Zwift Insider and 100 Climbs “Segment Hunter” Maps, Profiles and Stats

The “Segment Hunter” leaderboards have been a part of VeloViewer since 2014 and are probably best known for providing the various 100 Climbs leaderboards and more recently the Zwift Insider leaderboards. Although you could easily click the segment names to view the details of each segment, providing an overview map of all of the segments in each leaderboard was always an obvious omission. So now we have a new “Details/Map” tab to plug that gap.

One of the key things I wanted to be able to clearly see was way the often complicated Zwift Insider routes traversed the Zwift worlds. If you click on one of the segments in the list and you will see a marker show the direction of the route on the map and the corresponding position on the profile. Moving your mouse or finger over the 2D profile when selected will let you take control of the position of the marker.  Click the selected segment again to revert the map to zoom out and show all of the segments.

You can also use the “Align scale” option above the list to align both the distance and elevation scales of all of the segments’ 2D profiles in the list to get a better idea of how they compare:

PRO (and PRO+) users get to see the full list of segments for the leaderboard whereas free users will just get to see the first three segments.  Upgrade to PRO to see them all and to unlock a wealth of information about your Strava history in VeloViewer.

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