Optimistic Placings Bug Fixed

Worse PlacingsGreat news! Strava have fixed the bug with their API that resulted in segments with people tied on time returning placings that were better than reality.

This was the main “Known Issue” with VeloViewer and I’ve been completely at the mercy of Strava’s tech team for getting a fix. But it has arrived and with it the most depressing placings update statistics you’re every likely to get! Out of my 804 segments a whopping 486 have resulted in my placing getting worse.

Go update all your placings to get all your correct placings.

The original problem was that if 2 riders ahead of you on the leaderboard were tied on time then only one of those was taken into account when providing your placing. So in the image above the API previously said that I was in 2nd place despite 2 riders sharing the KOM ahead of me. Now my placing is showing the correct 3rd place.

The more riders tying on time ahead of you the more dramatic this bug fix will be on your placing. I’ve gone from 5th to 46th on one, very short segment!

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  • 10th to 574th for me on a 400m segement ridden 50,000 times by 2700 people. Maybe one day on my commute to work I will sprint that small section, just to pick up a couple of hundred spots 😉

  • Great to see, this has been bugging me for a while (especially on short sprints). Was very sad to see “425 worse placings” including “10 to 298” and “16 to 328. Not all due to the bug, as some very windy days this last week have meant I’ve lost places on some flatter segments.

    • Hmm, looks like a lot of people have been out riding (or got garmins for christmas) as in only 8 days I have 483 worse placings!… Worse than fixing the bug.
      Ben – a quick suggestion, can you make a button in the update that checks all placings? I’d rather click one button and walk away for a while than click 4 buttons, waiting in between…

      • Are you in Oz Badger? Very little kom/pr action here in Sheffield at the moment.
        I specifically split up the placing checks in order to 1) make it more reliable, 2) to spread the load as much as possible on my server and Strava’s Api. If there was a check all button it probably wouldn’t work for most people and everyone would obviously expect it to. As it stands now I am very rarely able to run the 1-50 placings check due to the number of segments I have in that range.
        If, once I get access to the new Strava API, there isn’t a big improvement in the calls I need to make then I’ll look into making all the processes a bit smarter.

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