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By far the most hits I get on VeloViewer are from the many on-line forums out there and primarily from the signature images that people like to use. Every forum seems to be different of what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of signature images so I’ve done my best to accommodate all the variations that people might want to use, it is down to you though to use an acceptable configuration for your forums. The latest version of the signature image addresses a number of issues raised by these users.

Today’s new features are:

  • New graph options:
    • By segment score which gives a more accurate reflection of how you stack up against the rest of the Strava community.
    • No graph at all to free up room for more numbers (2 columns taken up by graph and title).
  • New data options:
    • Number of rides to date this year.
    • Number of miles/km to date this year.
    • All time elevation gain total.
    • Elevation gain this year.
    • Blank fields.
  • Any number of columns between 1 and 10.
  • Any number of rows between 1 and 10.
  • Much shorter url.
  • url ends with .gif to fool some forums to accept the url as a simple image.
  • Your Strava id is now encoded in the url.
  • Font changed to be the same as that used in the VeloViewer site.
  • The badge flicks to the left if there is room to free up space for another stat at the bottom right (with graph and rows>3).
  • Your options are stored in a local cookie and so, when reloading the page, your last chosen values will redisplay (on the that PC/Mac).

However the new version should still work (although using the new styling) for your existing urls.

Some more examples:

Signature Image


Signature Image 3


Signature Image 4


Let me know in the comments anything else you’d like to see in here. e.g. climb category stats as you see in your summary page?

Update: Added the cookie to store your last selected options so each time you visit the page you don’t have to set it all up again.

0 thoughts on “Your new, personalised, Strava statistics forum signature image

  • Hi Ben

    Thanks for hiding the Strava ID from the Sig URL as I requested on bike forums. Loving the new look.

    One thing I don’t understand is that my signature KOM count goes from 13 to 0 when I change the graph type from position to position scores. I noticed your own KOM count changes too when the graph type is toggled. Is this expected behaviour?

  • Any idea if there’s a way to past this into the profile field of strava itself? I messed with it a bit yesterday, and could it get it to show up when in the settings | profile area, but got code when viewing my profile.

    Great work BTW. Strava should hire you!

    • I’ve had a bit of a go but it keeps wrapping the image URL in a link tag which stops it from working, ending up with the code showing up as you say. Strava look to be making this adjustment at the server side so no way around it that I can see.
      You could always put a request in on the Strava support site and let us know how you get on.
      Anyone else got any ideas?

  • CGradeCyclist says:

    Hi – new Veloviewer user, and love it!! Wondering if there is any chance of “total hours” and “total hours YTD” (or similarly titled) fields? I know a lot of people train by ‘time’ rather than ‘mileage’, so it would be a useful addition? Many thanks!!

      • Hi Ben. Thanks so much for the quick response! Format-wise, I personally would prefer a straight hhh:mm:ss format (ie. ditch the ‘days’) – but that’s just me being lazy & not wanting to multiply the days x24 to work out my total hours… 🙂 Cheers & Happy New Year!

        • There you go. Played around between hours and days and wasn’t sure what made most sense. If anyone thinks different I’ll push them your way 😉

  • Hi Ben. Great work with VeloViewer! Would be good to have this summary signature block without the unnecessary apostrophes. KOMs and Top 10s are (gramatically) just fine.

    • ok. turned them back on but with (hopefully) some funky new image caching. The cached image should be deleted whenever you update your data and a new cached image created. Let me know if the images don’t seem to reflect your data after you run an update.

      • I just tried it, then updated and it seems to have updated fine. Thanks! I am a ‘po boy” but I made a little contribution for your effort and expenses. Signature images saves me time and effort for my goals. Thanks!

    • Probably some of your KOM’s are hidden/unpopular segments so don’t get passed through on the Strava API. If you unhide these segments in Strava then they will be pulled into VeloViewer the next time you check for new segments.

        • you’ll find them in the “show hidden segments” section at the bottom of the Strava activity page. Expand this and then click the “unhide” button that you see when you hover the mouse over. Slightly different if using the new Strava activity page.

  • Is there a way to filter by activity type for the signature image? It would be cool to just show your aggregated results for running if you are a runner (but cycle every so often) as well and vice versa.

  • Just found this site and love it. Nice work Ben. I’m creating a blog for a running group I’m in and am looking for a way to create a nicely formatted summary for each activity.

    It could be similar to how the signature works except for a single activity rather than my YTD or all time data. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

    • What kind of data did you have in mind? As an image? Any reason the Strava activity embed isn’t giving you what you want?

      • Doh! Wasn’t aware of the Strava activity embed. I think that’ll work fine.

        … love VeloViewer. Nice work!

  • Ben your site is awesome! beautiful, easy way to display metrics. thank you so much for sharing with the world!

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