Word/Tag Cloud your Strava Segments

Segment Word CloudSo what type of segments do you tend to ride? OK, this isn’t really going to tell you that perfectly but it might give you some indication. As you can see the segments around here in Sheffield tend to be either climbs or descents, but that’s why I live here! Check out your own Strava segment word cloud on your new Word Cloud page. Update: Now has Ride option too!


It seems that those of you that ride more in the big cities can get a more interesting cloud. Here is one for a rider in New York:

Segment Word Cloud

Each time you go to your Word Cloud page then a new cloud will be generated.

Clicking on any of the words takes you to either your segment or ride list page (depending on which word cloud you are viewing) and filters the list by the selected word.

If you want to make an image of your word cloud then you’ll have to perform a screen capture (Fn+PrntScrn on a PC) and crop and save the image in a image editing application of your choice.

Update: Made a fix to allow the word clouds to display accented characters. Tested with Norwegian but let me know if it isn’t working with any other languages.

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