Strava Subscription Updates

Yesterday (18th May 2020) Strava announced some major changes to their subscription model and what features its user will have if they aren’t subscribed. The main thing being non-subscribers can no longer view any segment leaderboards apart from the overall top 10 (including lists of their own efforts).  There have also been some changes to the Strava API.   Thankfully I/VeloViewer is in the fortunate position that Strava gave me a bunch of warning and hasn’t restricted my API access at all for Strava Subscribers and only the segment rankings/efforts aren’t available for non-subscribers bringing it in line with Strava’s own website/app.  So if you are a Strava Subscriber (more than 70% of VeloViewer PRO users already are before this announcement) then there aren’t any changes at all in VeloViewer for you.  For non-subscribers that are a few but 99% of the site continues to work as normal. Full details of the differences within VeloViewer for Strava Subscribers and non-Subscribers is available here.

0 thoughts on “Strava Subscription Updates

  • I’m losing interest in Strava these days. Is there a way to load activities directly from Zwift to Veloviewer? Or maybe a way to manually upload activities? Maybe not? Seems like VeloViewer is really dependent on Strava API?

    Thanks for a great site!

    • Hi Sarah, There are a good number of Strava specific features that VeloViewer relies heavily upon (especially the segments) for both the normal VeloViewer user and the professional teams I work with. I don’t have any intention to pull data in from any other sources at all as it would be a huge amount of work and I’d rather concentrate on supporting and expanding the current functionality with Strava’s data.

  • I’ve just discovered this site and about to cough up a tenner I think…although it would be a bit more relevant if Veloviewer tempted me with my ‘most recent’ 25 activities on Strava rather than my ‘first’ activities back in 2015!

    Anyway, just thought I would support what Sarah said, I have no interest in using alternates to Strava, but they are the big boys calling the shots and after seeing what happened to Relive! it may be comforting to have diversified a bit so you are not totally reliant on their co-operation.

    • I have a really great relationship with the guys at Strava and have done since 2012. I realise that it does mean all of my eggs are in the one basket but there are numerous benefits for me and my users for taking this approach.
      For free users it is a one-off sync of your latest 25 activities at that time, so if you first connected to VeloViewer in 2015 (and didn’t go PRO) then those are the free activities that you will be able to see. I’ve added an item to the to-do list to automatically reset it after 12 months. For the time being, just drop me an email with a link to your Update page and I’ll manually reset it for your account… or just upgrade to PRO 🙂

  • if you are in great relationship with the guys at Strava, you can say to this guys that the choice to cut access to users segments results for external appli like veloviewer is very harm for you. Because since i leave Strava premium in reaction of it, (because also live segment is a false live that compare only average and besause no more sensors accepted on recording,….). your great appli veloviewer has no more interest for me…

    • Strava didn’t cut access to VeloViewer for segment results. I have the same access as before as long as the user is a Strava subscriber.

  • Gotta say i dont understand why Strava prevents me from seeing my own history.

    I dont like Strava’s new features and object to their pricing model

    I would love Veloviewer to find a way to solve this. I’d happily pay more for Veloviewer – your features are much more valuable than Strava’s !

    • I can’t provide functionality that is part of the STrava Subscription service without risking losing access to the API, so I’m afraid I can’t provide the personal history for a segment unless you are a Strava subscriber.

  • Philip Lazenby says:

    I have just (regretfully) cancelled my automatic subscription renewal. Veloviewer used to be a great site for me but, since the money grab by Strava, it no longer offers me anything I want. I realize that it is not your fault, and I also realize that you still have too much invested with Strava for you to be able to say what you really think of them.

    • Sorry to see you go. My personal opinion is that Strava need to be profitable and I’d much rather they charge for useful functionality than trying to make money through advertising or selling data. I may well be biased in my view because that is the approach I have always taken with VeloViewer. I’d much rather that Strava is able to remain viable and still be with us for many years/decades to come and the restriction of segment leaderboards was an obvious section of functionality to charge for. I’m sure it wasn’t a choice they made lightly.

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