. This is a climb that features on the Another 100 leaderboard where it works fine, but for some reason it is broken in the South-East leaderboard, despite the segment link pointing to the same working segment that people have times for, but the leaderboard shows that no-one has completed it.

    • It looks like the original segment had been updated on Strava (can just be renaming or change to start/end location) which causes Strava to allocate a new segment id. The regional book’s leaderboard was still using the old id. I’ve swapped it over. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  • Paul Donoghue says:


    I’m unsure what the criteria are for the points system for the leaderboards. I’ve tried to find it but am unable to, probably my incompetence. I’m a slow cyclist for several reasons, age, not super fit, heavy bike and I tend to carry everything I need for a day out. If the whole idea is climbing as many hills as possible, it seems odd that I’m 100 people behind someone who’s climbed half as many hills as me. If you want to be at the top of a speed leaderboard, do a race or something.

    • The scoring is based on your relative position on each segment (between 0 and 100, very similar to a percentile but not quite) with an extra 20 point bonus for each segment completed. This bonus amount is configurable and I can change it for each leaderboard if the administrator of that leaderboard requests it. e.g. Simon for the 100 Climbs and Eric for the Zwift Insider. I just provide the platform to host them.
      If you got in touch with Simon/Eric and asked for the bonus points to be changed then I’m more than happy to do that for them.

  • Paul Donoghue says:

    Thank you very much for your reply Ben. My enjoyment of cycling went up a hundredfold when I stopped wanting to be competitive and decided to enjoy the scenery and countryside. And the hills still keep me fit. I’ll just concentrate on doing them at my own pace, and not worry about the leaderboards!

  • Hi Ben,
    The segment for The Corkscrew looks to have been updated as there are no times showing, and the link to Strava also shows no times.
    Are you able to amend/find the correct segment?

  • Hello. I apologize if this has been answered before. On the Zwift Badge Hunters leader board, why are some riders highlighted in orange? Wasn’t sure if this meant anything. Thanks.

  • does it take time for your name to get highlighted in orange after completing all the segments? or does my name appear to everyone else as highlighted and not to me. asking because i finished all the route 133/133 but no orange highlight.

      • The Zwift Insider Leaderboard, as of two days ago I completed all 137/137 routes, but my name doesn’t show up in gold. Im wondering if maybe it appears in gold to other people viewing the leaderboards? not the biggest deal, i’m just curious


  • Morning I am struggling to find my name on any leaderboard. I am a member of the club on Strava however I cannot see the update button on any of the Veloviewer leaderboards?

    Am I missing something?


    • Make sure that you are logged in first (Showing your username and image in the top right). You can also only update your data once a day so if you’ve pressed the button already then it’ll be hidden for the rest of the day (I’m guessing this isn’t the issue here though). Also note that the check places button is only visible on the area leaderboards, not on the overall “series” leaderboard.

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