Tokyo 2020 Olympic Cycling Road Race Courses Men’s and Women’s

UPDATED (8th November 2017) see below!  Yesterday (17th Feb 2017) the probable routes of the men and women’s Olympic Road Race were put onto twitter. I’ve mapped out the routes for you to take an in-depth look. Both routes include a flat roll out from central Tokyo followed by a number of laps of a lumpy 15.3km circuit featuring two main climbs, finishing off with a final 12km run to the line to the north.

Update (27th November 2017)

A new route has been shown which is very different to the original one leaked. All I’ve seen is this image for the men’s course with the women’s course starting/finishing in the same locations but with a shorter route:

I’m not sure which direction it’ll take around those loops so I won’t try plotting it as yet until I see a bit more information.

The rest of this post is now out-of date but I’ll leave it here for prosperity!

The Circuit

Both routes begin with a 24 km flat spin out from central Tokyo before taking on the circuits (16 for the men and 7 for the women).  From the summit of the final climb on the last circuit there will still be a 12km downhill & flat run up to the finish line to the North.

The circuit features two hills, the first being the shorter (just over 1 km averaging 3.4%) but slightly steeper with max gradients of 7% lower down. A short descent and wide open 90 degree left hander takes them into the start of the 2nd, longer climb (2.4 km averaging 3.2%) which has a number of steady 5% sections.  A couple of underpasses provide the steepest sections of road but are very short and will pose little problem.

On leaving the circuit there is a 600m slope of 2% before a flat and non-technical run to the line.

Men’s Route

16 laps of the circuit brings the total distance up to 274km with over 2,200 m of climbing.  View the interactive view of the full men’s route here.


Women’s Route

7 laps provides 136 km of racing and 1,100 m of climbing. View the interactive view of the full women’s route here.

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