Strava Routes officially arrive in VeloViewer

VeloViewer has always been able to show you comprehensive views of your past rides and runs but plenty of people have asked to see similar views of routes they are planning to do. Fortunately Strava have just opened up their Routing API so now I can display all the routes you have created and allow you to see their full details including the interactive 3D profiles.

Routes List

The classic list page has been replicated but this time to show your Routes.  These are pulled direct form Strava each time the page loads so there is no need to sync on your Update page.  If you are a PRO (or PRO+) user you get to see all of your Routes, if not you are limited to 10.  Other people will be able to see your public routes if you have chosen to make your data public in the Options section of your Update page.  Your private routes will always only be visible to you.

Route Details

Note: Still work in progress. See below for to-do list.

Taking inspiration from the Activity Details page this new Route Details page shows a map view, an interactive 3D elevation profile and a segments list. Map view for the first stage of the The Ride (which I’m hoping to do next year):

3D view with place name markers – yep, starts straight up the Stelvio!

And of course you can select a section of the top elevation profile to view that section of the Route on the map or 3D view:

Bear in mind that the elevation data of Strava Routes is calculated rather than using recorded data so you will see a few crazy steep sections now and then where it gets things a bit wrong.  Usually due to things like tunnels but also where the hillsides get very steep and the road doesn’t follow the contours of the elevation database precisely.

I will look to retire the old Route page (that allowed the import of GPX and the use of the bookmarklet) and focus my effort in these new screens instead.

Still to do…

  • Segments page.
  • Tooltips on chart.
  • 3D map view.
  • Embed code to let you embed the 3D view (with optional map) on your blog.
  • Improving the elevation data

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